Aug 15 2014

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Aug 15 2014

FBI: 80 Percent Of Police Officers Are Overweight


The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation released a new statistic, which states 8 out of every 10 law enforcement members are overweight.

Researchers have said law enforcement personnel are 25 times more likely to die from weight related cardiovascular disease than the actions of a criminal.

Their findings have spurred the Garland Police Department make a plan for their officers to improve their fitness.

“I think it’s important for all of us to keep the weight down and stay in shape-especially this job. The stress that we incur at this job… this is a great way to relieve the stress and to keep the blood pressure down,” said Garland Assistant Chief Jeff Bryan.

Read the full story at CBS Dallas/Fort Worth.

Aug 15 2014

Every gun store should have one of these…


Aug 15 2014

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Aug 15 2014

Meathead Still an Idiot: Rob Reiner Likens Tea Party to Hamas

Rob Reiner 500x200

Stock Photo of Liberal Activist Rob Reiner

Hollywood director and liberal activist Rob Reiner told talk-show host Larry King that the Tea Party is like the terrorist group Hamas, because apparently both groups are extreme and cannot be negotiated with, and the only solution is to make them go away or “eliminate” them.

“[Y]ou can’t negotiate with that, you have to say either Hamas goes away and the Palestinian authority takes over all that region and deal with some kind of honest broker here, and create the two-state solution,” said Reiner.

Reiner continued, “You look at the Congress right now in the United States, you’ve got a strong Tea Party group controlling the whole country, because they have a gridlock, they have a gridlock, stranglehold on Boehner.  Boehner can’t make a move, and so for that reason, nothing gets brought up in the Congress.”

Drawing a parallel with the Tea Party, he said, “anytime you’re dealing with an extreme group, you cannot negotiate with them, and the way to do it is to eliminate it. With the Tea Party, you have to go through political thing, you have to wait till 2020 to redistrict, but that is really tough stuff.”

The U.S. State Department designated Hamas a terrorist organization in 1997. The Tea Party stands for Taxed Enough Already and sprang up from the American grassroots in 2010 largely in opposition to Obamacare, and has broadened to include issues such limited government, fewer government regulations, and adherence to the Constitution.

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Aug 15 2014



Aug 15 2014

Obama Criticized by Cheese-Eating, Surrender Monkeys…And The Shame of It All Is, They’re Right.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius 500x200

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has a message about Iraq for Barack Obama: Get back to the White House and do something.

‘I know it is the holiday period in our Western countries,’ Fabius told a radio interviewer Tuesday in France,’ but when people are dying, you must come back from vacation.’

Full-time workers in France are guaranteed a whopping five weeks of paid vacation every year, making his plea all the more urgent.

Obama is on a family and golfing holiday in a ritzy neighborhood of Martha’s Vineyard but says he will come back to Washington this weekend before returning on Tuesday to fun, sun, and more golf.

Read the full article at the London Daily Mail.

Aug 15 2014

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Aug 15 2014

McDonald’s testing automated cashiers …that won’t demand $15 per hour

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Behold McDonald’s new automated cashiers. According to a variety of sources over on Reddit, the new machines are currently being tested and could soon roll out nationwide. The kiosks would presumably be quick, efficient, require new “green” and “teal” checkboxes on the employee diversity forms, and would never, ever, demand $15 per hour.

Contrary to what striking fast food workers may like to believe, McDonald’s exits solely to turn a profit. It’s not a charity, and it’s not there to “provide” them with jobs. So, if it’s facing a future where it’s going to have to pay $15 an hour for completely unskilled labor, it’s going to find a cheaper alternative.

That may be why McDonald’s, and other fast food restaurants, have been using similar touchscreen systems throughout Europe for the last few years.

…Oh, and by the way, if you’re among those making the argument that this was “always going to happen anyway,” what you’re really arguing is: “these employees were always going to be rendered unnecessary because they’re easily replaced by inexpensive machines.” If that’s what you believe, you’re making the case that they were never worth $15/hr. in the first place.

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Aug 15 2014

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Aug 15 2014

The Things Some Black Folk Do.


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Aug 15 2014

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Aug 15 2014

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