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Democrat Proposed Interrogation Techniques…


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The Religion of Pieces…


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Political Theater…


Dec 16 2014

Looks who’s complaining about income inequality…


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Liberal Media Standards…


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The Blame Game


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Too late, Albert…


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What’s really insulting?


Dec 15 2014

Liberal Math…


Dec 15 2014

Atheists Get Chaplain Punished for Referring to the Bible

Military Prayer 500x200

Chaplain, Capt. Joe Lawhorn, conducted a training session on suicide prevention Nov. 20 at the University of North Georgia. During the session, he shared his personal struggles with depression while an Army Ranger.

What upset the atheist group is that Lawhorn explained how he learned to conquer adversity by following the example of Israel’s warrior king, David, one of the great heroes of the Old Testament. [It should be noted that David is a revered figure in Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and while it being called “The Old Testament” is a Christian reference, it remains the exact same text that Jews refer to as “The Torah” and Muslims refer to as “Taurat”]

A week later, on Thanksgiving, Lawhorn received a letter of concern from Col. David Fivecoat, commander of the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade at Fort Benning, Ga.

Fivecoat’s letter faulted Lawhorn for “using Christian scriptures and solutions”:

During this training, you advocated, or were perceived to advocate for Christianity and used Christian scripture and solutions. This is in direct contrast with Army Regulation 600-20 and violates the Army’s Equal Opportunity Policy.

The letter, described as “administrative in nature,” also issued a stern warning to Lawhorn to be “careful to avoid any perception you are advocating one system of beliefs over another.” It will remain in the chaplain’s file for up to three years.

The question remains how does one avoid the “perception” created in the minds of idiot, bigots and hate-mongers? And why should we even care?

SOURCE: The Daily Signal.


Dec 15 2014

Does the state serve the people; or do the people serve the state?…


Dec 15 2014

Apologies to any scumbags who might be offended at the comparison…


Dec 15 2014

Atheist openly mocks religion at town council meeting as city councilors walk out…would you walk out, too? [VIDEO]

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In a video posted to YouTube the Mayor of Lake Worth, Pam Triolo and several commissioners can be seen leaving the room on Dec. 2, as atheist Preston Smith prepared to lead the invocation before a city council meeting.

Preston’s invocation invokes the names of Satan, Zeus, Allah, Jesus, Buddha and Thor among others.

According to WPTV, another man has put in a request to stand at the podium and lead an invocation. This time with a satanic prayer.

“We want to make a circus out of it,” explained Chaz Stevens. “We want to make a fiasco out of it, we want to make it so freaking, utterly ridiculous that they rethink this.”

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