Apr 18 2014

Save us all…from Liberals…


Apr 18 2014

Indicted Businessman Names Harry Reid as Alleged Recipient of Massive Bribe


A Utah businessman is rocking both state and national politics after claiming Utah Attorney General John Swallow helped him broker a deal with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to make a federal investigation into his company quietly disappear, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Jeremy Johnson was allegedly told that the price would be $600,000, and claims to have made an initial payment of $250,000 when he was slapped with a federal lawsuit.  Now he says he wants his money back.

The Salt Lake Tribune points out that Johnson has no way of knowing whether the funds actually made it to Reid, even if he did make a massive payment to Reid’s alleged intermediary.

Though the connection to Reid remains unverified, some are remembering how Reid claimed on the Senate floor that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes for ten years based on far less evidence.

Read the full story at The Blaze.

Apr 18 2014



Apr 18 2014

Some people are more equal than others…


Apr 18 2014

77-year-old James Dobson beats up 53-year-old Barack Obama…in court.

James-Dobson 500

Christian radio broadcaster James Dobson has won a temporary injunction preventing the federal government from requiring his ministry to include the morning-after pill and other emergency contraception in its health insurance.

A federal judge in Denver issued the injunction Thursday.

Dobson sued in December, saying the Affordable Care Act mandate to provide the contraception violates the religious beliefs of his Colorado Springs-based ministry, called Family Talk.

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering similar challenges from Hobby Lobby and other employers.

Dobson is founder and president of Family Talk, which has a nationally syndicated radio show, newsletter and website. The lawsuit says the ministry has 28 full-time employees.

Read the full story at FoxNews.com.

James Dobson has been the scourge of anti-god, anti-family Liberals for over 3 decades. They have over that time used every dirty trick in the book to silence him and his ministry Focus on the Family. He retired from FOTF a few years ago and now has a more low-key radio program, but is still able to put a cocklebur under Liberals’ saddle.

Apr 18 2014

Save the babies…from Liberals…


Apr 18 2014

Take me out to the ballgame…


Apr 18 2014

A bigger piece of a much smaller pie…


Apr 18 2014

Major breakthrough in Adult Stem Cell research has Liberals in panic. Find out why.


Scientists have moved a step closer to the goal of creating stem cells perfectly matched to a patient’s DNA in order to treat diseases, they announced on Thursday, creating patient-specific cell lines out of the skin cells of two adult men.

The advance, described online in the journal Cell Stem Cell, is the first time researchers have achieved “therapeutic cloning” of adults. Technically called somatic-cell nuclear transfer, therapeutic cloning means producing embryonic cells genetically identical to a donor, usually for the purpose of using those cells to treat disease.

But nuclear transfer is also the first step in reproductive cloning, or producing a genetic duplicate of someone – a technique that has sparked controversy since the 1997 announcement that it was used to create Dolly, the clone of a ewe. In 2005, the United Nations called on countries to ban it, and the United States prohibits the use of federal funds for either reproductive or therapeutic cloning.

Read the full story at FoxNews.com.

Adult Stem Cell, as opposed to Embryonic Stem Cells do not require murdering an innocent baby to obtain, therefore cannot be used as a rationalization for pretending that abortion is ethical. The fight to promote Embryonic Stem Cell research, which has yet to produce even one beneficial treatment, has been waged by Liberals for decades. Meanwhile thousands of successful treatments have been produced using Adult Stem Cells. Obviously, Liberals want Adult Stem Cell research abandoned and all the resources devoted to Embryonic Stem Cell research.

Apr 18 2014

Cuomo’s Godless New York…


Apr 18 2014

POLL: Avidly pro-abortion Chelsea Clinton announced she is…

chelsea-clinton 500

Avidly pro-abortion Chelsea Clinton announced she is...

  • ...certainly not "having a baby" because it's not a baby until it's well outside the mother, right? (57%, 243 Votes)
  • ...infected with a parasite. (27%, 113 Votes)
  • ...carrying a "Product of Conception" (9%, 40 Votes)
  • ...having with a fetus. (7%, 31 Votes)

Total Voters: 426

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Apr 18 2014

…and not even a t-shirt…


Apr 18 2014

Pro-Union “Non-Profit” Vigorously Fights Being Unionized.


Media Matters for America and the Service International Employees Union Local 500 are facing off in a labor dispute, the Washington Examiner reports.

The SEIU branch, which covers Maryland and Washington D.C., filed a representation petition last week with the National Labor Relations Board.

The petition shows that Media Matters, a progressive media watchdog, hired lawyers from the firm Perkins Coie to represent it, indicating that the group is providing some resistance to the unionization attempt.

The progressive outlet routinely criticizes Fox News and other conservative outlets that push back against labor issues. They’ve also targeted conservatives who have been critical of SEIU’s organization tactics.

Read the full story at The Daily Caller.


Apr 18 2014

Protect the children…from Liberals…


Apr 18 2014

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