Jul 29 2015

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Jul 29 2015

5 Questions For Libertarians Who Support Privatizing Marriage

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Abolishing state-recognized marriage would actually separate family members in the eyes of the law. Getting rid of state recognition of marriage is also key to “removing the veil of privacy” that protects spouses and the family, according to Fineman, who has argued for doing just that in her book, “The Autonomy Myth.”

Libertarians have a lot more discernment to exercise before totally signing on to the idea that ending state recognition of marriage actually keeps the government at bay. Kuznicki’s article and Dalmia’s recent essay are all-too-rare examples of libertarian writing that considers the potential pitfalls of that idea.

So, I’d like to offer some questions to ponder.

1. How does lack of state recognition of marriage—replaced by a system of domestic partner contracts—actually shrink government involvement? Trading in the simple marriage license for a system of contracts seems akin to trading in a simple flat tax for today’s Internal Revenue Service tax code.

2. How would you deal with possible legislation to license all parents, including biological parents, once the state no longer recognizes any union, including that of biological parents, as marriage? As stated above, the loss of state recognition of their union as anything more than an ordinary contract will deprive biological parents of the presumption of custody.

3. How does privatizing marriage preserve spousal immunity? At present, the government cannot force you to testify against your spouse. That is currently the law in all 50 states. But once the state no longer recognizes you and your spouse as a family unit—only as partners in an ordinary business-style contract—the case for spousal immunity significantly weakens.

4. What do you make of the fact that Sunstein, the Obama administration’s regulator-in-chief from 2009 to 2012, argues for essentially the same plan? Sunstein is a long-time advocate of policies that grow government. He’s a big fan of nanny-state style “nudging” intended to modify everyone’s behavior.

5. How would abolishing state-recognized marriage promote freedom of association for all? The family serves as a buffer zone, or mediating institution, between the individual and the state. But logically, if the government does not have to recognize your marriage, it does not have to respect it. It does not have to recognize your family relationships at all, or your family as a unit. You are merely a separate party in an ordinary contract with someone else, as far as the state is concerned.  Please explain how abolishing state-recognized marriage protects the family and helps insulate individuals from an increasingly Leviathan state.

Stella Morabito is a senior contributor to The Federalist.

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Jul 29 2015

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Illegal Immigration…


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Democrats & Capitalism…


Jul 29 2015

How Much Money is Your Family Forced to Give the Planned Parenthood Abortion Business?

Lawmakers across the country are calling on Congress to defund Planned Parenthood after undercover videos surfaced showing their top executives negotiating the sale of fetal body parts collected from abortions. Ultimately, the videos highlight the abortion giant’s disregard for human life and their dedication to their bottom line, which is to make more money.

In a new Fox News report, contributors Shannon Bream and Jacqueline Pham help Americans understand how families are forced to help Planned Parenthood’s abortion business through their tax dollars. In fact, the news network created a “Taxpayer Calculator” so that people can find out exactly how much their family gives to Planned Parenthood each year based on their household income.

Here’s more:

Over the last 10 years, Planned Parenthood has gotten more than $4 billion in state and federal government aid. Any bid to defund the organization may face long odds.

But how much is it costing you?

Here’s a sample: Individuals making between $50,000 and $100,000 paid just $15.51 toward Planned Parenthood. However, those making more than that paid considerably more. Individuals making above $250,000 have paid, on average, roughly $420 toward the organization.

As LifeNews previously reported, the initial undercover video was seen by over two million people and since then nearly every Republican candidate for President has urged Congress to defund Planned Parenthood. However, top Democrats in our country have said little about the group’s actions and the President actually thanked them for helping him implement Obamacare.

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Jul 29 2015

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Jul 29 2015

Alger Hiss was an amateur…


Jul 29 2015

Tip for Clueless, Liberal Reporters…


Jul 29 2015

Anti-Planned Parenthood Protests Nationwide: ‘This Is Only the Beginning’

pro-life protest 500x200
CONCORD, N.H. – Protests against Planned Parenthood took place nationwide today in light of three undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress showing senior Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of fetal organs.

The third video, released today, shows Planned Parenthood staffers dissecting the remains of an aborted fetus and discussing the sale of its organs.

Planned Parenthood has denied that its affiliates profit from their “tissue donation” program and has condemned the Center for Medical Progress for using “heavily edited” videos to take Planned Parenthood staffers’ words out of context.

The Center for Medical Progress has also released several videos of its full meetings with the executives.

Students for Life of America organized “Women Betrayed” rallies nationwide to protest taxpayer funding for the nation’s largest abortion provider. Continue reading

Jul 29 2015

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Jul 29 2015

The Economic Platform for the Lazy and Unethical…


Jul 29 2015

CAUTION: Graphic stupidity. Not appropriate for mixed audiences…


Jul 29 2015

McConnell Says He Will Hold Vote to Repeal Obamacare with Simple 51-Vote Majority

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) pledged Tuesday to hold a vote to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, using a budget resolution that could be passed in the Senate with a simple majority vote of 51 to 49, according to a statement released Tuesday.

“Earlier this year, Senate Republicans passed a balanced budget, and with it the necessary procedural tools – via the budget reconciliation process – to bring an end to the nightmare of Obamacare,” McConnell said in the joint statement with Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah).

“Americans have faced skyrocketing health care costs, rampant fraud and more government between them and their doctors. And Republicans are united in working to repeal the broken promises of Obamacare and allow our country to start over fresh with real health reform that Americans deserve,” he added.

“We will continue our effort to use reconciliation – as the budget makes clear – to fulfill the promise we made to our constituents,” McConnell pledged.

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Jul 29 2015

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Deneen Borelli…


Jul 29 2015

And you thought the NEA was bunch of thugs…


Jul 29 2015

Planned Genocide Threatens TV Stations Demanding They Censor Shocking Undercover Videos

Planned Parenthood
The latest video released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) shows a Planned Parenthood technician sorting through “tissue” collected after a first trimester abortion. As LifeNews previously reported, this is CMP’s third undercover video showing the abortion company negotiating the sale of aborted babies’ body parts with actors posing as buyers from a human biologics company.

The footage features Dr. Savita Ginde, who is the medical director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM). Currently, PPRM is one of the largest and wealthiest Planned Parenthood affiliates and operates abortion facilities in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Nevada. Dr. Ginde tells the actors that she wants to charge per “tissue sample” because that will bring in the most money. She said, “I think the per-item [pricing] works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it.”

However, now the abortion giant is trying to stop news stations from airing the recent footage because it supposedly violates patient privacy. In a letter to TV stations in Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota, they attacked CMP by calling them an “extreme activist organization whose sole mission is to prevent women from accessing health care and to destroy Planned Parenthood.”
Unfortunately, for Planned Parenthood, editing only goes so far and CMP released the full, unedited videos with their clips. The truth is Planned Parenthood doesn’t want the truth to come out about their abortion business and will do whatever they have to in order to stop it.

Here’s a portion of their threatening letter:

When your network decides whether to consider this story newsworthy, or whether to use any of this footage at all, we urge you to keep this in mind: The extremists who entered Planned Parenthood labs under false pretenses violated research protocol, and, worse, violated the privacy of patients involved. Those patients’ privacy should not be further violated by having this footage shared by the media.

The storage and examination processes that CMP used to get this footage are medically necessary. It is necessary medical professionals ensure an abortion is complete so that patients do not get an infection. When tissue is donated for medical research, these steps are also necessary for the donations to be completed. It is also medically necessary that researchers evaluate the laboratory procedures of a medical provider for safety standards and best practices.

Some of the conversations and protocols that occur in medical settings and among professional peers can sound jarring when taken out of context. While this can be difficult to hear or watch, it should not be used as an excuse to defund Planned Parenthood.

CMP gained access to Planned Parenthood facilities under false pretenses and filmed without securing approval from the Planned Parenthood staff being filmed or the patients whose privacy is compromised by this secret videotaping. The material should not be aired.

Read more at LifeNews.com

Jul 29 2015

The Candidates the Media Ignore: Ted Cruz…


Jul 29 2015

Someone needs to remind the Establishment Republicans this…

Establishment Republicans

Jul 29 2015

H is for Hypocrisy…


Jul 29 2015

House lawmaker files motion to oust Boehner

John Boehner 500x200
In a move unprecedented in the history of the House of Representatives, a Republican lawmaker filed a motion Tuesday to remove House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, from his post, in another sign of dissatisfaction with Boehner’s leadership by a number of House conservatives.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., filed the resolution — a “motion to vacate the chair” — late Tuesday, claiming that he “has endeavored to consolidate power and centralize decision-making, bypassing the majority of the 435 Members of Congress and the people they represent.”

The proposal was referred to a committee stocked with leadership loyalists, and therefore unlikely to emerge.

The motion says that Boehner has caused the power of Congress to atrophy, “thereby making Congress subservient to the Executive and Judicial branches, diminishing the voice of the American People.”

Read more at FoxNews.com

Jul 29 2015

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