Jun 19 2014

Preacher Arrested for Crossing Police Barricade Blocking Christians Found Not Guilty

Rick Vanderslice, [left] a member of Queer LiberAction attempting to silence Christian protestor Joey Faust [right]

Rick Vanderslice, [left] a member of Queer LiberAction attempting to silence Christian protestor Joey Faust [right]

In October 2012, Joseph Faust and Ramon Marroquin, two preachers based in Fort Worth, Texas, were engaging in free speech activity on a public sidewalk during a gay pride parade. Both men were preaching, without the aid of any microphone or amplification device. A line-up of police officers separated the sidewalk from the street where the parade was taking place. When the two preachers attempted to cross the walkway, police officers arrested them before they were even completely off of the sidewalk.

“The police lined up [across the street] and said, ‘You can go no further,” Faust told Christian News Network. “We were forbidden to cross the street and they wouldn’t tell us if we were being detained.”

Faust said that as he stood for some time watching others being allowed to pass by the human blockade, except for anyone that was present to witness to attendees, it became obvious that the police had an agenda.

“I asked, ‘Why are they allowed to pass?’” he said. “They were just quiet.”

“At that point, I took a step and attempted to cross,” Faust outlined. “Once I stepped into the street, [the officer] put my hands behind my back.”

Faust and a second member of his congregation, Ramon Marroquin, were then charged with “interfering with public duties,” a class B misdemeanor. He was jailed for 20 hours and held on $1,500 bail.

They were immediately arrested pursuant to the City Code’s vague ordinance that outlaws “interference with public duties.” In coming to the street preachers’ defense, Rutherford Institute attorneys argued that because the men were not interrupting, disrupting, impeding or otherwise interfering with anything the officers were doing and other persons were allowed to cross the police line, the police officers violated the First Amendment and lacked any probable cause for such an arrest.  In upholding the Institute’s appeal on behalf of Faust and Marroquin, the Texas Appeals Court ruled that the police “skirmish line prohibited all members of the church from exercising their right of free speech merely because of their association with the church.  This is far too broad a limitation.” Because the police had no basis for believing Faust or Marroquin would engage in violence or endanger public safety, police should not have arrested them for attempting to exercise their fundamental right of free speech.

Sources: Rutherford Institute, Christian News Network.

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Jun 19 2014

Mitt Romney…


Jun 19 2014

Connecticut High School Censors Conservative/Christian Web Sites

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18-year-old Andrew Lampart, a senior at Nonnewaug High School, said he made the discovery when he was doing research for a classroom debate on gun control in May. Lampart said he first noticed that he could not get on the web site for the National Rifle Association.

“So, I went over to the other side. And I went over on sites such as Moms Demand Action or Newtown Action Alliance and I could get on these Web sites but not the others,” Lampart said.

Lampart investigated further, by broadening his search terms to Connecticut’s political parties.

“I immediately found out that the State Democrat web site was unblocked but the State GOP web site was blocked.”

Lampart even looked at Web sites focusing on abortion issues and religion. He found that “right-to-life” groups were blocked by the public school firewall but that Planned Parenthood and Pro-Choice America were not. He also tried to get on web sites such as Christianity.com and the Vatican’s web site but both were blocked. Islam-guide.com he found, was not.

In a letter to the Woodbury Board of Education, Lampart said that he approached local superintendent Jody Goegler, who told him that some political sites needed to be blocked to prevent “hate speech” from seeping into the school. Lampart approached the school board, he said, after no action appeared to have been taken to allow more sites.

The hate speech justification has left some incensed. Bill Donohue, who heads the Catholic League, a national anti-defamation group, sent a letter of protest to the school on Wednesday.

“It is alleged that you support censoring students at Nonnewaug High School from accessing the Vatican’s website on the grounds that it promotes ‘hate speech.’ Would you please identify examples of ‘hate speech’ found on the Vatican’s website?” Donohue asked.

Sources: Fox CT, The Daily Caller.

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Jun 19 2014

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Jun 18 2014

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Jun 18 2014

With an estimated 130,898 homeless in California, the Liberals that run the state decide to spend more on “Arts”

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If you believe, as leftists claim to, that the terrible state of homelessness can only be cured through government intervention, what does it say about leftists who allocate money for something as frivolous as the arts while hungry children sleep on the streets of Los Angeles?

The California state Legislature, which is packed with leftists, just increased the state’s allocation to the California Arts Council to $5 million, an increase from $1 million. Governor Jerry Brown could still veto this madness, but sources who spoke to the Los Angeles Times believe he will approve the increase.

How many homeless children could be plucked from the gutter and  enjoy months, years, even a lifetime at a Holiday Inn Express if that $5 million was given to them?

Instead, the California Legislature sees “fostering accessible arts initiatives that reflect contributions from all of California’s diverse populations” as a better use of taxpayer money than housing homeless and hungry children.

Read the full article at Breitbart.com.

Jun 18 2014



Jun 18 2014



Jun 18 2014

Most Teacher Training Programs Don’t Know How to Teach…They Do Know How to Indoctrinate

A new report from the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) has graded every teacher training program in the United States — and most have been found severely wanting.

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The group’s 2014 Teacher Prep Review ranked the nation’s hundreds of teacher certification programs by factoring their admissions standards, academic rigor, syllabuses, and other factors, rating them from Level I to Level IV. Those ranked Level IV were considered top-ranked, while those at Level I were decidedly subpar or even failing.

At the elementary level, out of 788 evaluated programs, just 26 managed to hit Level IV, while a whopping 529 were were stuck at Level I. Secondary programs fare somewhat better; out of 824 programs, 81 were Level IV and 319 were at Level I. Seventeen states and the District of Columbia have no Level IV programs at all.

A major reason for the low scores, the group said, is that schools continue to fail at training prospective teachers in scientific approaches to student learning, and fail to ensure teachers have mastered all of the content they will teach. While the vast majority of programs do ensure teachers have studied reading and composition, about half of all programs evaluated don’t have sufficient requirements in place to make sure teachers have mastered elementary math and science to the levels expected of teachers in nations with high-performing schools.

Chuck Norris recently notes…

This is why it is no surprise that the two largest teachers unions, the NEA and AFT, are the largest campaign contributors in the nation (giving more than the Teamsters, NRA or any other organization), and that 90 percent of their contributions fund Democratic candidates. In doing so, do we think such funding is going to balance traditional and conservative values in public schools?

The impact of progressivism is being experienced by students across this land, hundreds of thousands of whom have already cried out with complaints of academic inequity. A sampling of the hundreds of student grievances from across the academic spectrum can even be found on websites like the Students for Academic Freedom and NoIndoctrination.org.

It is also no surprise that an average of 6,000 students every year is leaving the approximately 94,000 public schools in America. If the power-to-be over our public schools, like government and unions, continue to oppose conservative curricula and impose overarching liberal educational revisions and laws, public schools will continue to experience an exodus.

Sources: The Daily Caller, World Net Daily.


Jun 18 2014

Clean unemployment…


Jun 18 2014

Benghazi Attack Suspect Who Makes Multiple Media Appearances, “Caught” Just As Obama Needed Another Diversion

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The Libyan militant suspected in the deadly attack on Americans in Benghazi hid in plain sight in the African nation prior to his capture by U.S. forces on Sunday — granting multiple media interviews to news outlets including Fox News.

Ahmed Abu Khattala, a senior leader of the terror group Ansar al-Sharia in Libya, brazenly gave several interviews with reporters despite being one of the suspected ringleaders in the September 2012 attack, during which Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans died.

State and Defense officials were asked repeatedly Tuesday why reporters were able to access Khattala while U.S. forces apparently were not, until they captured him on Sunday.

“What matters is that … we got him,” a Pentagon spokesman said.

One month after the attack, Khattala told Fox News’ Greg Palkot that he was at the scene of the attack, but denied planning it. He claimed to be directing traffic and protecting fellow militia members guarding the complex.

Read the full article at FoxNews.com.

Jun 18 2014

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Jun 18 2014

The Latest Scam in Forced Unionization in Right to Work States

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Michigan’s 150,000-member teachers union has sicced a bill collector on a kindergarten teacher to recoup $400 in dues it claims she owes, even though the state passed a right-to-work law last year allowing employees to opt out of union membership — which she claims is what she did.

Kimberle Byrd, a kindergarten teacher for Bangor Public Schools, got a notice last month from Account Receivable Solutions for $394.20 in unpaid dues she allegedly owes to the Michigan Education Association (MEA). Byrd, who could not be reached for comment Monday, told Michigan Capitol Confidential she considers herself out of the union as of last year, when her contract expired.

A new contract with a tentative agreement for teachers in Byrd’s Van Buren County district was reached on Sept. 9, roughly six months after Michigan’s right-to-work law became effective in late March 2013. Byrd figured the new right-to-work law, which means unions can’t force workers to join or pay dues, meant she was free to quit when her contract expired. Under the law, union workers have to affirmatively sign up for automatic dues withdrawal, something Byrd and about 7,000 other teachers have not done.

But the MEA insists that its members can only opt in August, or they have to wait another year. Since Byrd didn’t file in August, she is still a rank and filer in the eyes of the MEA. Another year’s dues will cost her around $1,100, she told the Washington Examiner. And even if the August rule is legitimate, she had no way of knowing about it, she said.

Byrd has been a member of her union for 19 years. She estimated that she’s paid as much as $17,000 in union dues over her teaching career.

Yet, Byrd says the union has not helped her in two of her concerns involving her benefits and then engaged in cyberbullying and intimidation once she decided she no longer wanted to be part of the union.

Sources: FoxNews.com, Michigan Capital Confidential.

Jun 18 2014

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