Sep 13 2014

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Sep 13 2014

Homosexuals call Facebook biased for not letting them use Porn Star names

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From ZDNet writer Violet Blue

Facebook is strong-arming LGBT and adult performers to use their legal names, telling these at-risk populations that it is to “keep our community safe.”

Yet considering the company had hundreds represent Facebook’s SF LGBT Pride Parade contingent, the “real names” campaign looks more to be a stunning display of Facebook’s acute cluelessness about user safety.

The situation developed early this week when a large number of drag queen and transgender performers in cities including Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles were targeted for account deletion unless they immedately presented their legal names on their Facebook profiles.

Well-known Bay Area LGBT activist and community fundraiser personality Sister Roma, who has been using Facebook since 2008, was locked out of her profile Wednesday. Loa Angeles based performer and drag personality Unity Divine is now in the same situation.

So cracking down on obviously fake names is targeting homosexuals?

By the way, I personally have 3 Facebook accounts, two with fake names, but the fake names I used sound like real names. I have additional accounts due to Facebook’s habit of banning Conservatives for posting things that violate the highly imaginative interpretation of Facebook so-called “Community Standards” (in other words, posting stuff liberals don’t like)

Once again homosexuals are demanding Special Rights.


Sep 13 2014

Dealing with the IRS…


Sep 13 2014

Deadly “Amnesty Virus” Now Spread to East Coast

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More than a dozen cases of Enterovirus D68 have been confirmed in New York state, according to officials.

“EV-D68 is causing cases of severe respiratory illness … sometimes resulting in hospitalization, especially among children with asthma,” the NYS Department of Health said in a statement Friday.

Enteroviruses are quite common in September; the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 10 to 15 million people are infected by these viruses each year. But doctors believe this particular type of enterovirus, Enterovirus D68, is causing more serious problems than others have in years past.

As of September 11, more than 80 cases in six other states — Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky and Missouri — have been confirmed to be EV-D68, according to the CDC.

Read the full story at CNN.

Sep 13 2014

When Idiots Make Gun Laws…


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100 Years of Income Tax…


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The Plan.


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How to Reject Western Culture…


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Mass Murder/Genocide Levels


Sep 12 2014

Mask of Cowardice…


Sep 12 2014

Facebook Forced to Apologize After Banning Ad…Seriously They Banned This…

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Social media giant Facebook was forced to apologize to a couple who is using a Facebook page as a means of generating awareness and funding for their little boy who desperately needs a heart transplant.

Hudson's Heart

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Father Kevin Bond posted a photo of two-month-old Hudson, who has the heart disease cardiomyopathy. When Bond attempted to advertise the page, Facebook banned the ad, claiming the picture of his son was too “gory” to qualify under its advertising standards. After contacting Facebook, the social media company offered Bond an apology and a $10,000 advertising credit to help his family promote the page.

Hudson desperately needs a heart transplant to survive and Bond created the page Hudson’s Heart to bring more attention to his plight.

Bond said he doesn’t need that much so he’s asking Facebook to give $5,000 of the ad credit to another child in need.

I met Eliza O’Neill before Hudson was born. She’s a remarkable four year old girl racing the clock against Sanfilppo Syndrome. A clinical trial that may very well save her life is nearly funded. We’ve asked Facebook to give $5,000.00 of those add dollars to her.

As it says on Eliza’s page, “You’ve come this far maybe you’re willing to come a little further.” Please watch, and share little Eliza’s video. Her family has been very supportive of ours throughout Hudson’s ordeal.

We’re so lucky Hudson has all of you pulling for him.

Read the full story at

Sep 12 2014

Sierra Marlee…

better-offVisit Sierra’s Facebook page.

Sep 12 2014

Latest “Jobs” Strategy…


Sep 12 2014

Massive, Liberal, Teachers Union Wants To Amend Constitution…What Could Go Wrong?

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The National Education Association, which spends millions of dollars each election cycle on campaign speech, has zealously endorsed a constitutional amendment that would limit everyone else’s ability to spend money speaking about politics.

The NEA has expressed intense support this week for a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would unambiguously allow Congress to limit the amount of money anyone spends on or raises for federal political campaigns.

“As we approach our midterm elections, millions of dollars of secret, unaccountable corporate money is being spent to influence voters — and politicians. Educators live the impact of the Citizens’ United decision every day as they fight the pro-privatization agenda of the Koch brothers, the Walton family and ALEC-member politicians,” NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia said in a press release.

Among the groups that spends the most money influencing elections on an annual basis is, in fact, the NEA.

In 2013 and 2014, the labor powerhouse — which has historically enriched its coffers with mandatory donations from teachers employed at taxpayer-funded public schools — spent more than any other union on political speech.

Read the full article at The Daily Caller.