Aug 8 2014

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Aug 8 2014

Toddler Squeezes Through White House Fence…Will Obama Grant Him Amnesty?

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Thursday night, a toddler slipping through slats in the gate caught the eyes of the gun-toting officers who are charged with protecting the president.

Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan said the child was returned to his parents. Neither the boy nor his parents were identified.

Donovan joked that agents were going to wait until the toddler learned to talk to question him about the incident, but says the boy instead was given a “timeout” and was returned to his parents.

If you illegally cross the White House fence, you get returned. If you illegally enter the US, you get to stay. Can we say “Double Standard”?

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Aug 8 2014

And it was Bush’s fault…


Aug 8 2014

A Feature, not a Bug…


Aug 8 2014

Obama criticizes Israel for missile strikes, then calls for missile strikes on Iraq

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President Obama announced late Thursday night that he authorized air strikes to assist the Iraqi people in their fight against terrorist forces of the Islamic State.

He also announced aid to the Yazidi people in Iraq who are trapped and starving on Mount Sinjar.

He explained that the United States has a “mandate” to act in order to “prevent an act of genocide,” although he cautioned that America would “act carefully and responsibly.”

“Today America is coming to help,” he said.

During the Obama Administration, while US troops were in Iraq, (2009-2011) over 13,000 Iraqi civilians were killed.

The White House has criticized Israel for the 1,200 “civilians” Hamas claims Israel has killed.

The Yiddish word is Chutzpah.



Aug 8 2014

Hamas Battle Tactics…


Aug 8 2014

WHO Declares International Ebola Emergency…CDC Rolls Eyes and Says, “Whatever.”

"Man these guys are like seriously boring."

The Ebola epidemic which has ravaged West Africa is officially an “extraordinary event” and now constitutes an international health emergency, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The Geneva-based U.N. health agency said on Friday that the possible consequences of a further international spread of the outbreak, which has killed almost 1,000 people in four West African countries, were “particularly serious” in view of the virulence of the virus.

“A coordinated international response is deemed essential to stop and reverse the international spread of Ebola,” the WHO said in a statement after a two-day meeting of its emergency committee on Ebola. The declaration of an international emergency will have the effect of raising the level of vigilance for transmission of the virus.


Tom Frieden, the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, brushed off concerns that the Ebola virus could come through the United States’ southern border, Thursday after testifying about the threat of Ebola before a House panel.

“That is not happening,” Frieden said, when asked — during an impromptu press conference— about concerns that Ebola could come across the southern border.

“As far as we know the two patients flown in from Liberia are the first two patients in this hemisphere ever to have Ebola,” he added.


Aug 8 2014

And who do Liberals say the bad guy is?…


Aug 8 2014

Cops see man with toy gun in toy section of Wal-Mart…they shoot him, of course.


A man who was carrying an air rifle in an Ohio Wal-Mart told the police officers that fatally shot him that the gun was “not real,” according to a family member.

John Crawford was shot by police Tuesday evening at a Beavercreek store. The Ohio attorney general’s office announced Thursday that he was merely carrying a brand of air rifle that Wal-Mart sells.

Another shopper, 37-year-old Angela Williams, collapsed and died as she scrambled to get away after police fired at Crawford.

The shooting occurred after police responded to 911 calls about a man carrying a rifle. In one of those calls, which was released by police, a Wal-Mart shopper told emergency dispatchers that it looked like the man — later identified as Crawford — was trying to load the rifle and that he had pointed it at two children.

The victim had been looking at a MK-177 (.177 caliber) BB/Pellet Rifle, manufactured by Crosman, which that Wal-Mart carried in its sporting goods/toy section.

Read the full article at The Daily Caller.

Aug 8 2014

Goody, more uninvited “guests”…


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David Limbaugh


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One-Letter Hangman…


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The Closet.


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