Aug 23 2014

Share this so more Liberal heads will explode: Black open-carry activists protest police brutality in Dallas

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Black gun-rights activists in Texas protested police brutality Wednesday by exercising their rights to openly carry firearms through the streets of South Dallas.

Dozens of members of the newly-formed Huey P. Newton Gun Club, named after the co-founder of the Black Panther Party, marched with rifles, shotguns and AR-15s down MLK Boulevard. They wound up at a restaurant where police officers were eating lunch, Reason magazine reported.

Police monitored the black-clad demonstrators as many chanted “black power” and “justice for Michael Brown,” the black teenager shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri, the Dallas Morning News reported.

“We think that all black people have the right to self defense and self determination,” said Huey Freeman, an organizer. “We believe that we can police ourselves and bring security to our own communities.”

Read the full article at the Washington Times.

No matter which side you come down on, the idea of Liberals trying to deal with an open-carry, Black Supremist has to be fun to watch. At least when Liberals’ heads explode, it not as much of a mess, because there’s hardly any brain matter.

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Aug 23 2014

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Aug 23 2014

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Aug 23 2014

Hamas Executes 18 Palestinians They “Suspect” Were Israeli Collaborators…Liberals Still Furious at Israel for Shooting Back

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Hamas carried out a deadly purge of suspected informants in Gaza, killing as many as 18 people suspected of providing information to the Israel Defense Forces as fighting flared anew following the collapse of Egyptian-brokered cease-fire talks.

Masked gunmen killed seven suspected informants for Israel near a Gaza City mosque as worshippers were ending midday prayers on Friday, according to a witness and Hamas media. Earlier in the day, Hamas killed 11 men by firing squad in Gaza City’s police headquarters, according to the Hamas-run Al Rai website.

Two of those killed were women, according to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, which called for an immediate halt to what it said were “extra-judicial executions.”

Hamas media portrayed the killings as the beginning of a new crackdown, under the rallying cry of “choking the necks of the collaborators.” The killings, which took place near the al-Omari Mosque in downtown Gaza, occurred a day after Israel killed three top Hamas military commanders in an airstrike on a house in southern Gaza.

Read the full article at

Aug 23 2014

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Aug 23 2014

Houston TV Station Uncovers Massive Scam…Involving Houston Police

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A Houston police officer handed another man a speeding ticket and probably didn’t realize that the offender he was citing was also a cop. What this ticket-receiving officer noticed on his paper slip though has led to a department-wide investigation.

He asked not to identified, because he too, is a police officer. We’ll refer to him as Jerry.

And when HPD handed Jerry the ticket, there was a major red flag.

“I immediately know that something’s hinky with the ticket,” Jerry said.

That’s because the ticket-writing officer listed another HPD officer as a witness.

“There was no other officer, he was the only officer there,” Jerry said.

The Houston Police Department is conducting its own internal investigation into the issue, putting three officers — Gregory Rosa, Robert Manzanales and John Garcia — on desk jobs during this time.

KHOU reported that a fourth officer identified as Rudolph Farias, who was also being investigated, committed suicide earlier this week in a police parking garage. The 51-year-old was on the force for 21 years and, according to KHOU, made $158,000 in overtime within the past three years. How much of that could be due to falsely reported tickets is unknown at this time.

SOURCES: The Blaze, KHOU-TV Houston.

Aug 23 2014

Because Rich, White People Are the Greedy Ones…


Aug 23 2014

Obama Ignores Supreme Court, Wants to Punish Hobby Lobby Anyway

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Under ObamaCare, Christian-Owned businesses like Hobby Lobby were forced to participate in aborting babies. Hobby Lobby said NO, took it to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court agreed with Hobby Lobby that the government has no legitimate business forcing Christians to participate in the killing of unborn children.

But to Liberals, “no” simply means, “Find another way of doing it.” Meaning find some way to involve Christians in killing unborn children that kinda, sorta doesn’t seem like the same way you were doing it before. Their usual method is to simply rename it, and proceed to do the exact same thing (as in renaming “buffer zone”, “security zone” and continue to violate the law)

The Obama administration released a fact sheet on the newly-proposed HHS mandate rule pertaining to non-profit organizations and closely held for-profit entities, like Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties. The factsheet on the new rules makes it clear that the HHS mandate violates the conscience rights of non-profit organizations and family businesses across the country.

The upshot of the new rules? As Arina Grossu, Director for the Center for Human Dignity at the Family Research Council, tells LifeNews, it’s “the threat of crippling fines on non-profits who stand up for their freedom of conscience.”

“What remains an insulting accounting gimmick does not protect the rights of Americans with sincere conscientious objections. It is simply another clerical layer to an already existing accounting gimmick that does nothing to protect religious freedom because the employer still remains the legal gateway by which these drugs and services will be provided to their employees,” she said. “It’s very disappointing that the Obama administration is doubling down on its plans to punish charities and non-profits that assist the poor and homeless, who in some cases have nowhere else to turn for assistance.”

In a nut shell, in order to drag Christians into the abortion holocaust, Obama is demanding that Christian business initiate the process of insurance companies providing abortifacients drugs, and if the Christian business won’t participate, they get fined, a lot. The business doesn’t have to pay for the baby to be murdered, just give permission.

Why? Because it’s never been about “women’s health” but about forcing Liberal immorality on Christians.


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Media Guide to Scary Guns and Amonishun


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