Dec 24 2014

Yesterday’s Patriots…


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Dec 24 2014

Frédéric Bastiat: Education Monopoly…


Dec 24 2014

Obama Says He’s Issued the Fewest Executive Orders in 100 Years. And Now for the Real Story.

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President Obama has issued a form of executive action known as the presidential memorandum more often than any other president in history — using it to take unilateral action even as he has signed fewer executive orders.

When these two forms of directives are taken together, Obama is on track to take more high-level executive actions than any president since Harry Truman battled the “Do Nothing Congress” almost seven decades ago, according to a USA TODAY review of presidential documents.

Obama has issued executive orders to give federal employees the day after Christmas off, to impose economic sanctions and to determine how national secrets are classified. He’s used presidential memoranda to make policy on gun control, immigration and labor regulations. Tuesday, he used a memorandum to declare Bristol Bay, Alaska, off-limits to oil and gas exploration.

Like executive orders, presidential memoranda don’t require action by Congress. They have the same force of law as executive orders and often have consequences just as far-reaching. And some of the most significant actions of the Obama presidency have come not by executive order but by presidential memoranda.

Read the full article at USA Today.

[VIDEO] Fox News’ Ed Henry Grills W.H. Over Obama’s Use Of Executive Orders And Memoranda

Dec 24 2014

White Privilege…


Dec 24 2014

10 Criticisms of Conservatives by Liberals…and whether they mean anything at all

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There are quite a few unfounded stereotypes Liberals like to toss a Conservatives. Liberals are generally too lazy (not to mention stupid) to bother to note that there are actually several types of Conservatives. Unlike Liberals, we actually do tolerate diversity and value differing opinions, therefore there distinct groups within the GOP and Conservatism in general that disagree on many things. The one unifying principle is the idea that the state should serve the needs of the individual, not the other way around. But what follows are the more common criticisms of Conservatives by Liberals, some which are nonsense, some have some truth to them.

1. “Conservatives are Nazis”

This has to be the most hilarious of the accusations. The Nazis were a socialist group that rose to power in Germany in the early 20th century. They believes in a powerful centralized government, which controlled the economy and addressed economic problems with massive social programs. Of all the Nazis did and represented, today’s Liberals are much, much closer than Conservatives. This one is not only patently false, it’s tremendously hypocritical.

2.  “Conservatives are greedy”

Well, yeah, of course we are. But then so are Liberals. So is everyone. It’s human nature to be greedy, and greed becomes offset by the level of real compassion the individual has. There’s the kicker. Conservatives generally display compassion by giving only to charities they know will use the money wisely or to ventures that will encourage personal responsibility. Liberals, focused on symbolism more than substance will make grand, public gestures of fake “compassion” where they spend money on themselves in order to bring “awareness” to a need, and call that compassion.

Of course at this point the real differences emerge between the different types of Conservatives. All Conservatives endorse Capitalism, however the degree with which Capitalism should be held in check by other forces differs. Establishment (Economic) Conservatives and libertarians see Capitalism as a perfect system, without the need for checks and balances other than anti-monopoly regulations. Social Conservatives believe that Capitalism, as any system can become evil unless regulated by a strong moral foundation.

3.  “Conservatives hate minorities”

And we all know that when Liberals use the term “minorities” they are actually referring to Blacks, but want to sound like they mean all minorities. Conservatives believe people are capable of intelligence, industry and creativity regardless their race, ethnicity, color or heritage. Therefore we reject programs that imply some races are inferior and need “special” help to accomplish anything.

That being said, there is a undercurrent of disdain for the unanswered and unaddressed as well as blatantly obvious problems in the Black community. Crime, imprisonment, out-of-wedlock births, violence, lack of education are all rampant, yet ignored by Liberals and the Media (unless it’s to somehow try to blame it on Conservatives). But that undercurrent exists among both Conservatives and Liberals. Conservatives tend to be a bit more honest about it. There is a segment of Conservatives who seem to have abandoned any real hope for Black people, and express that opinion. They are by no means the majority of Conservatives and are roundly criticized by other Conservatives.  That being said, there’s an even greater percentage of Liberals who behave the exact same way, but rather than toss accusation, they simply treat Black people as stupid, hopeless sub humans who need to be tended, herded and cared for like animals. Our racists are at least pragmatic and can be dealt with when shown that they are seeing in Blacks a response, not an attribute. Liberal racists are so tied up in rationalization, it’s almost impossible to ever get them to change.

4.  “Conservatives hate homosexuals”

Here the irony is that, while the entire group being painted by the acts of two segments when it comes to greed, the entire group is being painted by the perceived opinion of just one segment of Conservatives. Establishment Conservatives are by and large fairly ambivalent to the issue, other than not particularly being fond of a tiny minority demanding the involuntary endorsement of the majority for something that amounts to a sexual fetish. Libertarians tend to have a “live and let live” attitude which puts them squarely in agreement with a good part of what Liberals and homosexuals claim they want (but actions shows they really want much, much more). However Social Conservatives are the ones that object to the normalization of homosexuality. They don’t hate homosexuals, and remind them of this constantly, but objects to the behavior homosexuals insist they must perform due to some imagine genetic compulsion.

While blamed for violence against homosexuals, Conservatives argue for stricter punishment for anyone committing crimes, than Liberals argue for “special” crimes committed against homosexuals. The truth is the vast majority of homosexuals assaulted or murdered are committed by other homosexuals. Most of the rest by parties completely unaware of the victim’s sexual peccadillos. If anyone hates homosexuals, it’s homosexuals themselves, which is exactly why Social Conservatives oppose the normalization of a lifestyle so fraught with self-loathing.

5.  “Conservatives hate women”

This is rationalized because Conservatives, as a rule, disagree with Liberals’ ideas about gender. Conservatives acknowledge that there exists a tremendous difference between men and women, both having their strengths and weaknesses. Liberals then interpret that as saying women are less than men. Conservatives acknowledge that the difference between men and women is a product of genetics, biology and biochemistry. Liberals insist that any difference is an artificial, social construct and that by endorsing such a construct, Conservatives disenfranchise, marginalize and victimize women. Meanwhile modern women suffer more and more from self-esteem problems as their role in society is more and more defined as identical to men. It’s like taking the basketball team to the football field and telling them that unless they beat the football team in football, they aren’t real athletes, and unless you agree to the terms, you hate basketball players.

6.  “Conservatives hate the poor”

Just as there are different kinds of Conservatives, there are different kinds of “poor”. There are the “Professional Poor”. These are people who are poor because that’s how they’ve chosen to get by. They are enrolled in every type of social program available, and will cheat those programs at the drop of a hat. Then there are the “Intentionally Poor”. These are people who understand quite well what it takes to make more money, but weighing the option of pursuing money versus staying where they are, they choose to enjoy a simple life. They know how to make ends meet, and be satisfied with 75% ground chuck, ramen noodles, a 15 year-old car and a mobile home and their biggest worry is how rich, elite Liberals will try to screw them over next. Then there are the “Unintentionally Poor”. These are people who through some circumstance of event find themselves trapped in a lower income, but still make the most of it. Then there are the “Pretending to be Poor”. These are middle class people who like to pretend they are “suffering” because they can only afford a 2 year-old car rather than a brand new one. These are who Liberals refer to as “the working poor”.

Liberals love the “Professional Poor” and make sure thy are encouraged to continue just as they are. The “Intentional poor” and the “Unintentional Poor” Liberals ignore, unless they can talk them into whining about their situation. Liberals also love to exploit the “Pretending to be Poor” because then they can exploit them as well.

Conservatives tend to see poverty as a temporary condition, and look upon poor people complaining as one would look on a perfectly healthy person, laying on the ground, demanding other people pick them up.

Conservatives don’t hate poor people, but they do tire of people—in the most affluent, free nation in the history of mankind—complaining about not having enough stuff, that’s readily available to anyone willing to work for it.

7.  “Conservatives are religious fanatics”

Again, the entire group painted by a warped perception of just one segment. The biggest problem Social Conservatives have in trying to campaign for—not to mention implement—their ideas, is the apathy if not outright hostility of the other two main factions of Conservatism. But are even Social Conservatives religious fanatics? Obviously it’s a relative term, and since Liberals hold any religion other than Liberalism itself in disdain and Christianity in particular in complete derision, it’s obviously an inaccurate term. The two main social issues in America today are abortion and legally-forced normalization of homosexuality. Considering that there are quite a few non-religious people who oppose both, it is questionable if they are then merely religious issues. At one time, in the history of mankind, washing your hands before you ate was a practice performed exclusively by one small group of people, for entirely religious reasons. The idea that the practice should then be rejected because it was historically a religion act would be preposterous. There are sound, non-religious grounds for rejecting both abortion as well as legally-forced normalization of homosexuality, so claiming opposition proves religious fanaticism makes no sense.

8. “Conservatives only care about babies before they are born”

Yet women who find themselves with a small child and in need of help can always turn to Crisis Pregnancy Centers which abound throughout the US and are almost exclusively, financially supported by Conservatives. CPCs provide diapers, baby food, formula, car seats, baby toys, financial assistance, post-natal medical care, housing and a host of other needs which would be of little help to an unborn child. Now if you want Liberals’ help, you have to go to the government, faces the condescending attitude of Liberal social workers (I speak from experience), get your WIC voucher and buy the few items those will pay for, which do not include most of the things CPCs will provide.

9.  “Conservatives reject science”

The truth is Conservatives reject pseudo-science. Conservatives reject the pseudo-science of Global Warming™ which has been roundly and repeatedly been proven a hoax. Conservatives reject the pseudo-science of the mythical “Gay Gene” which has no basis in reality. Many Conservatives reject the pseudo-science of Evolution as a fact, because it simply has never been proven as such. In essence, Conservatives reject mythology parading as science.

10.  Conservatives lie

While this is overly broad as well as vague, I felt it needed to be addressed since it is one of the most frequent accusations Liberals spew. First of all you’ll likely find people who lie in almost any group. Second, the “lies” Liberals generally refer to are either disagreeing with them or some vacuous, peripheral detail they suddenly demand 100% accuracy on or a blatant misrepresentation of what some Conservative has said.

Here’s an example: Mother Jones claims that Conservatives are lying when they say net neutrality will allow the government to tax the internet. As proof they hold up the current utilities controlled by the government which, they claim, are not taxed. However looking over my cell phone bill (a utility the government regulates) I see a Federal Universal Service Charge, an Oklahoma Universal Service Charge, a Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee, a 911 Service Fee, City Sales Tax, County Sales Tax and an Oklahoma Sales Tax. Seven different taxes added to my bill (only three of which are actually called taxes even though they all are taxes). So when Conservatives say the government will tax the internet if they are allowed to “regulate” it, and Liberals say they won’t–who’s actually doing the lying?

But this is an example of Liberals accusing Conservatives of lying.

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John Hayward: Somewhere in North Korea…


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Making a Feminist Angry


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The Double Standard


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Let’s be politically incorrect…


Dec 23 2014

No Vaccine for Ebola…but…Feds spend $33G to find out if same-sex couples live close to tobacco shops

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A National Institutes of Health (NIH) project, entitled, “Relationship Between Tobacco Retailer Density and Sexual Minority Couples,” reasons that since many gay and lesbian couples live in cities, they may be close to stores that sell cigarettes, such as 7 Elevens.

“Tobacco use is substantially higher among sexual minorities than among heterosexuals,” the grant states. “The reasons for this persistent disparity remain unclear, but the high toll of death and disability from tobacco use creates substantial health inequalities in cancer.”

“Same-sex couples’ movement within the U.S. results in same-sex couples concentrating in more urban neighborhoods where there may be more tobacco retailers,” the grant continued. “Living near a tobacco retailer has been associated with decreased success in quitting tobacco. The presence or absence of overlapping patterns of same-sex couples and tobacco retailers have not been explored.”

The $33,341 study is cross-checking a “high quality list” of nearly 100,000 tobacco retailers from 97 U.S. counties with census data to determine whether same-sex couples live nearby.

Read the full article at