Jan 26 2015

Liberals, Religion & Law


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Jan 24 2015

King George was an amateur…


Jan 24 2015

Obama does James Taylor…


Jan 24 2015

And they now want to control the entire internet…


Jan 24 2015

Only 25% of Moslems are extremists…


Jan 24 2015

Why Democrats make terrible plumbers…


Jan 24 2015

France was a gun control utopia….look where that got them


Jan 24 2015



Jan 24 2015

Yet another minority announces 2016 GOP bid…Liberals absolutely livid

marco rubio 500x200

Sen. Marco Rubio has signed on a major Republican fundraiser — and is lining up donors and top advisers — as he moves toward a 2016 presidential bid, Fox News has learned.

The Florida senator also plans to visit early-primary states starting next month, according to a senior Rubio adviser.

The steps show the high-profile senator picking up the pace toward 2016 as several potential rivals — including 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush — ramp up presidential campaign preparations.

Among those steps, Rubio has enlisted Anna Rogers, the finance director for conservative group American Crossroads, as a lead fundraiser. She would serve as Rubio’s finance chairwoman if he officially launches a bid.

Read the full article at FoxNews.com.

Liberals continue to promote the ruse that the GOP consists only of old, wealthy, white men. A demographic that has never been even remotely accurate. However, so far while the DNC 2016 candidates look as white as the sheets they loved to wear before switching to welfare to destroy Blacks in America, the GOP list (the real list, not the ones the Liberal media use, where they omit almost all minority and Conservative candidates) is actually mostly minority candidates. Minorities are finding that as GOP candidates they can be seen as individuals with qualifications as opposed to DNC minority candidates, who are seen only as tokens representing symbolic “diversity”.

Jan 24 2015

The ObamaCare Gecko…


Jan 24 2015

Where incompetence lives…


Jan 24 2015

ObamaCare: Before and after…


Jan 24 2015

David Horowitz: Liberals & Totalitarianism…


Jan 24 2015

Better because we see their qualifications, not their skin…


Jan 24 2015

9/11 each and every day…