Sep 26 2014

Obama’s Amnesty Virus Continues to Spread, Targeting Children, Baffling Medical Professionals

enterovirus 68 500x200As of Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had confirmed 226 cases of infection with enterovirus 68. But it is likely that many times that number have been stricken. One case involved an adult, and no deaths have been linked to the infection.

“What the C.D.C. is reporting is clearly the tip of the iceberg,” said Dr. Mary Anne Jackson, the division director of infectious diseases at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo. The hospital was the first to alert the agency last month to an unusual increase in children with trouble breathing. Since then, Dr. Jackson has received calls from colleagues nationwide seeking guidance. Some report that the influx of children to hospitals is “almost outweighing the resources available,” she said.

Three times in the past month, the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital has had to divert ambulances to other hospitals because its emergency room was filled with children, most of them younger than 5, with severe respiratory illness. Before the outbreak, the hospital had not had to divert ambulances in 10 years, said Dr. Daniel Johnson, the interim section chief of pediatric infectious diseases at the hospital.

Enteroviruses are common, but this strain is not. Symptoms in the current outbreak resemble those of a bad cold, including body aches and cough. But some children progress to wheezing and having breathing difficulties. Scientists say they do not know why it is happening.

SOURCE: New York Times.

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Sep 26 2014

Allen West: Conservatism 101…


Sep 26 2014

Connecticut Despots Still Using Sandy Hook To Demand Even More Power and Control…For the Children.

school-resource-officers 500x200

In spite of the fact that Adam Lanza spent the vast majority of his educational life in government schools, Connecticut Bureaucrats are now demanding that more scrutiny and control must be given them over homeschooling in the state, because Lanza spend a short bit of time being homeschooled.

According to the Connecticut Post, the commission states, “[T]ighter scrutiny of homeschoolers may be needed to prevent an incident such as the December 2012 slaughter of 20 first-graders and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.”

The Post reports that the murders were carried out by Adam Lanza, “a disturbed 20-year-old who had been homeschooled by his mother, Nancy Lanza, whom he also shot to death on the morning of his murder spree.”

In fact, Lanza, according to a variety of reports, experienced most of his education in public schools.

Under the Connecticut Children’s Behavioral Health Plan draft proposal, homeschooled children with behavioral and emotional disabilities would be required to have individualized education plans approved by the special education director of the local public school district. Continued homeschooling of these children would only be approved if the students were documented as having made “adequate progress” in their plans as part of mandatory annual reports to the special education directors in their public school districts.

Of course the problem is that many anti-homeschool judges use any and every excuse to force family to place their children in government schools. This would simply add fuel to that unconstitutional fire.


Sep 26 2014

If you feed a Liberal…


Sep 26 2014

Amazingly wide support for something the Supreme Court has ruled “unconstitutional”

Supreme-Court-Justices 500x200

Even though the Supreme Court struck it down in 1962 as a violation of the vaguely defined “Establishment Clause” of the First Amendment a solid majority of adults, 61 percent, favor it.

What is it that has such a divergent acceptance between the public and the courts? Prayer and other forms of religious expression in public schools.

In addition, 75 percent are supportive of having prayer or other religious expressions as an official component of school graduation ceremonies, and 77 percent think public facilities should be made available to student religious groups after school.

Those numbers have only dipped slightly since 1999, when 70 percent of adults supported school prayer, 83 percent supported religious components of graduations, and 78 percent wanted school facilities to be open to religious groups.

Unsurprisingly support varied based on respondents’ personal religious activities, though many of the non-religious favored allowing religious expression in school. For example, 89 percent of Protestant Christians supported allowing official prayers at graduation, but so did 44 percent of those with no religion and 35 percent of those with no religion supported daily classroom prayer.

Read the full article at The Daily Caller.

Sep 26 2014

Put down the pen…


Sep 26 2014

Frank J. Fleming: Hillary


Sep 26 2014

Dangerous Emissions…


Sep 26 2014

Going Out of Business.


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What if I told you…


Sep 26 2014

The Power of Limits


Sep 25 2014

Cause & Effect…


Sep 25 2014

AIDS Scaremongering by CDC has resulted in now 37 African nations outlawing homosexual acts

Aids_is_commons_in_Africa 500x200

In spite of solid evidence available for decades that AIDS has been a myth perpetrated by the CDC and Robert Gallo, the CDC has scaremongered among African nations in order to garner funding for the lucrative HIV testing industry. The result?

Chad looks set to become the 37th country in Africa to outlaw homosexuality after government ministers voted to make same-sex relations a crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

The decision, yet to be ratified by the country’s president, was condemned by human rights groups as another setback in the struggle for gay rights on the continent. Chad’s penal code is more than half a century old and does not explicitly mention homosexuality.

But section 361 of a draft new code states the punishment for anyone who has sexual intercourse with someone of the same sex is 15 to 20 years in jail and a fine of 50,000-500,000 Central African francs (£60-£600), according to a document seen by Agence France-Presse.



Sep 25 2014

The Groveler in Chief…


Sep 25 2014

The Stats…