Nov 17 2014

Rape Allegations: Media Hunts Bill Cosby, Celebrates Bill Clinton

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John Nolte — A woman has come forward with the claim that Cosby assaulted her 30 years ago. The allegations are horrifying and media outlets from NPR to the Washington Post to CNN are treating the woman’s story with the seriousness it deserves.

The scandal is a classic case of Power vs. The Powerless. There is substance to the charges, including a lawsuit Cosby settled with the woman in 2006, and similar allegations from other women. As loved and lovable and talented as Bill Cosby is, as much as I am personally fond of him for all the pleasure he has brought into my life, looking into this kind of story is what the media is supposed to be about.

Unfortunately, our media is not guided by the lofty principle of what it is supposed to be about; because history shows that when it comes to these kinds of allegations some powerful men like Bill Cosby are taunted and hunted, while other powerful men with the first name Bill, who have faced similar allegations, are protected.

I am of course talking about former-President Bill Clinton, who like Bill Cosby has been accused of rape and has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit. There is also another woman who has accused Clinton of groping her in the White House. All of this is above and beyond the countless extra-marital affairs that swirl around Clinton, including an admitted one with a 21 year-old  White House intern named Monica Lewinsky.

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Nov 17 2014

President Urkle…


Nov 17 2014

Blue States Scramble to Fix Failed ObamaCare Exchanges…in related news Titanic crew successfully rearrange deck chairs.

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Several states whose health exchange websites failed their first test during last year’s inaugural ObamaCare open enrollment period have adopted different approaches for the second round, which began Saturday. Some, like Oregon and Nevada, folded and decided to go with the federal exchange. Others, like Maryland and Massachusetts, fired their technology contractors and are hoping for better results this time.

The original cost of Massachusetts’ website was estimated at $174 million. That has jumped to $254 million. When launched, the website, designed by the same contractor that worked on the troubled, was incompatible with some browsers and was riddled with error messages and navigational problems. The problems were so bad, federal officials gave the state three extra months to meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Gov. Deval Patrick issued a public apology and health care officials were forced to adopt a series of manual workarounds, creating a backlog of more than 50,000 paper applications.

Minnesota’s state-run exchange, MNsure, wasn’t ready for prime time when it launched in 2013. Some of the technical glitches that frustrated consumers remained unresolved by the time the open enrollment period closed. MNsure officials are promising a better experience this time — with more call center workers and a website that’s 75 percent faster. But they also acknowledge the system won’t be perfect.

California’s exchange also was ill-prepared to handle the high volume of calls, triggering long wait times at help centers and forcing the state to extend open enrollment for two weeks beyond the original March 31 deadline.

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Nov 17 2014

The Palins & The Robertsons: Just something to annoy all those “tolerant” Liberals…


Nov 17 2014

Federal “Education” Guidelines Reinforce Racist Myth of “Stupid” Blacks [VIDEO]

Click to view entire letter

Click to view entire letter

It was one sentence in a letter sent home from Smith Elementary School in Hampton that took parent Cheriss Pasini by surprise, stating “White Students” didn’t meet last year’s reading requirements on the SOLs.

“The kids brought it home. My boyfriend was like, ‘Wait a minute. White kids? White students?’ I was like ‘What wait?’ I have never seen anything like that before in my life.

A school spokesperson explained the email by saying, “Hampton City Schools follows federal guidelines that specify that parents must be notified of the school’s identification as a Title I school that has missed one or more annual measurable objectives.  The two specific objectives were ones that were not met by Smith Elementary.”

“What are they teaching the kids in school? Are they segregating them? Whites? Blacks? I just didn`t like it one bit,” Pasini said. “I understand it’s done by the federal whatever, I just wish there was a better way to word it moving forward.”

SOURCE: WTKR – Hampton.Va.

Nov 17 2014

We’d need to send some snow shovels to hell first, just so they’re prepared…


Nov 17 2014

Frank L. Fleming: Straight, White, Male and Unapologetic


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Nov 17 2014

Dr. Frankengruber…

Dr frankengruber

Nov 17 2014

Feminist Values


Nov 17 2014

A Socialist Dream…


Nov 17 2014

The Pork Rights Agenda


Nov 15 2014

Condaleeza Rice…


Nov 15 2014

Now they want compromise…


Nov 15 2014

Amnesty for 5 million deadbeats, but no visa extension for NBA player…because he’s Israeli

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In a surprise move, the Obama administration declined to extend a valid, P1 work visa for Gal Mekel, an Israeli NBA free agent.

The Indiana Pacers met with Mekel on Nov. 5 to discuss imminently signing the third year guard, yet because of the State Department’s refusal, ”to move up the expiration date on Mekel’s visa even by one day, the Pacers, who had only 9 players on their active roster, backed out of the deal to sign another player before their waiver lapsed,” reports Breitbart.

Normally, work visas for international players automatically transfer from team to team, but when Mekel was waived by the Mavericks in October, his visa expired.

Mekel is one of only two Israeli players in the NBA, the other being Sacramento’s Omri Casspi, and his is the only case many NBA analysts can point to where an expired work visa prohibited a club from signing an international player.

Read the full article at The Daily Caller.

Nov 15 2014

Irritated, really?…