Nov 20 2014

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Nov 20 2014

Study finds causal link between single-parent families and child homelessness, but stops short of asking what causes single parent families


A new report from The National Center on Family Homelessness concludes that “the challenges of single parenting” is one of the leading causes of homelessness. This conclusion makes sense. Single-parenthood drastically increases the likelihood of poverty and the risks of negative outcomes for children.


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Tragically, today more than 40 percent of children are born outside of marriage. Five decades ago, it was less than 10 percent. The surge in unwed childbearing is troubling, considering a child born and raised by a single parent is five times more likely to be poor than a child raised in an intact home.

Why would marriage have such an effect on child poverty? Because two parents working together generally can support a family better than one parent working alone. Marriage keeps parents, particularly fathers, and their resources connected to their children. Also, married households bring in significantly more money not only because there are two parents, but because married men tend to earn more and work more.

However, poverty is not the only consequence. Social science research again and again confirms that children tend to do best with their married mother and father.  Children without a married mother and father are twice as likely to be arrested for a juvenile crime, twice as likely to be treated for emotional and behavior problems and twice as likely to be suspended or expelled from school.  Boys who grow up without their father are more likely to be imprisoned. When their fathers are absent, girls are seven to eight times more likely to experience a teenage pregnancy. Growing up in a single-parent household—or in a community where the majority of households are single-parent—is one of the biggest impediments to future mobility and opportunity.

Read the full article at The Daily Signal.

Of course we’ll just ignore that the government continues to pay women to raise children without a father in the home, and the Liberal Media never misses an opportunity to praise single mothers as if they are heroic for creating a crippling environment for their children. And of course the lesson taught by the castigation of Dan Quayle for questioning such praise has not been forgotten.



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Nov 20 2014

Homosexual Activists Trying to Cancel “19 Kids and Counting” Over Duggar’s “Controversial” Views


Welcome to Phil Robertson round two, aka, the petition for TLC to cancel “19 Kids and Counting,” due to the stars of the program’s opinion that Liberals disagree with.

A petition on states that the Duggar’s religious views have evolved into openly inciting “anti-gay fear-mongering” and that such views have no place on television anymore. Of course, not allowing homosexuals to do absolutely anything they want, anywhere is how Liberals define “anti-gay fear mongering”.

Jim Wissick of San Jose, California started the petition after the Duggars lent their name and finances to block an ordinance in Arkansas that would place transgender and homosexual citizens in a special protected status, allowing them special rights as well as greater access to children in public restrooms.

This, of course, is nothing new. Liberals tried to get “19 Kids” cancelled last year because of Jim Bob Duggar’s Pro-Life comments at a Values Voter Summit.

Liberals are inherently closed-mind and become absolutely livid at the idea of anyone being allowed to express an idea they disagree with. Fortunately, for now, TLC has ignored idiots like this, unlike A&E which pretended to “suspend” Phil Robertson during Duck Dynasty’s shooting break last year.

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Nov 20 2014

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Nov 20 2014

Today! Prime Time! Obama To Declare Himself Dictator!

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President Obama, following through on his vow to sidestep Congress, will announce in a prime-time TV speech Thursday the executive actions he will take to change U.S. immigration law.

Obama will make his announcement, expected to protect roughly 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation, from the White House at 8 p.m. EST.

The president will go ahead with his plan despite widespread opposition from Capitol Hill Republicans, who have asked him to wait until next year when the GOP controls the House and Senate to try to reform the country’s broken immigration system.

House Speaker John Boehner has warned Obama that taking executive action on the immigration issue before January would be tantamount to “playing with fire.”

And on Wednesday before the announcement, Boehner aide Michael Steel referred to the president and attempt to govern alone as “Emperor Obama.”

Read the full article at

Nov 20 2014

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Nov 20 2014

10 Nations With the Highest Minimum Wage…and What They Pay For It

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Liberals keep tossing numbers at us about other countries that have higher minimum wage than the US, but they often omit important factors like, cost of living, tax rates and the resources available in that nation. So here are a list of the nations with the highest minimum wage, why it’s high and how much it actually costs the people of that country to maintain it.

Australia—$20.00 in International Currency*

Australia’s minimum wage is graduated based on age, from $6.21AUS for 16 year olds to $16.48AUS for 20 years old and up. While almost half of working Americans pay no taxes, Australia’s income tax begins at 15% for anyone making just $6,000AUS and leaps to 30% for those making $35,000AUS and goes up from there. And then there’s the 10% national sales tax. So while lower income Americans are wailing for a minimum wage hike, it’s doubtful they would want it at the cost of actually paying taxes, too.

United Kingdom—$22.00 in International Currency

All Brits making the equivalent of about $59,000 or less pay a 20% tax rate. The top tax bracket pays 50%. The national sales tax is 18%.  The minimum wage for under 16 and 17 year-olds is just $5.90US. By the time they are 21, it maxes at $10.19US, so after the taxes that American minimum wage earners don’t pay, it’s just $6.68US.

Luxembourg—$19.00 in International Currency

Luxemburg, like Switzerland has enjoyed a thriving economy by hiding the wealth of the world’s richest people from being taxed in the nations those wealthy people live in. They used that excess wealth to invest in industries like iron, steel, aluminum. In other words the kind of industries Liberals like to hamstring with massive government regulation. You can see why Liberals tend to skip over Luxembourg when spouting examples of countries with a higher minimum wage than the US, in spite of the fact that Luxembourg has a 40% income tax.

Netherlands—$19.00 in International Currency

Every Dutch citizen who makes the equivalent of $41,000 a year (€32,738) pays a 41% income tax. It jumps to 52% for everyone making $68,000 or more. And then there’s the 21% national sales tax. Oh, and their minimum wage is graduated as well as based on a day, rather than an hour. 16 years old must make at least €20.70 (about $26) a day, regardless how many hour that may come to. It graduates up to a whopping €69.01 ($86.53) a day for 23 year-olds and up.

Belgium—$18.00 in International Currency.

Belgium’s minimum wage is also graduated, starting at €6.26 for 16 year old and increasing to €8.94 for anyone 21 and older. Belgium also has a tax rate of 24% starting at the very first penny you earn, and graduating to 50% for anyone making €34,330 and up. And of course, there’s the 21% national sales tax on top of that. That means the typical Belgian family actually gets to keep only 26 cents out of every “dollar” they earn. So their real minimum wage is €2.32 and hour or just $2.90 American.

Ireland—$18.00 in International Currency

If you make €36,400 ($45,645US) or less (there is no lower limit) in Ireland, you pay a 20% income tax. If you make more, it’s 41%. And then there’s the 21% national sales tax. Minimum wage is graduated with people under 18 making €6.06 ($7.59US) an hour and topping with experienced (“trainees” can be paid less) adults earning just €8.65 ($10.84) an hour. When you factor in the taxes that Americans who earn minimum wage don’t pay, the poor Irish bloke gets just $6.85 an hour.

France—$17.00 in International Currency

France is able to sustain such a high minimum wage because it taxes its citizens 40% on their income, plus a national sales tax of 20%. That means a French family that earned the equivalent of $40,000 would take home just $24,000 and then lose another $4,800 in sales tax added to almost anything they buy.

New Zealand—$16.00 in International Currency

All New Zealander who makes the equivalent of about $11,000 a year or less pay 11.5% income tax. It graduates up until those making about $55,000 and up pay 35% income tax. And yes, there’s a 13% national sales tax. Untrained or under 20  workers earn the equivalent of $8.94 an hour.  The rest have a minimum wage of $11.18US.

Canada—$16.00 in International Currency

Canadians who earn about $36,000US or less pay a 15% income tax. It graduates up to a 29% top tax rate. The national sales tax in Canada is 5%. The minimum wage in Canada varies according to jurisdiction, but ranges from $8.59US in Alberta to $10.72US in Yukon.

United States—$15.00 in International Currency

Yes, the US ranks #10 in the nations with the highest minimum wage. Almost half of working Americans pay absolutely no income taxes at all. The bottom 40% actually have a -9% (that’s negative, as in the government pays them) tax rate. The current minimum wage set by the Federal government is $7.25. It can be higher depending on the state.


*International Currency is a measure of currency based on the value of the United States dollar in 2009.


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