Aug 28 2014

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Aug 28 2014

In Spite of Hobby Lobby Ruling, Obama Slaps Heavy Fines On Nuns Not Paying for Abortions

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The Obama administration revised the HHS mandate rules — the first revision since losing to Hobby Lobby at the Supreme Court. The revisions provide no relief from the mandate and essentially restate how pro-life groups, like the Little Sisters, will have to pay huge fines if the violate the mandate.

The upshot of the new rules? As Arina Grossu, Director for the Center for Human Dignity at the Family Research Council, tells LifeNews, it’s “the threat of crippling fines on non-profits who stand up for their freedom of conscience.”

Congressman Chris Smith, the top pro-life advocate in the House of Representatives, tells LifeNews that resident Obama has resorted to coercion and massive, punitive fines against pro-life organizations and faith-based groups that oppose the mandate because, for moral reasons,they cannot and will not include abortion-causing drugs, sterilization and contraception procedures in their private health insurance plans.

“Here he goes again. This new ‘notification option’ announced today is really just another highly coercive regulation—a direct, obnoxious, unprecedented government attack on the conscience rights of religious entities and anyone else who for moral reasons cannot and will not include potentially abortion-causing drugs—such as ella—or contraception and sterilization procedures in their private insurance plans,” said Smith, co-chairman of the Bipartisan Congressional Pro-Life Caucus.

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Aug 28 2014

The Obama Pose…


Aug 28 2014

Hamas: The Utlimate Child Abusers…


Aug 28 2014

Federal Judge Rules Part of Utah Polygamy Ban Unconstitutional…but hey, let’s pretend we weren’t warned.

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Here’s an idea: Let’s pretend that the entire concept of a “Slippery Slope” is a logical fallacy so we can then all be snug in our superiority as we slide headlong into what we arrogantly claimed should be ignored.


A federal judge in Utah has issued a final ruling that strikes down parts of the state’s anti-polygamy law, in a lawsuit filed by a family that appears on the TV show “Sister Wives.”

U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups ruled in favor of the stars of the TLC reality show in December, but the decision wasn’t finalized due to unresolved, procedural issues.

The ruling is a landmark decision and a victory for the Brown family.

Kody Brown and his four wives sued Utah in 2011 after a county prosecutor threatened to charge them under the state’s bigamy law.

Waddoups ruled that a provision in the law forbidding cohabitation violates the Browns’ freedom of religion.

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Aug 28 2014

New Gaza Missile Defense System…


Aug 28 2014

Liberal Super PAC Tries To Defend Taking Soros Money While Bashing Kochs


Brad Woodhouse, Andrew Kaczynski

The leader of a prominent liberal super PAC on Wednesday defended taking money from billionaire George Soros while simultaneously condemning conservatives for benefiting from the fortunes of the Koch Brothers.

During a Twitter exchange Wednesday, Brad Woodhouse of the Soros-backed American Bridge 21st Century argued that it is okay for his group to accept money from liberal billionaires because, unlike the Koch Brothers, these donors are “not looking to screw the middle class to enrich themselves.”

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Aug 28 2014

Who pays for the “free stuff”?…


Aug 28 2014

Jury Acquits Texas Father Of Killing Drunken Driver Who Crashed Into His Kids

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A jury on Wednesday acquitted a southeast Texas man of murder in the fatal shooting of a drunken driver who had just caused an accident that killed the man’s two sons.

David Barajas cried after the verdict was read and he hugged his wife, Cindy, who was also crying. He could have been sentenced to up to life in prison, if he had been convicted.

Prosecutors alleged that Barajas killed 20-year-old Jose Banda in a fit of rage after Banda plowed into Barajas and his sons in December of 2012 while they were pushing a truck on a road near their home because it had run out of gas. Twelve-year-old David Jr. and 11-year-old Caleb were killed.

Prosecutors had to overcome jury sympathy for Barajas, who had the support of many residents of Alvin, about 30 miles southeast of Houston. Further complicating their case was that there were no witnesses who identified Barajas as the shooter and gunshot residue tests done on Barajas came back negative.

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Aug 28 2014

Warning: Conservative…


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Obama’s Priorities…


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Arguing with a Liberal.


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Aug 28 2014

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