Aug 18 2014

Ferguson’s Casualties…


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Aug 18 2014

Yes, Ebola is a lot worse than they’re telling us.

Layson Wilson, a 33-year-old, West African nurse and her husband Oliver, prevent her 1-year-old son Oliver, Jr, from hugging her. A few, short days later Layson was dead from Ebola. She had briefly touched an infected patient, and contracted the disease.

Layson Wilson, a 33-year-old, West African nurse and her husband Oliver, prevent her 1-year-old son Oliver, Jr, from hugging her. A few, short days later Layson was dead from Ebola. She had briefly touched an infected patient, and contracted the disease.

Tom Parry: the Daily Mirror — Here in the hellish Ebola zone of West Africa, the victims’ remains have to be cremated quickly as even the dead are contagious.

This is the heart-breaking drudgery of life in disease-racked Liberia, where the worst outbreak of this violent disease in history claims fresh lives daily.

The World Health Organisation admitted that the official death toll of 1,145 in the region “vastly underestimates the magnitude of the outbreak”.

Survival rates are less than 40%, and there is no vaccine or treatment, although a trial is underway in Liberia.

Torrential rain fell all day, turning the shanty town tracks into a putrid quagmire.

It must be the ideal breeding ground for a virus so contagious a quick touch on the arm from a sufferer is apparently enough to spread it.

By the time you know you should have been more careful, it might already be too late.

Read the full article at the Daily Mirror.

Aug 18 2014

I stand with Rick…


Aug 18 2014

Obama Holding the Weight of Golf…


Aug 18 2014

Sarah Palin on Perry Indictment: Everything’s big in Texas, even this B.S.

Rick Perry 500x200

This ridiculous politically motivated “indictment” of Governor Rick Perry stems from the ugly thug tactics of the “politics of personal destruction” that the left is known for. They draw blood and leave scars on conservatives who threaten their political power, hoping the threat retreats and hoping his or her base of support remains silent in fear of becoming collateral damage.

[Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg] was busted for drunk driving with an open bottle of vodka in her car after a 911 call reported her endangering others while swerving erratically on the road. The D.A. was smashed — three times over the legal limit.

She was a nut job while in custody, disgracefully threatening law enforcement officials and lashing out violently. The D.A. had to be physically restrained. It was all caught on tape. The extent of the D.A.’s serious drinking problem was uncovered, evidence included her purchase of 72 bottles of vodka in just one store alone, in just over a year. It’s reasonable to believe she imbibed elsewhere, too.

Governor Perry used appropriate tools under the Texas Constitution to urge Lehmberg to do the right thing, using line item veto power to defund the Public Integrity Unit until it could actually serve the public with integrity, under a leader who had integrity.

The Travis County D.A.’s Office, still under Lehmberg, convened a grand jury, and – surprise, surprise! – Perry was “indicted.” Remember, a grand jury indictment is not a criminal conviction. It’s the result of a one-sided preliminary hearing run by the prosecution.

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Aug 18 2014

Good Idea, which is why it would be rejected by most cities…


Aug 18 2014

Texas father accused of shooting drunk driver who killed 2 sons…would you convict him?

David Barajas 500x200

[See Poll at the end of the story.]

Jose Banda’s car struck David Barajas’ sons as they pushed the family’s broken-down truck down a dark, narrow road just 50 yards from their home. Twelve-year-old David Jr. died at the scene; 11-year-old Caleb died at a hospital.

Neighbors said they heard gunshots minutes after the crash, and authorities allege Barajas went home, retrieved a gun and went back to the crash site, where he shot Banda in the head. Toxicology tests later determined Banda had been driving while intoxicated.

Witnesses have identified Barajas as the person who approached the vehicle before the shooting, Brazoria County sheriff’s investigator Dominick Sanders said. And other witnesses said there was a man opening fire but none could identify Barajas as that person. Investigators never found the weapon, and gunshot residue tests done on Barajas came back negative.

Barajas’ trial is set to begin Monday in a case with many complexities: No weapon was recovered, no witnesses identified him as the shooter and many in Barajas’ community have strongly sympathized with him, with some saying they might have taken the law into their own hands if faced with a similar situation.

Legal experts acknowledge prosecutors could face a greater challenge than simply proving who committed the shooting, similar to another Texas case from 2012 in which a grand jury declined to indict a father who killed a man who molested his child.

Had he survived, Banda would have likely received a fine and community service for killing the two boys and there would have been a 40% chance of him repeating the crime and killing someone else. Alcohol-related fatal driving crashes cause approximately 17,000 deaths each year in the United States.


If you were on the Jury, given the infomration available, would you convict David Barajas?

  • Absolutely not. He probably saved lives. (47%, 227 Votes)
  • No, he wasn't in his right mind. (33%, 160 Votes)
  • Yes, if it were a lesser charge, like manslaughter (11%, 53 Votes)
  • Yes, murder is murder. (9%, 42 Votes)

Total Voters: 482

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Aug 18 2014

Thanks, Corporate News…


Aug 18 2014

Witty Blogger v The HuffPost Dolt


Posted on Twitter by Ryan J. Reilly, Justice Reporter for The Huffington Post…

For those unfamiliar with what these are, they are earplugs, generally used by employees in manufacturing facilities where loud machines are used. They are also used by gun owners when shooting. So it’s understandable that a Liberal reporter who never actually worked with his hands or fired a gun would have no idea what they are. But still: rubber bullets?

…the response by blogger David Burge…

Aug 18 2014

Protestors v Police…


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Stupid Darwin Fish…


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The Socialists…


Aug 18 2014

Guns & People.


Aug 18 2014

When the going gets tough…


Aug 18 2014

The Satire Filter