Jul 1 2015

Hillary Clinton to Fundraise with ‘Anti-Christ’

Hillary Clinton (left) and one of her most staunch supporters.

Hillary Clinton (left) and one of her most staunch supporters.

Hillary Clinton will attend a fundraiser in New York on Tuesday hosted by Facebook millionaire and vertically integrated media company caretaker Chris Hughes, who recently described himself in a Vanity Fair profile as “the Antichrist, or something pretty close to it.”

Hughes is best known for being Mark Zuckerberg’s roommate at Harvard and for pioneering the “poke” button feature on the popular social media website Facebook. His husband, Brown graduate Sean Eldridge, was the worst candidate of the 2014 election cycle.

Eldridge ran for Congress in New York’s 19th Congressional district after Hughes bought him a mansion there. He ended up losing by 30 points, an outcome that appears to rebut the conventional wisdom that America is in decline. Eldridge’s humiliating defeat is believed to have precipitated his husband’s reign of terror at The New Republic during which, according to Vanity Fair, Hughes “cried a lot.”

The fundraiser is the power couple’s way of saying “thank you” to Clinton for her pointless endorsement of Eldridge in the final days before the 2014 election. Bill Clinton was also the keynote speaker at the New Republic‘s 100-year anniversary gala.

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Jul 1 2015

US Constitution, 2015 version…


Jul 1 2015

Why you shouldn’t take that that “born gay” nonsense seriously.


Jun 30 2015

Undocumented sex offenders left in Seattle-area neighborhoods without tracking

sexual assault 500
(KIRO 7, Seattle) — After digging through hundreds of ZIP codes, KIRO 7 found 11 convicted sex offenders in the country illegally living across western Washington neighborhoods.

The government has tried to deport most of these people, but a Supreme Court ruling requires they be released after six months in jail, if their home country won’t take them back.

KIRO 7 obtained sources through the Senate Judiciary Committee: a list of every ZIP code in the country that some offender called home at the time of release.

In the Seattle area, sex offenders who are undocumented were dropped off from Tacoma to Bellingham.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say they can’t and don’t track where the offenders are after they’re released into neighborhoods, documents show.

Read more at KIRO 7, Seattle

Jun 30 2015

The John Boehner Collection…


Jun 30 2015

Way Back Archives: Find the Christian…


Jun 30 2015

America’s favorite fast food chain is…

Not everyone likes Chick-fil-A’s politics, but they sure seem to like the food.

It’s the highest ranking fast food restaurant in the U.S. for customer satisfaction, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index Restaurant Report 2015.

The chicken restaurant was the subject of controversy and protests a few years ago after its CEO made remarks that offended the LGBT community.

But that hasn’t stopped fans from flocking to its restaurants, and giving it high marks for customer experience.

“It is laser focused on a particular product,” said Forrest Morgeson, director of research at ACSI. “It focuses on one thing and does it exceptionally well … and that is chicken sandwiches.”

This is Chick-fil-A’s debut on the list and its score is the highest ever achieved in the category.

Read more at CNN Money

Jun 30 2015

Causes of Mass Shootings…


Jun 30 2015

Purple Heart veteran with PTSD denied bus ride over service dog

Service Dog 500x200
A United States veteran who served four combat tours and was awarded a Purple Heart was denied a ride on a New Jersey bus due to his service dog.

Daniel Wright, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after serving 11 years in the Marines and Army, says the driver of a New Jersey Transit bus slammed the door on him and pit bull Tank, his registered service dog, when they tried to board last week.

“I was just trying to come home from school,” Wright, a retired staff sergeant, told “Fox & Friends” Monday.

Wright said the driver told him “no dogs on the bus,” and said he was afraid of the dog and that Tank needed a muzzle before he could ride. Despite Wright showing Tank’s collar and vest, which say US Army Service Dog, the driver slammed the door closed.

Read more at FoxNews.com

Jun 30 2015

Comforting Lies…


Jun 30 2015

Some people have a really odd definition of “love”…


Jun 30 2015

[video] Should Marriage be Limited to One Man and One Woman?

Watch this video and find out exactly why the government must not and cannot redefine marriage. This is not just a biblical argument but also a social argument!

Jun 30 2015

Defense Systems…


Jun 30 2015

Liberals and the Constitution…


Jun 30 2015

Howard Kurtz: From gay marriage to Confederate flag, how the media are turning intolerant

In a time of rapid social upheaval, too many Americans find themselves  marginalized by the media.

What they believed yesterday is no longer acceptable today. The world that they knew is crumbling. And for many of these folks, the mainstream media are on the other side.

And this is a problem, one that strikes at the core of the news business and its claim to fairness.

If you are an American who is opposed to gay marriage or respects the Confederate flag, you barely see yourself reflected in the coverage. The message is that you are clueless, out of touch, a lost cause. And in some quarters it’s worse: that you are a bigot, a homophobe and a racist.

This even applies to the laudatory coverage of Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner, or Pope Francis’ call to arms against climate change. The world is spinning out of control, as some see it, and the media are redefining the rules.

Read more at FoxNews.com

Jun 30 2015

Yeah, that’ll work…


Jun 30 2015

Another example we can follow…


Jun 30 2015

Liberal Justices Complain Death Penalty Is Unconstitutional, Even Though It’s in the Constitution

Scalia Say What 500x200
Two Supreme Court justices made the case against the constitutionality of the death penalty Monday, even though it is specifically named in the U.S. Constitution.

Justice Stephen Breyer disagreed with the five justices who ruled today that a particular means of administering the death penalty by lethal injection is constitutional. “I believe it highly likely that the death penalty violates the Eighth Amendment,” he wrote in a dissent that was joined by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Justice Antonin Scalia was appalled. “It is impossible to hold unconstitutional that which the Constitution explicitly contemplates,” he replied. “The Fifth Amendment provides that ‘[n]o person shall be held to answer for a capital . . . crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury,’ and that no person shall be ‘deprived of life . . . without due process of law.’”

Breyer’s willingness to invoke the Eighth Amendment as “the relevant legal standard” in the death penalty case despite the more explicit text of the Fifth Amendment, apparently struck Scalia as a fitting demonstration of his liberal colleagues’ jurisprudence. “Capital punishment presents moral questions that philosophers, theologians, and statesmen have grappled with for millennia,” he wrote. “The Framers of our Constitution disagreed bitterly on the matter. For that reason, they handled it the same way they handled many other controversial issues: they left it to the People to decide. By arrogating to himself the power to overturn that decision, Justice Breyer does not just reject the death penalty, he rejects the Enlightenment.”

Read more at the National Review

Jun 30 2015

The President’s Tools…


Jun 30 2015

Liberal Hypocrisy: Then and now…


Jun 30 2015

6 black churches have burned in last 7 days

church-burning 500x200
The FBI is investigating whether a spate of fires at predominantly black churches in the last seven days are more than coincidence.

The fires have occurred in five states – Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Ohio.

Three of the fires have been confirmed as arson, with the rest still under investigation.

The fires began Monday, June 22, when someone stacked bales of hay against the door of  Seventh Day Adventist Church in Knoxville, Tenn., and lit them. The most recent fire was Saturday, in Elyria, Ohio.

Investigators say there is no evidence that the fires are related, or that a hate crime has taken place.

Read more at Tulsa’s Fox23

Since it’s only Christians, it can’t be hate crimes, right?

Jun 30 2015

Oh, and while you’re at it…


Jun 30 2015

The Example Liberals Have Set…