Dec 31 2014

Chairman Zero…


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Dec 31 2014

Definitions: “Licensing”…


Dec 31 2014

10 symptoms that may indicate chronic Liberalism.

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1. If you believe that early snow and cold weather is a sign of Global Warming™…you may be a Liberal.

2. If you believe that conservatives who support Ben Carson do so because conservatives hate blacks….you may be a Liberal.

3. If you believe that Americans shouldn’t own guns, but think it’s okay to run guns to Mexican drug lords…you may be a liberal.

4. If you believe that the TEA Party is bad because they could be violent, even though they’re not violent…you may be a Liberal.

5. If you believe that the Occupy groups are good, despite their violence…you may be a Liberal.

6. If you believe that the solution to problems caused by government is more government…you may be a Liberal.

7. If you believe that killing an unborn baby is fine, but executing a convicted murderer is immoral…you may be a Liberal.

8. If you believe that Christians are evil for trying to impose their morality on you, but have no problem with the government forcing them to participate in same-sex weddings…you may be a Liberal.

9. If you believe that racial diversity is a great thing but that Europeans coming to the Americas was a crime against humanity…you may be a Liberal.

10. If you believe that rich people – who pay 86% of all income taxes – aren’t paying their “fair share” but low-income people – who actually have a negative tax (the government pays them) are oppressed…you may be a Liberal.

Dec 31 2014

Obama the Negotiator…


Dec 31 2014

Zellie Imani: Arrest Quotas?


Dec 31 2014

Dictators & Film Makers…


Dec 31 2014

Ken Gardner: Democrat Hypocrisy


Dec 31 2014

Warning: None of my Crap is Worth Dying For…


Dec 31 2014

Escape the False Dichotomy Matrix.


Dec 31 2014

Raise your hand…


Dec 31 2014

If we have to beg, is it still a right?


Dec 31 2014

Is the New Year ready for us?…


Dec 31 2014

Can you spot the real racist?


Dec 30 2014

The Illusion of Barry Soetoro…


Dec 30 2014

2015: Can’t Afford Health Insurance? Obama’s Going To Punish You, In Spite of the Problem Being 100% His Fault.

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Dayna Dayson of Phoenix estimates that she’ll have to pay the taxman $290 when she files her federal return. Dayson, who’s in her early 30s, works in marketing and doesn’t have a lot left over each month after housing, transportation and other fixed costs. She’d like health insurance but she couldn’t afford it in 2014, as required by the law.

Ryan Moon of Des Moines, Iowa, graduated from college in 2013 with a bachelor’s in political science, and is still hunting for a permanent job with benefits. He expects to pay a fine of $95. A supporter of the health care law, he feels conflicted about its insurance mandate and fines.

Going without health insurance has always involved financial risks. You could have an accident and end up with thousands of dollars in medical bills. Now, you may also get fined. In a decision that allowed Obama’s law to advance, the Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that the coverage requirement and its accompanying fines were a constitutionally valid exercise of Congress’ authority to tax.

What many people don’t realize is that the penalties go up significantly in 2015.

“We could be looking at a real train wreck after Feb. 15,” said Stan Dorn, a health policy expert at the nonpartisan Urban Institute. “People will file their tax returns and learn they are subject to a much larger penalty for 2015, and they can do absolutely nothing to avoid that.”

Read the full article at Yahoo! Finance.