Mar 18 2014

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Mar 18 2014

Overseas Christians and Muslims Unite to End Slavery; In America Spoiled Brats Scream for Minimum Wage Hike

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The Roman Catholic Church, Church of England and al-Azhar, the Cairo-based seat of Sunni Muslim learning, came together on Monday for a rare display of interfaith action among them in calling for an end to modern slavery within 20 years.

Their joint statement setting up the “Global Freedom Network” they declared that “physical, economic and sexual exploitation of men, women and children” trapped 30 million people worldwide in slavery.

As well as establishing a world day of prayer for victims of slavery, the faiths agreed to “slavery-proof their supply chains and investments and to take remedial action if necessary” and press governments and companies to do the same.


Fast-food protests are planned for several U.S. cities Tuesday as labor organizers look to bring attention to practices they say illegally deprive workers of their wages.

The protests by labor groups since late 2012 have captured national media attention and served as an important backdrop for President Obama’s push to lift workers’ wages. The White House wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, or about $21,000 a year for full-time work. That’s up from the current pay of $7.25 an hour, or $15,000 a year, which was last raised in 2009.

Protest organizers are getting financial and organizational support from the Service Employees International Union, as well backing from local Democratic lawmakers and community leaders. In New York City, public advocate Tish James and others were expected to turn out Tuesday for a rally at a McDonald’s near the Empire State Building.

Sources: Reuters via Yahoo News, AP via Yahoo News.

Mar 18 2014

Homosexual Athletes v Wounded Vets…


Mar 18 2014

“I am not a dictator”…


Mar 18 2014

Under Obama Taxes At a Record High While Deficit Spending $277B

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Inflation-adjusted federal tax revenues hit a record $1,104,947,000,000 in the first five months of fiscal 2014, but the federal government still ran a $377,379,000,000 deficit during that time, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement for February.

In constant 2014 dollars, the $1,104,947,000,000 that the federal government collected from October through February in fiscal 2014 was $90,193,750,000 more than the $1,014,753,250,000 it collected in October through February in fiscal 2013.

After the current fiscal year, the second highest federal tax intake in the first five months of a fiscal year occurred in the first five months of fiscal 2007, when the government collected $1,076,721,860,000 in 2014 dollars—or $28,225,140,000 less than in the first five months of this fiscal year.

Although the federal government brought in a record  of approximately $1,104,947,000,000 in revenue in the first five months of fiscal 2014, according to the Treasury, it also spent approximately $1,482,327,000,000—leaving a deficit of approximately $377,379, 000,000.

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Mar 18 2014

Illegals v Vets…


Mar 18 2014

The Obama Scandal Bracket: Which Scandal Will Take Down the President?

The Scandal Bracket

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Mar 18 2014

Bill “Hypocritical Piece-of-Crap” Maher…


Mar 18 2014

Obama wants to give away the internet?!?

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Carter gave away the Panama Canal. Clinton gave tech secrets to the Chinese. Why shouldn’t Barry Seotero be like all the other idiot Democrat we’ve had the misfortune of electing as president?

A plan by the Obama administration to relinquish control over the organization that administers the Internet is raising concerns that the United Nations — or individual foreign governments — could make a play for Internet control.

The organization in question is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN. The group controls Internet domain names and other aspects of Internet architecture, and operates under a contract with the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

On Friday, that agency quietly announced that it wants ICANN to come up with a new governing structure — one that would be “global” and involve multiple “stakeholders.”

“This is all about … separating the Internet from government control,” said Cameron Kerry, former general counsel with the Commerce Department. “And the United States is in the strongest position to argue against government control of the Internet if it relinquishes that last little bit of control that it has.”

However, Daniel Castro is a Senior Analyst with the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation warns that without the U.S. government providing an effective backstop to ICANN’s original operating principles, there would be no mechanism in place to stop foreign governments from interfering with ICANN’s operations. For example, Internet users and businesses worry that countries such as Russia or China may manipulate ICANN to censor online content that is outside their borders. Currently, the U.S. government acts as a deterrent since it has publicly committed to ensuring that ICANN operates openly and transparently. It is unreasonable, however, to expect all foreign governments to continue to respect ICANN’s operating principles in the absence of the U.S. government’s oversight and protection of core values.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican added, “Giving up control of ICANN will allow countries like China and Russia that don’t place the same value in freedom of speech to better define how the internet looks and operates”

Sources:,, The National Journal, Ideas Lab.

Mar 18 2014

Ben Carson…


Mar 18 2014

POLL: What Putin really wants with Crimea…

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What Putin really wants with Crimea...

  •'s there, why not? (33%, 94 Votes)
  • ...he wants a warm sea port. (30%, 85 Votes)
  • ...he just wants to taunt Obama. (15%, 41 Votes)
  • send a hint to the American people that secession is a workable idea. (12%, 33 Votes)
  • ...a practice run for taking Alaska back. (10%, 28 Votes)

Total Voters: 281

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Mar 18 2014

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Mar 18 2014

5M joined out of an alleged 25M uninsured; Deadline looms days away; ObamaCare ruled a “success” by Liberals

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With just two weeks left until the end of the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment period, the Department of Health and Human Services announced Monday that 5 million people have signed up for health insurance.

The updated figure moves the Obama Administration closer to its goal of hitting six million enrollees on both state and federal exchanges under the law’s first year. Just last week, the administration announced 4.2 million enrollees.

Of last week’s pool of enrollees, 25% were between the much-needed ages of 18 and 24. Monday’s announcement did not include a demographic breakdown.

Under the ACA every individual in the country has to have insurance by the end of open enrollment period on March 31, or they will face a fine of $95 or 1% of their annual income for failing to comply with the law.

However, a third of Americans without health insurance intend to stay that way, according to a new report. Although the most common reason for doing without coverage is the expense, 70 percent of those planning to stay uninsured did not know about the subsidies afforded under Obamacare that reduce the cost.

The report by shows that, despite the government’s effort to promote the new health law, also called the Affordable Care Act, many Americans seem unfamiliar with key details of the program.

“This is a staggeringly high percentage,” said insurance analyst Doug Whiteman. “The government has spent over half a billion dollars promoting the Affordable Care Act, and more than two-thirds of uninsured Americans still don’t know about the subsidies.”

So our economy is trashed, a socialist healthcare system is imposed on the American people against their will, all to help a mythical number of uninsured, who don’t want the darn thing either. How do we get the Federal government to stop “helping” us?!?


Mar 18 2014

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Mar 18 2014

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