Jun 24 2014

Preganant woman sentenced to death by the “religion of peace” for refusing to convert, finally freed

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A Sudanese appeal court freed Meriam Yehia Ibrahim and canceled the death sentence she received after refusing to recant her Christian faith, her lawyer said.

Ibrahim, 27, was released from jail Monday and is now with her husband, Daniel Wani, one of her lawyers, Elshareef Ali, said by phone from the capital, Khartoum.

Ibrahim was sentenced to death by hanging by a Sudanese court last month in a case that sparked condemnation from governments including the U.S. and U.K. as well as rights groups such as Amnesty International. Sudan’s government said it wouldn’t interfere in the decisions of the judiciary.

“This is a victory the Sudanese constitution and for freedom of faith in Sudan,” Ali said. “The court canceled all the decisions taken against her, including annulling the marriage and the adultery conviction. She is now free to go anywhere.”

Sudan’s penal code criminalizes the conversion of Muslims to other religions, which is punishable by death. Muslim women in Sudan are further prohibited from marrying non-Muslims, although Muslim men are permitted to marry outside their faith. Children, by law, must follow their father’s religion.

“I was never a Muslim,” Ibrahim told the Sudanese high court. “I was raised a Christian from the start.”

Ibrahim says her mother was an Ethiopian Christian and her father a Muslim who abandoned the family when she was a child. Ibrahim was initially charged with having illegitimate sex last year, but she remained free pending trial. She was later charged with apostasy and jailed in February after she declared in court that Christianity was the only religion she knew.

Sources: Bloomberg.com, FoxNews.com.

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Jun 24 2014

Hillary: so dishonest even Liberal attorney’s find her offensive


Jun 24 2014

Hacking Forensic Investigator: Lerner’s Emails Are Retrievable

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Vinnie Troia, the CEO of Night Lion Security and a computer hacking forensic investigator stated that even though the IRS cancelled its contract with e-mail backup service, the agency’s e-mails are still stored off-site and should be retrievable.

Troia pointed out that “even according to the 2012 and 2013 audits which were performed on the IRS systems, they were shown to have back-ups that were fully functional, back-ups that were offsite and tested to be properly off-site,” adding “those back-ups do exist somewhere. It is just a matter of finding them and going after them.”

He also reported that the 2013 audit of the IRS’ computer services showed that “the IRS is ignoring really basic fundamental security procedures like even updating their systems.” The report also stated that unless the IRS improved its security “taxpayer data will remain vulnerable to inappropriate use, modification or disclosure possibly without being detected.”

Read the full article at Breitbart.com.

Jun 24 2014

Wanted for crimes against America…


Jun 24 2014

Herman Cain!


Jun 23 2014

The official flag of the Obama Foreign Policy…


Jun 23 2014

Shocking exposé: Hillary has heart condition…world in shock…no one knew she even had a heart.

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A new provocative work by bestselling author Ed Klein claims Hillary Clinton’s health problems are much more severe than she has publicly revealed!

“She had managed to keep her medical history secret out of fear that, should it become public, it would disqualify her from becoming president,” writes Klein in BLOOD FEUD.

To begin with, Hillary fainted while she was working in her seventh-floor office at the State Department, not at home, as Reines told the media. She was treated at the State Department’s infirmary and then, at her own insistence, taken to Whitehaven to recover. However, as soon as Bill appeared on the scene and was able to assess Hillary’s condition for himself, he ordered that she be immediately flown to New York–Presbyterian Hospital in the Fort Washington section of Manhattan. When Reines subsequently released a statement confirming that Hillary was being treated at the hospital over the New Year’s holiday, it naturally intensified speculation about the seriousness of her medical condition.

While she was at the hospital, doctors diagnosed Hillary with several problems.

She had a right transverse venous thrombosis, or a blood clot between her brain and skull. She had developed the clot in one of the veins that drains blood from the brain to the heart. The doctors explained that blood stagnates when you spend a lot of time on airplanes, and Hillary had clocked countless hours flying around the world.

To make matters worse, it turned out that Hillary had an intrinsic tendency to form clots and faint.

Read the full article at The Drudge Report.

Jun 23 2014

Richard Dawkins, the embodiment of Psalm 14:1


Jun 23 2014

Evil will find a way, especially if the good are disarmed…


Jun 23 2014

Missouri training teachers to carry concealed weapons in the classroom

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Some Missouri school districts have decided the best way to thwart a massacre like the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 is to train teachers to carry concealed weapons in the classroom.

For a $17,500 fee, districts get 40 hours of training on how to use a Glock 19 semi-automatic pistol for two staffers at a hilltop range in the Ozarks town of West Plains, the Kansas City Star reported. Instructors are current law enforcement officers with Shield Solutions.

The company’s founder, Greg Martin, told the Star only school district administrators and local law enforcement will know the identity of the teachers trained to pack heat.

“Like air marshals on planes,” Martin told the newspaper. “How many hijackings have we had since 9/11?”

Ten Missouri school districts have signed up for Shield Solutions training; three more have signed contracts.

Read the full article at FoxNews.com.

Jun 23 2014

James Wood…


Jun 23 2014

“Hillary Clinton Took Me Through Hell,” Rape Victim Says

Hillary Clinton defended rapist

Hillary apparently used every trick to defend child rapist

In her interview with The Daily Beast, she recounted the details of her attack in 1975 at age 12 and the consequences it had for both her childhood and adult life. A virgin before the assault, she spent five days afterwards in a coma, months recovering from the beating that accompanied the rape, and over 10 years in therapy. The doctors told her she would probably never be able to have children.

She described being afraid of men for years and dealing with anger issues well into her adulthood. At one point, she turned to drugs, a path that ultimately led her to prison. Now 52, she has never married or had children. She said she has been sober for several years and has achieved a level of stability, although she remains unemployed and living on disability assistance.

“Hillary Clinton took me through Hell,” the victim said.

The victim’s allegation that Clinton smeared her following her rape is based on a May 1975 court affidavit written by Clinton on behalf of Thomas Alfred Taylor, one of the two alleged attackers, whom Clinton agreed to defend after being asked by the prosecutor. Taylor had specifically requested a female attorney.

“I have been informed that the complainant is emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing,” Clinton, then named Hillary D. Rodham, wrote in the affidavit. “I have also been informed that she has in the past made false accusations about persons, claiming they had attacked her body. Also that she exhibits an unusual stubbornness and temper when she does not get her way.”

“I’ve never said that about anyone. I don’t know why she said that. I have never made false allegations. I know she was lying,” she said. “I definitely didn’t see older men. I don’t know why Hillary put that in there and it makes me plumb mad.”

Read the full article at The Daily Beast.


Jun 23 2014

A 2nd Amendment Lullaby…


Jun 23 2014

Anti-Hate Groups…


Jun 23 2014

Benghazi Fact…