Oct 2 2014

Insane Courts: US Flags Can Be Banned; “I ♥ Boobies” Bracelet Can’t

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The “I (heart) Boobies!” case ended this week after the school district in Easton, Pa. agreed to pay $385,000 in attorneys’ fees to the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania. The district lost an appeal involving students who wore colorful breast cancer awareness bracelets bearing the “I (heart) Boobies!” slogan.

The settlement between the school district and the ACLU ended almost four years of litigation, notes The Morning Call, Easton’s main newspaper.

The case began in 2010 when a couple of middle school students defied a previously-imposed ban and wore the rubber bracelets — distributed by the Keep A Breast Foundation — on school premises.

School officials responded by suspending the students for a day and a half and prohibiting their attendance at a school dance.

The ACLU intervened, arguing that the punishments violated the free speech rights of the middle school girls under the Constitution.

Meanwhile, the full slate of judges on the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently issued an order upholding a decision by officials at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, Calif. to send four students home for wearing American flag T-shirts to school on Cinco de Mayo.

The decision came down in mid-September — on Constitution Day.

Read the full article at The Daily Caller.

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Oct 2 2014

Who’s the coward now?…


Oct 2 2014

Sandra Cano, heartlessly exploited by the Abortion Industry, dies at age 66

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At 22 and pregnant with her fourth child, Sandra Cano sought legal assistance from an attorney that she said duped her into thinking her case would center on equal pay for women. Cano never considered an abortion despite her dire circumstances and was at one point forced to flee her home in Georgia for Oklahoma to avoid an abortion that has been scheduled for her by her attorney. She always considered herself an unwilling “pawn” used by the unscrupulous to advance their radical abortion agenda.

“I have tried to understand how it all happened,” Cano wrote in 2005. “How did my divorce and child custody case become the basis by which bloody murder is done on infants thriving in the wombs of their mothers? How can cunning, wicked lawyers use an uneducated, defenseless pregnant woman to twist the American court system in such a fraudulent way? Doe has been a nightmare.”

Cano worked to undo the damage caused by the Doe decision, which, in conjunction with the better known Roe v. Wade decision, allowed abortions for nebulously-defined “health” reasons that have permitted abortion on demand for any reason throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

In 2003, Cano filed suit in Georgia, (Cano v. Baker) seeking to overturn Doe v. Bolton due to recent developments in science that shed new light on the humanity of pre-born babies. Unfortunately, the court denied her motion for procedural reasons, not on the merits of her claims. An Appeals Court upheld that ruling and the U.S. Supreme Court refused to consider it further.

A post written on Cano’s Facebook page after her death reads, “She is more happy than anyone I know to be gracing heaven. If anyone knows how to enjoy it…it’ll be Sandra. WE love you, Sandra!!! Your name lives on as someone fought for the life of a child…not the right to kill it!!! Love you!!”

SOURCES: LifeNews.com and LifeNews.com.


Oct 2 2014

Yes, Crazy Cat Lady?…


Oct 2 2014

Planned Genocide doesn’t have to report raped children but priests can go to jail for not revealing confessional

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Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has issued a shocking ruling saying that abortion clinics do not have to report rapes of teenage girls even though Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics have a long history of doing abortions on rape victims without reporting the rapes to authorities.

A recent Louisiana Supreme Court ruling may land a Catholic priest in jail for refusing to testify about a confession he may have heard several years ago, the Times-Picayune reports.

In an official opinion quietly issued two days before the last Board of Health meeting, the Attorney General determined that the Virginia Health Department, and abortion center staffs, can turn a blind eye to the rape of underage children.

The plaintiffs in the case allege that their underage daughter mentioned during confession to Fr. Jeff Bayhi several years ago that an elderly parishioner inappropriately touched her, and that the priest failed to report it to the authorities.

The opinion was removed from the AG’s website yesterday, but reappeared last night, according to the pro-life group Family Foundation, which alerted LifeNews to the opinion.

The current Louisiana Children’s Code says that mandated reporters–people who have regular contact with vulnerable groups like children and are legally required to report signs of abuse– include “any priest…or other similarly situated functionary of a religious organization unless not required to report a confidential communication as defined in the Code of Evidence Article 511.”

“This surprising opinion absolves health care professionals at abortion centers or the health department of responsibility to report the suspected rape of a child to the Department of Social Services or law enforcement. In order to reach this conclusion and protect the abortion industry, the Attorney General had to overrule two opinions issued by prior Attorneys General. First was a 2003 opinion issued by then Attorney General Jerry Kilgore that required health care officials to report statutory rape when the victim reveals it during conversation,” the pro-life group said.

The Code of Evidence Article allows exemptions for confidential communication “it is made privately and not intended for further disclosure except to other persons present” and notes that the privilege “may be claimed by the person or by his legal representative. The clergyman is presumed to have authority to claim the privilege on behalf of the person or deceased person.”

According to Virginia law, health care professionals, including the State Health Commissioner, are required to report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect to the Department of Social Services to be investigated. (Virginia Code §63.2-1509). The group says an “abused or neglected child” is defined in Virginia Code §63.2-100 to be “any child less than 18 years of age…whose parents or other person responsible for his care commits or allows to be committed any act of sexual exploitation or any sexual act upon a child in violation of the law….”

SOURCES: LifeNews.com, The Daily Caller.

Oct 2 2014

Polling data…


Oct 2 2014

Amnesty Math


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Less Pejorative.


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Oct 2 2014

If Journalists Were Taken Seriously


Oct 1 2014

What about the good gun owners?…


Oct 1 2014

Liberal Courts Claim Law Not Important in Enforcement of ObamaCare

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The Washington, D.C. Circuit Court ruled in Halbig v. Burwell that Obamacare’s tax credits are only applicable to the several state-run exchanges; but hours later, the Fourth Circuit Court ruled that the IRS was within its rights to make the adjustments in its extension of the subsidies.

But at the Department of Justice’s request, the D.C. Circuit Court agreed to re-hear its case with a full court — which has been packed with three new judges appointed by President Obama since Senate majority leader Harry Reid deployed his nuclear option to avoid Republican opposition last fall.

With liberal judges outnumbering conservatives now by eight to five, it’s likely that the court will take back its initial ruling and approve the subsidies, taking the pressure off the Supreme Court to hear the case.

The question comes down to the repeated instruction in the text of the Affordable Care Act that advanced premium tax credits are to go only to customers of exchanges “established by the state.” The plaintiff in this case, Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt, argues that Congress’ text says customers in Oklahoma, which doesn’t run its own exchange, aren’t eligible for the subsidies.

Read the full article at The Daily Caller.

Oct 1 2014

The Eight Balls…


Oct 1 2014

There are big sticks and then there are …