Jun 30 2014

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Jun 30 2014

After This Kindergartner Got Bullied, Principal Punished HIM For Sexual Misconduct

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The incident initially happened back in April. The boy, Eric Lopez, was on the Ashton Ranch Elementary playground when another, unidentified kid allegedly bullied him into dropping his drawers – both his pants and his underwear – in front of a gaggle of other students.

The mother, Erica Martinez, claims that her son submitted to the threat.

At that point, teachers on the playground interceded and marched the five-year-old boy to the principal’s office.

Martinez said the principal, David R. Stoeve according to the school’s website, responded by compelling the little boy to sign a document in which he labels his own actions as “sexual misconduct.” The principal also gave the kid detention.

KTVK shows the boy’s chicken-scratch signature on the document. It’s surrounded by a bunch of legalese.

It’s not clear if the kindergartner can read complex documents in which he admits to “sexual misconduct.”

Arizona law governing the ability of minors to sign documents in any meaningful way is generally governed by common law.

Martinez, the mother, said she was not present when her son for the meeting between her son and the principal. She also says she was only informed later about the incident and the subsequent labeling of her son’s actions as “sexual misconduct.”

In other words, the principle bullied the small child into signing a false statement as punishment for being bullied.

Read the full article at The Daily Caller and KTVK-Pheonix.

The question remains, why are there so many idiots running government schools?

Jun 30 2014

Obama’s Promises…


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Jun 30 2014

Whiny, thin-skinned Liberals are now wetting their beds over the Apache helicopter.

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Veterans aren’t happy with a recent op-ed by the Washington Post, which charged that the Apache, Comanche, Chinook, Lakota, Cheyenne and Kiowa military vehicles were a “greater symbolic injustice” than the NFL’s Washington Redskins’ name.

“Even if the NFL and Redskins brass come to their senses and rename the team, a greater symbolic injustice would continue to afflict Indians — an injustice perpetuated not by a football club but by our federal government,” Simon Waxman of the Boston Review wrote for the Post on Thursday.

He added that the helicopter names were “propaganda” that needed to end, because Native American life expectancy statistics indicate the “violence is ongoing, even if the guns are silent.”

When will rational people put an end to this childish nonsense of claiming offense at something that isn’t even offensive to the people affected? As one commenter put it, “I suspect that the author is less unhappy that our choppers have Indian names, and more unhappy that there is a U.S. military.”

Read the full article at The Washington Times.

Jun 30 2014

Buying a gun in California…


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Above the law…


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The Obama Dollar…


Jun 30 2014

The height to which the president has raised his level of mendacity

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Joseph Curl — “By every economic measure, we are better off now than we were when I took office. You wouldn’t know it, but we are,” the president said Friday.

That’s right, the president — the president of the United States, mind you — says Americans are better off, they just don’t know it.

That is the height to which the president has raised his level of mendacity. He has the sheer audacity to tell Americans that he has successfully turned the economy around, that things are all good, but that there are no real quantifiable indicators by which they could ever know that.

In fact, Mr. Obama says Americans have never had it so good.

“Over the past 51 months, our businesses have created 9.4 million new jobs,” he said at a feel-good stop in Minnesota. “Our housing market is rebounding. Our auto industry is booming. Our manufacturing sector is adding jobs for the first time since the 1990s. We’ve made our tax code fairer. We’ve cut our deficits by more than half. More than 8 million Americans have signed up for private insurance plans through the Affordable Care Act.”

Of course, as usual with the president, none of that is true. In 2007, there were 146.6 million Americans employed. Last month, there were 145.7 million people in the workforce. But it’s all worse than that. The labor force participation rate dropped more than 3 percentage points, which equals nearly 8 million people. Now, just 62.8 percent of working-age Americans hold jobs, a dismal number that’s the lowest in 35 years.

What’s more, Candidate Obama (is he ever anything else?) promised an unemployment rate of 5 percent as the impetus to pass his $1 trillion stimulus plan. While his minions now cooking the books claim the rate is 6.3 percent, millions of Americans have simply fallen out of the workforce — disappeared. The number of “underemployed” — those who want to work full time but can find only a part-time job — is 16 percent, Gallup says.

Read the full article at The Washington Times. 

Joseph Curl covered the White House and politics for a decade for The Washington Times.

Jun 30 2014

Fair Trade?…


Jun 30 2014

Salt Lake police shooting sparks large protest for victim: a dog named ‘Geist’

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Hundreds of people protested in front of the Salt Lake City Police Department Saturday to demand justice for the victim in a controversial police shooting — a 110-pound dog named “Geist.”

The gray Weimaraner was loose in a fenced-in backyard June 18 when he was shot dead by a police officer who was searching for a missing boy. Police said the dog was shot after he approached the officer in an “aggressive manner.” The boy was later found sleeping in his home.

The protest included many dog owners, who brought their pets. The protesters held signs that read: “Shoo not Shoot,” “Man’s best friend should not be gunned down,” and “My pets are my family.”

“It’s overwhelming, the support of the community,” Kendall said. “That makes the loss of my best friend a little bit easier to deal with.”

Officer Brett Olsen shot the dog, named Geist, in Kendall’s fenced-in backyard on June 18 as police searched for a missing 3-year-old boy who was later found. Police have said Olsen used lethal force because he felt threatened by the dog. The incident is being investigated by the department.

Chief Chris Burbank said Friday he was concerned about escalating threats against Olsen and the department, including death threats. But the demonstration continued for hours without incident as officers on bicycles quietly watched from a distance.

The shooting ignited controversy and national discussion about how law enforcement handles pets that act aggressively. The rally was organized by dog owners touched by Kendall’s plight and advertised through a Facebook group and word of mouth.

Sources: FoxNews.com, The Salt Lake Tribune.

Jun 30 2014

“Temporary” Taxes…


Jun 30 2014

Military Bans Bibles But Forces Soldiers to Adhere to Ramadan Rules

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From FoxNews.com

For more than a decade new military recruits at Maxwell Air Force Base – Gunter Annex in Alabama have received a Bible from Gideons International volunteers. But that tradition has come to an end after volunteers said they were told by the military that they would no longer be allowed to personally distribute the pocket-sized Bibles to recruits.

“They kicked us out,” Gideon’s volunteer Michael Fredenburg told me in a telephone interview from his home in Montgomery, Ala. “They told us, ‘get your Bibles out.’”

Word of the ouster of the internationally-known Christian community spread like wildfire among Fredenburg and his friends. All were in a state of disbelief.

“They were happy my dad wasn’t alive to see it,” Fredenburg said. “If he would’ve seen that happen, it probably would’ve killed him.”

From Stars and Stripes

U.S. personnel accustomed to drinking their coffee on the drive to work will have to put that habit on hold for about a month. It’s one of a few lifestyle changes Americans will have to make during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Officials expect Ramadan to begin at sunrise on Saturday, depending on when the new moon is sighted. The holy month lasts for approximately 30 days — until about July 28. For Muslims around the world, Ramadan is a month of fasting and devotion to God. Most Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, when families gather for Iftar — the meal that breaks the fast.

For the 8,200 U.S. personnel living here, and those serving throughout the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility — including servicemembers, civilian personnel, contractors and family members — the month may require changing some daily routines.

Navy officials are requiring U.S. personnel to dress more conservatively off-base during Ramadan. Although not a requirement by Bahraini authorities, the Navy is demanding that men wear long-sleeved shirts and women wear sleeved blouses that cover their elbows. Also, men must wear long trousers, and women should wear pants or skirts that cover the knees.

Hat tip: GateWay Pundit.


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