Dec 30 2014

Because somehow getting things off tall shelves is a race thing…


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Dec 30 2014

Good question…


Dec 30 2014

Auburn, N.Y. City Hall apparently has no copies of the US Constitution available.

Glee-Camp 500x200

For the past two years First Presbyterian has hosted a musical theater glee camp in a mansion that is owned by the church and is adjacent to the sanctuary.

The camp was directed by a local couple with musical training. Students were tutored in singing, dancing and acting — as many as 78 in the 2014 session. The culmination of the summer camp was a performance held in a local theater.

The campers paid a fee to cover the costs of the instructors and materials during the three-week session. That’s what they did in 2012 and 2013.

City Hall alleged the church, by charging a fee, was engaged in a commercial enterprise within a residential district.

The city’s code enforcement officer issued a cease-and-desist order in July — alleging the church’s musical theater glee camp was a zoning violation.

Hiram Sasser, a Liberty Institute attorney defending the church against the city’s prosecution said that even if the camp was a commercial enterprise, the city’s attempt to ban it is a violation of the Religious Land Use Act.

As proof of the RLUA violation, Sasser said the city’s zoning law allows carnivals to operate in the same residential area.

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Dec 30 2014

Rights & location…


Dec 30 2014

Nailed it.


Dec 30 2014

Things I’ve learned…


Dec 30 2014

Slavery: Then & Now


Dec 30 2014

Still one major problem…


Dec 30 2014

Connie Hair: Jeb Bush


Dec 30 2014

But they call Conservatives racists…


Dec 30 2014

Yes, they say both, often.


Dec 30 2014

From the Horse’s…er…mouth?


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Two extremes


Dec 29 2014

Rabbi Obama…


Dec 29 2014

In One Chart: What If a Typical Family Spent Money Like the Federal Government