Jul 9 2015

Yep, that’s how it goes…


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Jul 9 2015

Those who do not learn from history…


Jul 9 2015

Despite San Francisco criticism, Clinton once backed sanctuary city policies

hillary-clinton-blood-clot 500x200
Hillary Clinton and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., both criticized San Francisco for ignoring a federal request to hold Francisco Sanchez — who already had been deported five times — when he went into city custody in March. He was released in April, and is now in jail for the murder last week of Kate Steinle, 32.

But Clinton, when she was a New York senator running for president in 2007, was openly supportive of sanctuary city policies, which limit cooperation with federal immigration officials.

Clinton said during an MSNBC debate that these policies exist to encourage people to report crimes. Without them, she said, “You will have people hiding from the police. And I think that is a real direct threat to the personal safety and security of all the citizens.”

Asked if she would allow sanctuary cities to disobey federal law, Clinton said: “Well, I don’t think there is any choice. The ICE groups go in and raid individuals, but if you’re a local police chief and you’re trying to solve a crime that you know people from the immigrant community have information about, they may not talk to you if they think you’re also going to be enforcing the immigration laws. Local law enforcement has a different job than federal immigration enforcement.”

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Jul 9 2015

What they’ll say looking back…


Jul 9 2015

Sanctity of Marriage Cities…


Jul 8 2015

SF Sherriff blames ICE; ICE blames Sherriff; Shooter blames gun; Obama blames GOP; Me…I think it was the Confederate Flag.

Mirkarimi_Ross 500x200

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi

The murder of a young woman in San Francisco allegedly at the hands of an illegal immigrant has brought renewed scrutiny on the sheriff who released the defendant before the attack and has ardently backed policies making the city a “sanctuary” for undocumented immigrants.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in March handed over defendant Francisco Sanchez on a drug-related warrant to the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department.

However, the department released him several weeks later, after the charges were dropped, following a policy of not complying with federal requests to detain illegal immigrants for deportation.

“My long-held belief is that local law enforcement should not be in the civil immigration detainer business,” San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi said last year, after the policy was adopted.

Mirkarimi, a Democrat and former Green Party member, has argued since Sanchez allegedly shot to death 32-year-old Kate Steinle on July 1 that federal authorities should have issued a warrant or court order to hold Sanchez, who has seven prior convictions and has already been deported five times.

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Jul 8 2015

Because it’s “Liberal Logic”…


Jul 8 2015

Way Back Archives: So what belongs in a closet?


Jul 8 2015

The Anti-Christian Left’s Next Target: Christian College Denying Married Housing to Same-Sex Couples

Americans United for Separation of Church and State executive director Barry Lynn

Americans United for Separation of Church and State executive director Barry Lynn

A Christian college that accepts government funding but refuses to allow a same-sex married couple to live in housing for married students would be “on the edge of the indefensible,” Americans United for Separation of Church and State executive director Rev. Barry Lynn said Tuesday.

Lynn was asked by a reporter at a National Press Club press conference whether Christian colleges should be allowed to prevent same-sex couples from living in the same dorm room.

“This is what a national dialogue ought to begin about: should in fact benefits be given to educational institutions that do in fact discriminate?” Lynn responded.

“Even now I would not want to be a person at a fundamentalist academy who is trying to defend a practice – the specific one you mentioned – that is, taking a reasonable amount of government funds and refusing to allow a same-sex married couple to live in the married student housing. I think even now that would be on the edge of the indefensible.”

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Jul 8 2015

The Extremist…


Jul 8 2015

ACLU Loses Lawsuit in Attempt to Force Catholic Hospital to Do Abortions

catholic_hospital 500x200
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is certainly no stranger to clashing with the Catholic Church over its pro-life position. This is especially the case when it comes to Catholic hospitals refusing to perform abortions. A lawsuit from 2013 over such an incident has now been thrown out by a federal judge in Michigan.

A piece from mlive.com reports that Tamesha Means, who miscarried in 2010, was represented by the ACLU and ACLU Michigan with her lawsuit against the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop and three chairs of Catholic Health Ministries. She did not, however, sue the hospital Mercy Health, or its parent, Trinity Health Corp.

Judge Robert Holmes Bell dismissed the case. About his decision to do so:

Bell cited two basic reasons for the dismissal:

  • Michigan federal courts have no jurisdiction over the bishops’ conference for policy directives issued by the Washington, D.C.-based organization.
  • It’s improper for courts to interfere in religious doctrinal decisions, which Bell concluded was behind the anti-abortion policy directives. Considering the Muskegon woman’s negligence claim would “impermissibly intrude upon ecclesiastical matters,” the judge wrote in his opinion.

Bell noted that Means still had recourse in the courts to sue doctors or hospitals for medical malpractice if she received inadequate medical care – but not, the judge concluded, to sue a religious organization or officials for their religious doctrine.

“It is not up to the Court to mandate the larger structural and policy reform to Catholic hospitals that Plaintiff seeks; that issue is left to the Church and its tribunals,” Bell wrote.

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Jul 8 2015

The Unelected Committee of Nine…


Jul 8 2015

The problems Democrats create; Democrats cannot (and will not) solve


Jul 8 2015

Under Obama Home Ownership At 20-Year Low, Blacks suffer most

Click to view full graph

Click to view full graph

The American Dream of a home is slipping out of reach for millions of Americans, especially African Americans, as house sales hit a 20-year low, according to a new Harvard University study of the U.S. housing market.

Instead, house-poor Americans are shifting to rentals with such speed that many areas can barely keep up with demand.

Overall, home ownership, the cornerstone of the American Dream, is down to 63 percent, a far cry from the 69 percent registered in 2004. The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University’s annual “State of the Nation’s Housing” report said current home ownership percentages rival that of 1993.

Those figures, however, are much worse for minorities, especially blacks. “The homeownership rate for minorities continues to lag: It peaked at 51.3 percent in 2004, and has now fallen to 47.2 percent. Of all minority groups, African Americans have the lowest rate of homeownership, just 43.8 percent,” said the report.

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Jul 8 2015



Jul 8 2015

Collectivism creates a false moral buffer than then makes collectivists assume anything for the collective is ethical


Jul 8 2015

Mother of 17-Year-Old Murdered by Illegal Alien Defends Trump

Jamiel and Anita Shaw after their son’s death. Sgt Shaw was serving in Iraq when her 17-year-old son was murdered

Jamiel and Anita Shaw after their son’s death. Sgt Shaw was serving in Iraq when their 17-year-old son, Jamiel, Jr. was murdered

The mother of a teenage boy gunned down by an illegal Mexican immigrant in strikingly similar circumstances to how Kathryn Steinle died, has backed Presidential hopeful Donald Trump to ‘close our borders’.

Anita Shaw, whose 17-year-old boy Jamiel Jr was murdered by gang member Pedro Espinoza in Los Angeles in 2008, says she is ‘angry’ at the current immigration policy.

She told Daily Mail Online: ‘It makes me sad, it makes me angry, it makes me frustrated.

‘It’s amazing to me that the same incident is still going on today. It’s like, when will the public wake up and do something.

‘And this guy who is running for President, Donald Trump, he’s trying to do something and they’re trying to shut him down.

‘I believe in what he’s saying, he’s trying to fix the borders and do all the things people should have done a long time ago.’

Los Angeles High School football standout Jamiel was shot twice, once in the stomach and once in the head, near his Arlington Heights home in March, 2008.

He was targeted by Espinoza simply because he was carrying a red Spider-Man backpack and was mistaken for a rival gang member.

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Jul 8 2015

The Rainbow Klan…


Jul 8 2015

So, if you don’t support SSM, walk on the street?


Jul 8 2015

Gun Used by Illegal-Immigrant Murderer Belonged to Federal Agent

Francisco Sanchez, Jeff Adachi, Diana Garciaor
The gun used by a Mexican illegal immigrant when he allegedly shot dead a 32-year-old woman at a San Francisco pier belonged to a federal agent, a source confirmed to Fox News Tuesday.

It was not immediately clear how Francisco Sanchez, 45, would have obtained the weapon. However, the San Francisco Chronicle reported sources told the paper the gun had been stolen during a car burglary in June.

Earlier Tuesday, Sanchez pled not guilty to first-degree murder in last week’s shooting of Kathryn Steinle, 32, while she was walking with her father and a family friend at Pier 14. Police said witnesses heard no argument or dispute before the shooting, suggesting it was a random attack.

Sanchez had previously told KGO-TV Sunday in a mix of Spanish and English that he found a gun wrapped inside a shirt while he was sitting on a bench at the pier and smoking a cigarette.

“So I picked it up and … it started to fire on its own,” Sanchez said, adding that he heard three shots go off.

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So not only is the government setting violent criminal free, they’re arming them, as well?!?

Jul 8 2015

The Color of Murder…


Jul 8 2015

Innocent Babies v Cold-Blooded Murders? Really…


Jul 8 2015

Liberal Blacks Blame Middle-Class White People For Gun Violence Committed by Other Black People

Black Liberals Chicago 500x200
Two mothers from predominantly Black Chicago neighborhoods, who lost sons to gun violence joined two Liberal ministers and an anti-gun activist Tuesday in a lawsuit against three predominantly white, middle-class, Chicago suburbs, alleging that weak oversight of gun shops has allowed criminals to easily obtain weapons flowing into a city besieged by gun violence.

The lawsuit accuses Lyons, Riverdale and Lincolnwood communities of violating the civil rights of residents in Chicago’s largely African American neighborhoods by failing to take concrete steps to make sure gun stores are not selling weapons to people who shouldn’t be allowed to carry them.

“Those illegal firearms are flowing into a pocket of communities violating the civil rights of the individuals who reside there, who are afraid to go near their windows or let their children play in the park, much less their own yards,” said Kathleen Sances, a member of the Coalition for Safe Chicago Communities, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

Five individuals – including two ministers and two mothers whose children were victims of gun violence – joined the lawsuit that demands the communities to improve the oversight of the businesses and implement security measures the stores must implement.

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