Nov 21 2014

Words…just words…


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Nov 21 2014

Largest Political Donor of 2014 Whines About Politics Being Influenced By Wealthy Donors…Can You Guess Which Party He Donates To?

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San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer, the largest donor in the 2014 election cycle, says the way to win the debate on the environmental issues he cares about is to emphasize how money in elections and industry lobbyists are hindering a healthier environment.

People may not inherently care about big-picture ideas, he said at a panel discussion on climate change Wednesday sponsored by the Center for American Progress. But they do care about special breaks for big business and the influence big money has on policy.

“People are very worried about the idea that money in politics is getting special privileges, and to the extent they ever see that actual connection between political favors and any kind of contribution, they are very upset about it,” Steyer said.

Steyer failed to mention that Americans won’t see much impact on policy from the nearly $67 million he spent on the 2014 cycle because most of his favored candidates lost.

Read the full article at The Daily Signal.

Nov 21 2014

Our President is the Evil Spock…


Nov 21 2014

Far closer to reality than they will admit…


Nov 21 2014

Rice, Arsenic, Politics & Power: It’s always about what they don’t tell you

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For decades we were told that eggs are unhealthy because they contain cholesterol, and excess cholesterol can cause heart disease, obesity, bed wetting, bad gas mileage and lots of other nasty stuff.

Then it was finally revealed that while eggs did contain cholesterol, they also contain lecithin, which is the enzyme your body uses to break down cholesterol, and they have more lecithin that cholesterol, making the consumption of eggs something that actually reduces cholesterol.

Then it was revealed—not as widely, though—that only certain parts of the population (overweight men over 40) should try to maintain low cholesterol, while it was dangerous for other people (women under 25) to have low cholesterol, since cholesterol is the building block for hormones, and without enough of it the body can’t produce the necessary hormones. Few people grasp that moderation is the opposite of extreme, and there are almost always two types of extremes: too much and too little. So while too much cholesterol was considered a bad thing, few people understood that too little cholesterol was just as bad.

These warnings, however, followed a pattern. Big Agriculture and Big Food make more money on artificially produced food, than natural foods. The FDA (a government agency) was controlled by politicians, as well as has a revolving door policy with middle management in both Big Ag and Big Food, so that at any given time the same people would be working for the FDA, then jump back to the job held for them at Big Ag or Big Food, then jump back to the FDA, as “needed”. The administrative floaters aside, the FDA still had to answer to politicians who took massive campaign donations (hard and soft) from both Big Ag and Big Food. Thus explaining the decades long battle against the simple egg, and the continued deception about cholesterol.

Today’s target: Brown Rice.

The Big Ad and Big Food chicken littles are screaming about the amount of arsenic in rice, especially brown rice.  They actually tried this a while back with almonds and cyanide, but it didn’t take long for cooler heads to point out the obvious, since peach pits contain much, much more cyanide than almonds, and have been used by the Chinese to fight cancer for centuries. (the cyanide in question is actually a very complex molecule more commonly known as laetrile, a cancer fighting drug banned in the US because it was considered toxic, but can easily be obtained in its full potency at your local grocery store in the form of…peaches)

Anyway, what the screamers are not telling you is that while inorganic arsenic is deadly, even in small doses, the type of arsenic found in rice is organic arsenic (a molecule that contains both arsenic and carbon, which renders its toxicity negligible, because the bonding prevents the arsenic from affecting other organic material) At one point the FDA was noting this difference, but are now “mysteriously” silent about it as Big Ag and Big Food—via their proxies in the media—attempt to frighten people away from natural foods, like brown rice, to the more expensive (and profitable) processed versions, they will gladly sell you for an outrageous price.

Funny how Liberals love Big Government while pretending to hate Big Business, but remain silent when Big Government acts as a willing partner with Big Business.

Nov 21 2014

Obama’s war on Christians…


Nov 21 2014

Massive Radiation Leak Hospitalizes 20, Because Some Doofus Bought the Wrong Brand of Kitty Litter (seriously, not making this up)


A Department of Energy nuclear lab used the wrong kind of kitty litter in its haste to dispose of hazardous waste last year, leading to a radiation leak that sickened at least 20 workers and caused a shutdown of a federal disposal plant to the tune of $500 million.

“You can trust us; we’re the government.”

The report from the Santa Fe New Mexican characterizes the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico and its private operator, Los Alamos National Security LLC, as being so careless with the hazardous material that they inadvertently created what one chemist called a potential bomb. The LANL is a federal laboratory that works on nuclear technology and other national security projects.

“Paging Homer Simpson. Paging Homer Simpson.”

In its haste, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican, the lab used a “wheat-based kitty litter rather than clay-based kitty litter” to absorb some of the material. This mistake turned the waste into a mixture that was “akin to plastic explosives,” the paper reported.

“I know they said get the clay stuff, but this wheat-based crap looks more environmentally friendly.”

The mistake was small, but costly. The Santa Fe New Mexican reported that in February 2014, once the drum containing waste had reached the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, it cracked open. At least 20 workers at the plant were injured by low levels of the radiation and the plant was shut down.

Greg Mello, executive director of the Los Alamos Study Group, said that it is clear that “corners were cut” at the laboratory, and the culture needs to change.

“Yeah, the culture, that’s who we can blame. It’s the culture’s fault.”

Read the full article (minus our snide comments) at

Nov 21 2014

Admit it, you know it’s true…


Nov 21 2014

Berkeley Students Praise ISIS, Curse Israel [VIDEO]

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What happens on a Liberal college campus when some one waves the flag of the top terrorist organization in the world today, an organization proud of its brutal murdering of innocent men, women and children? They cheer.

What happens when someone waves an Israeli flag, a nation in perpetual attack by terrorist for over half a century? The curse the flag and condemn the person waving it.

That’s what Liberalism does to people.

Just watch…


Nov 21 2014

“Guns are evil, so let’s give the government more guns.”…


Nov 21 2014

Truth is really not his friend


Nov 21 2014

Among Giants…


Nov 21 2014

Moral Relativity


Nov 21 2014

Pelosi’s America…


Nov 21 2014

Circulus in Probando