Dems blame GOP for failure

sebelius-500After squandering $640 million of taxpayers’ money on a website that, after almost a whole month, still doesn’t work,  Kathleen Sebelius, Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services claims that…wait for it…it’s all the fault of Republicans. Seriously. Here it is in her own words…

In an ideal world there would have been a lot more testing. We did not have the luxury of that with a law that said it’s go time on October 1st and frankly a political atmosphere where the majority party at least in the House was determined to stop this any way they possibly could including shutting down the United States government. So it was not an ideal atmosphere.

The entire Obama Administration have grown into cartoon characters, completely divorced from reality.

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  • lars1701c

    Is there any blame this administration won’t try to pass onto others?

  • carp

    No they will never take the blame for their own stupidity

  • NotSuprisedAtAnything

    Waaa, waaaa, waaaaaaaa! Idiot Bitch.

  • kernel85

    …And the $24 billion the teabagger morons wasted trying to de-fund it helped how?

  • billjcanada

    They never accept responsibility for anything and always have a excuse for THEIR failure.

  • William Gunn

    This is true. The Republicans ARE at fault. If the HHS tested the website earlier (before the Presidential Election) the republicans would have used the problems against them in the election cycle. This is also the reason all the rules couldn’t be generated before the election. The Administration refused to believe that the good of the people is more important than their ideology. It just a shame that the Obama administration is more concerned with Politics than doing their job.

  • Leisa

    couldn’t possibly be the fault of the program itself… sometime they (democrats/liberals/Obama administration, take your pick) are going to run out of fingers to point at somebody else, but will never take responsibility for failure.

  • NiteCat

    Sorry Kathy, your ideal world had 3 years to develop, implement and test this. Not the Republicans fault you didn’t get all your rules and coding done till 7 days before launch and you’re still not done with that. The shutdown didn’t happen till Oct. 1, not before. You weren’t ready for this by a long shot.

  • Brandon T Willett

    In other words, Kathleen, you dont work well under pressure

  • NiteCat

    You can’t point out her faults Brandon, she doesn’t work for you.

  • Ron

    The funding for this disaster has been in place for years! Project Mgmt of the product and PLANNING to Test is no one elses fault but THIS ADMINISTRATIONS. How twisted is your thinking to believe the Tea Party had anything to do with this disaster???

  • halesbells

    Someone should explain to Kathleen how for profit corporations meet deadlines and what happens when reasonable deadlines are missed. Heads roll. She is a career politician and doesn’t know this.

    No Kathleen it isn’t the GOP’s fault that you are a failure and yes you do work for us.

  • Mark Gibson Jr.

    i told you the republicans shouldn’t have blocked this bill. they should have let Frankenstein stumble out of the lab for a little bit, and when this Frankenstein healthcare bill trips and falls on its face, we could lay the entire thing at the feet of the anointed one, Dr. Obama, and leave him with no choice but to own it. checkmate.

    but no. the republicans took the bait. they killed the democrat’s pawn with a knight, moving it right in the diagonal path of the bishop. now their being blamed for not letting Frankenstein out of the lab soon enough.

  • DirkWeed

    WOW! PISSED AWAY $640 MILLION and 3 years, and STILL couldn’t deliver on something that worked!! Sound like TYPICAL GOVERNMENT to me!
    WHY did we even NEED it in the first place? Why not use MEDICARE and MEDICAID and fund THOSE more?? And supplement with STATE efforts!! WHY a 3rd BLOATED farce??

  • Dylan

    The Democrats were more than willing to commence with the partial government shutdown and even a debt default as they could use their lapdogs in the mainstream media to project blame on the GOP. The GOP actually passed multiple pieces of legislation to compromise, and the GOP certainly wasn’t getting everything they wanted in the offerings but yet the Democrats refused to negotiate unless they got every last thing their way in funding the government and fully implementing Obamacare. Obamacare I might add was forced through congress by the Democrats. Not one single Republican voted for Obamacare, not one. Obamacare is the baby and the brain child of the Democrat party in every way. They’ve had years to prepare this Obamacare website and they’ve spent over 600 million taxpayer dollars on it and it still won’t work but yet they have the blinding bigoted ignorance to try and blame the Republican party for Obamacare and its website. It’s unbelievable. It seems as though nothing can ever be their fault.

  • sclars

    She repeating her dismal performance as Governor of Kansas. The D she received from the Cato Institute made her eligible for her Obama appointment.

  • Mms

    What a bunch of mindless fucktards. It’s time for Robespierre to show up with his guillotine and go to town pn these reicarnated marie Antoinette’s.

  • DragonGunner

    Totally embarrassing! I wonder just before she falls asleep every night if her conscience bothers her at all?

  • TDS

    You had over THREE!!! F***KIN’!!! YEARS!!!!
    Did Oct 1 of this year REALLY sneak up on you???