Even Liberals, grudgingly admit ObamaCare problems

Obamacare Website Trainwreck-500Slate.com, the online magazine, reportedly created to provide positive news stories for the Clinton re-election, and since a stalwart Liberal mouthpiece, is grudgingly admitting that ObamaCare, or at least it’s website, healthcare.gov, is a dismal failure, although they still try to blame Republicans for at least part of the problem…

It’s a challenge of the president’s own making. Unlike his battle with Republicans over the serial budget crises or the economic mess or smoldering wars he inherited from the Bush administration, the president is not reacting to uncontrollable events. He can’t blame BP or Halliburton. The Affordable Care Act is his baby. Republicans made the rollout harder, but more than any other domestic challenge, his administration should have been able to anticipate the problems they’re now scrambling to fix.

In the Rose Garden on Monday morning, the president had a tough balancing act. On the one hand, he wanted to show that he was personally peeved, but he also had to simultaneously argue that the problems that made him so angry weren’t threatening the underlying health of the product. That’s a proposition that has yet to be tested. There are substantive ways in which the rollout can damage the fundamental enterprise. If the problems are as systemic as some reporting suggests, then they will not be fixed easily or anytime soon. The premise of the website was that its rollout would initiate a wave of social media success stories that would reach those younger applicants who are so vital to Obamacare’s success. Younger, healthy people must sign up to keep the insurance pools from being dominated by older sicker Americans, an outcome that would make prices soar. But those great sign up stories are not filtering through social media to this hard-to-reach group. Instead, they’re hearing that the program is a mess. If enough young people don’t sign up, then the death-spiral scenario kicks in.



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  • DJones1964

    It is already in a death spiral.. But this death spiral will cost the country billions upon billions before it completely dies. Maybe next time Obama will seek real bipartisan support and not have it all one sided like this disaster is. Obama is not going to release his hostages even after the republican caved to his demands. Yes we are all Obama’s hostages in this Obamacare sham of a scam..