Obama Shuts Down Statue of Liberty, Crushes Dream of Seriously Ill Girl

Statue of LibertyMorgan Jones was born with glutaric acidemia Type 2, a rare, genetic disease that interferes with the body’s ability to break down proteins and fats to produce energy.  Only 50 people in the entire world have the disease. She is also legally blind.

Morgan’s city trip was paid for by the Lexington Dream Factory, a charity that grants dreams to children ages 3-18 who have been diagnosed with critical or chronic illnesses.

Given the chance to go anywhere in the country, Morgan chose her favorite monument—the Status of Liberty. But since she is blind, unless she actually was able to touch, enter and go inside the Statue of Liberty, such a trip would be meaningless.

And then Barack Obama decided to be a vindictive jerk.

From the New York Post

“She’s heartbroken. Her whole dream was to climb up the 354 steps to the crown,” said her mother, April Keelin.

Keelin, a music teacher, said that they can’t afford to return and that Morgan may not ever be well enough to come back.

“We don’t know if we’d ever get back to do this for her again,” the mother said.


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  • George Roland Wills

    Disagreement is fine. but don’t be a jerk about it. This could apply to the executive as well!!

  • Dylan

    The Republicans are the hostage takers that shut down the government. It’s sad that the GOP only care about their pocket books and not about disabled people. Obama is doing what he can.

  • dierdre lanza

    hahahahahahahaha, man, I want whatever you’re smoking.

  • R Loh

    Drinking the koolaid, I see! I only hear about the 4 or 5 budget proposals submitted by the Republicans…Obama has refused to negotiate on anything, and wants to raise the debt ceiling, which he himself called irresponsible several years ago.

  • Yuri

    Obama didn’t shut down the government. The ACA is already a law and while there are certainly issues with it, the majority of Americans are in favor of giving it a chance (Gallup). Boehner has refused to allow funding bills to go to a vote in the HoR on the grounds that it wouldn’t pass; wouldn’t it be a better exercise to let it go to a vote and prove his point?

    The fact that Republicans are submitting budget proposals amounts to nothing if it’s more of the same partisan elements that have stagnated the legislative process for the past five years or so.

    The ASA has already been stripped down to a pale shadow of its original vision thanks to concessions to the GOP, yet despite having been passed, what appears to be a relatively small minority (with ties to the Tea Party movement) in the party seems to be strong-arming the rest of the party into stagnation.

    Blaming Obama for the government shut down is laughable and using a child’s disability to construct an argument against him (or the Republicans were it vice versa) is… Well, a bit shameful if you ask me.

  • deadeyedan

    It’s all a miracle. Doesn’t anyone remember all those MIRACULOUS cures that Obama and the rest of his (Communist) Party were going to put into effect so that we would have Nirvana, Elysium and Paradise all rolled into one? It started out with such glorious programs as Dodd-Frank, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, TARP, bank bailouts, Wall Street bailouts, too-big-to-fail bailouts, takeover of an auto manufacturer, banishing another auto maker to foreign ownership, deride a Cambridge police officer doing his duty, gays in the military, Stimulus I, Stimulus II, fiscal cliff, raising the debt ceiling, biased commentary during a trial of an accused, Solyndra, Fast & Furious, red line not to be crossed, Benghazi, Reverend Wright and on & on & on & on. We just need another dose of miracle cures so let’s go with Obamacare and a few carbon taxes and see if that all works out.

    LIBERALISM – government of the people by the theories and for the ideologists

  • Frank Lee

    you are one hateful dude.

    this little girl who wants to see the statue of liberty — she won’t get health care without the ACA — the same ACA sick mfs like you want to repeal. do you see the irony in your position? probably not — you are too consumed by hate and rush limbaugh logic.

  • Chet Billi

    Ok you are obviously not paying attention. Obama said he would shut down the government unless the House Republicans gave him what he wanted, and he refused and is refusing to negotiate. The House has passed 8 bills that will open every essential part of government, and Obama is saying “fund everything or fund nothing. I will not negotiate”. That to me is shameful. And if the ACA is the law, then why is Obama deciding who has to abide by it? We have a word for a leader like that: DICTATOR. By the way, the majority of Americans (78% to be exact) think Obamacare does more harm than good and want it fully repealed.

  • Chet Billi

    Ok that’s probably the most naive thing I’ve ever heard. We want to repeal the ACA because while it claims to help people with pre-existing conditions, it drives up the premiums for everyone! (ours tripled and we are now uninsured) so it would still be too expensive for her to get healthcare. You probably don’t understand what I’m saying because your too consumed by Obama’s skin color to actually see the harm it has done to millions of Americans.

  • abby

    The article notes this as congresses fault for the shut down.

  • Newschick2

    I blame the whole the house, the senate and MOST OF ALL the President, he doesnt wanna reach accross the ISLE, hes like a two year old little boy that wants his way on every lil thing…

    Im an independant, and I even saw through the garbage, I didnt vote for him the first time, nor did i the second time, this is a LOSE LOSE situation for America! </3

  • Yuri

    Wow, well, your perception of events doesn’t really seem to be well-supported by media reports/law. The presidency doesn’t control whether or not the government shuts down. Read up on the Antideficiency Act. Congress needs to get the bill to Obama before he can veto it, and even if he does, a two-thirds majority in Congress can override the veto. This isn’t Obama v Congress 2013.

    The fact is that the budget proposals coming out of the House have been laughable from a liberal point of view and scarcely involved any concessions. Additionally, Obama has said nothing regarding “Fund everything or fund nothing.” He said that he’s not going to negotiate while the GOP holds the economy hostage. I certainly don’t think the Dems are perfect (in fact, I think that spending cuts are absolutely essential to the future success of the economy/nation), but partisan tactics like this are abhorrent. The issue should be a matter of discussion and fair exchange, not a matter of trying to squeeze in 99% of what you want in your budget proposals while forcing the other side to concede everything.

    I’m curious to see your source on “Obamacare,” because according to Forbes (9/30), only one third of Americans support either repealing or delaying Obamacare. It seems a little odd that nearly four-fifths of the population would think it likely to do more harm than good, while two-thirds of the population think it should happen regardless.

    As far as Obama implementing exceptions, I am against this, but getting rid of exceptions hasn’t been in any of the budget proposals sent from the House, only the introduction of more.

  • JustJJ

    Dang you drink some crazy kool-aid! The GOP have agreed to a compromise by funding part of the government,
    including the National Institutes of Health, which offers children with
    cancer last-chance experimental treatment. Obama has threatened to veto
    this funding.Who hate’s sick children more than Obama? Well, maybe Satan does, but I’m not certain!

  • JustJJ

    The “hate card” is the new “race card’ and just as moronic. Come back when you can argue like an intelligent human being.

  • JustJJ

    Obama and his Libtards idea of bi-partisan politics is “you compromise and do everything we want while we ignore everything you (and the majority of the people) want.” PATHETIC!

  • Jena Carver

    Look I dont like this kind of blantant crap either but the fact is that while a few of you are commenting on how wonderful Aca is try being a wife of veteran(was not married to him during his time of service) My husband is totally disabled and I cant afford to pay for care so I cant work. So I have no insurance and a pre existing thyroid condition. The lowest level of insurance is still more than I can afford and now I face fines of up to 2k per yr. Already I pay for a dr out of pocket 2x a yr just to maintain my thyroid meds. This plan is not going to help any of us and if you think it will then keep drinking the koolaid

  • deadeyedan

    I’m sorry – did I forget to include trash America’s jewel, its space program, as well?

    DEMOCRAT – someone who sees a mirage and then votes for it

  • Haerdune

    Obama didn’t shut down the government and cause this.