Yes! The book is finally here!

You enjoyed the memes. You laughed at the jokes. You shared the humor. Now find it all, plus a lot more in the Official Liberal Logic: 101 ebook!

In the book you'll find a guide to the history of Modern Liberalism, how it formed, why it formed and why Liberal Logic has become the warped, insane, illogical nonsense we see and laugh at today.

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The original page. We have currently been banned from Facebook, and due to their ongoing, corrupt, and illegal censorship of Conservatives and Christians, probably will not return. (Yes, it's illegal to advertise that you do not discriminate, then discriminate. That's called fraud.)


A lot of people fed up with Facebook's censorship have migrated to MeWe. It's got a nice interface, and is easy to use.


Gab is another alternative to Facebook. It prides itself on respecting freedom of speech. Several of those permanenmly banned from Facebook, have begun posting at Gab.


Parler seems to have become the main alternative to Facebook, evne though it's actually more like Twitter than Facebook. Posts are limited to 1,000 words and there are still a few bugs in their interface.