Why Democrats aren’t Socialists…

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  • Yochay Raviv

    no we don’t
    we just want the rich to pay taxes as well
    not just the middle class

  • Justin Hogan

    So if someone making 100 million a year, pays only 10% in taxes while a guy making 100K has to pay 15% that is unfair? Most would say “yea…. that’s what I am talking about.” What people need to realize is that the guy making 100 million a year, payed 10 million in taxes which is not only his fair “share” but the fair share of 665 other folks making 100K paying 15K in taxes. Not only that but usually the reason that the percentage is less is because he “wrote off” several million in charitable donations.

    Fact of the matter is, that everyone is over taxed because the government it too large, can’t control its spending and gives most of the money away to people who didn’t work for it.

  • http://www.thebeardedbowtieguy.blogspot.com/ TheBeardedBowTieGuy

    So just how much should the ‘rich’ be forced to surrender? Who determines that based on what formulas? Who graciously allows them to keep what portion of their earnings? Does the money taken at gunpoint go to the ‘non rich’ or to all the other outlandish crap our gov wastes our money on?

    And when I say ‘non rich’ is this people that work and don’t make all that much or people that can’t work? How about the significant number of people that just straight up won’t work?