Rape Prevention Kits…

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  • Dennis Porebski

    Conservatives care more about women than liberals and conservative women ARE better looking. That’s obvious haha.

  • janhalt


  • Yochay Raviv

    Well isn’t this nice
    making jokes about ugly women while discussing a light topic like rape
    well aren’t you special

  • http://www.thebeardedbowtieguy.blogspot.com/ TheBeardedBowTieGuy

    Come talk to me when Bill Mahar has been muzzled or at minimum, condemned for his tasteless “humor.”

  • Gia P

    Yeah, like a liberal would never joke about rape, Some have made careers on it. BTW, ↑ is my snub nose.

  • Gia P

    Liberals care so much about our troops and women that I was spit on by a guy for having” Proud Mother of a US Cavalry Scout”. on my car.