Rights tests…

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  • http://www.thebeardedbowtieguy.blogspot.com/ TheBeardedBowTieGuy

    Or… take a test on current events and U.S. Constitution before getting a voter ID?

  • Rich Mars

    Or become a United States citizen before preaching what you think is good for us. We all know how gun control is working in England…..

  • MM

    WTF is some non American doing telling my country what they can a cannot do?

  • Yochay Raviv

    doesn’t “a well regulated militia” imply training and record keeping???

  • T Michael Blaine

    it doesn’t, as a matter of fact, and I’m glad you asked Yochay!
    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state<–This is the first part of the amendment, It gives no power of regulation or restriction to the government, it simply states the reasoning and rationale behind the amendment. It doesn't say "You must be in a well regulated militia" just that a "well regulated militia" is a necessity if you want to maintain a free state. It's more of a suggestion than anything, this was addressed in the supreme court case DC v. Heller. Now, I'm going to expand on the "free state" part here as well. In the constitution the United States is broken up into three groups: The Federal Government, The States, and The People, your best example of this is in the tenth amendment. Now, because the first half of the 2nd amendment says "a free state" but the second half says "the right of the People", it is safe to realize that the founders weren't referring to an actual State (such as Rhode Island or Pennsylvania) but rather they were talking about the security of an individual state of freedom. The second half of the 2nd Amendment outlines the actual, inalienable and individual right of "The People" to keep and bear arms, and as it says in that amendment; "It shall not be infringed".
    Thank you for your time and I hope I've helped you to better understand the second amendment, and the US Constitution. Good day and God bless.