Liberal Logic in History—1964

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  • TheBeardedBowTieGuy

    What kills me is that the Americans of African decent have REALLY been hosed (no pun intended) by these policies. Prior to the 60s, they had a work and education ethic and poised to dominate the workforce. Sad… really sad.

  • Catherine Hayward

    Hahahaha. You asshole.

  • Kubrickfilmfan73

    Liberal: someone who places absolute, unquestioning faith in the perfectability of the future while at the same time judging everything against what did or did not happen in 1964.

  • Jon Carry

    Classic Liberal response. Anger and hatred combined with no message.

  • Yochay Raviv

    really? giving a man a safety net when he is down so he can pic himself up is worst than whips? you went there?

    honestly sometimes i think you are a liberal trying to get the republicans to lose