Spot the Terrorist…

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  • Gary Moody

    dats cause dem snow balls is racist yo…..

  • Alan Cummings

    nauseating web sites like this turn my stomach and make me ashamed to be an American. All they do is spew bullshit and hatred against anyone who isn’t as rabidly right as they are.

  • Ginger Martinez

    it is amazing how uninformed you are about the liberal thoughts. Every meme I have seen on this page is BS. Isn’t there enough true issues we disagree on to stick to the truth?

  • shihonage

    Truth hurts I see.

  • hollywoodron

    Alan… don’t be ashamed. The Truth is awesome.

  • Stogie Chomper

    Don’t worry, you ain’t an American in my book.

  • egm80

    I’m genuinely disheartened when I see stuff like this. My husband and I are on radically different ends of the political spectrum yet I’d never call him names or speak ill of his beliefs. He’s a fellow veteran and a good man, just like many of our fellow Americans who have different political views. Being polite and kind is hard but is always the right thing to do.

  • Preston Carl Williams

    I think you need to study up a little bit.
    The current administration will NOT classify what Nidal Malik Hasan did as terrorism. This is the truth, look it up.
    Also, memos from the DHS currently have analysts looking at fundamentalist-Christian organizations as a possible terror-threat. Once again, this is the truth, look it up.
    This meme does simplify these two facts a bit for comedic purposes.
    It blames all liberals for the irrationality of a few liberals currently in government-appointed positions.
    Most rational-thinking and reasonable people, (liberals AND conservatives) do believe that Hasan is a terrorist and Fundamental-Christians are not, however it is fun to poke at the few in the extreme left, much like the left like to do to the extreme right.