Guns and Condoms…

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  • Alexander Nott

    Oh mein Gott I was just saying pretty much this exact thing!

  • Eddie Cheek

    Allowing responsible people to own guns is intelligent, fighting for our very lives to make sure that people who hear voices are allowed quick access to guns is pure stupidity. But you don’t like actual logic do you? You just like your own twisted version of reality that lets you hate people who actually use their brain.

  • Sam Gregoire

    So what you’re saying is that people who hear voices are responsible adults? Where does the picture say that? The picture merely states that the apparent thought process of a Liberal is that simply even holding a gun will instantly transform you into a heartless sociopath with the simple goal to kill, while being handed free condoms at school and being taught how to use them does not result in any major or even notable psychological changes.

  • Eddie Cheek

    It is called millions of dollars spent by the NRA to prevent any type of regulation on guns in any shape form or fashion. It is about the millions of dollars spent on propaganda to twist the weak minded racist troglodytes into believing that they need to load their guns and fight for the right to keep them because a Black president is coming to take them away. The result is people walking around in public places around children, and large amounts of people, carrying automatic weapons, pistols, and every conceivable tool that can enable them to take a person’s life as quickly as possible.
    And there is nobody who does that hoping that nobody sees them, they are purposely looking for conflict. Look at youtube, it is crawling with videos of psychos with guns.

  • Eddie Cheek

    As for s*x education,

    -educated people have fewer children than uneducated people. But the the Republican motto is, “Make sure every child is born so we can starve it, send it to schools that have all the funding taken away, force it to be raised by parents who children themselves when they became pregnant, and finally, send them to prison when they become adults”.

    But whatever you do, don’t mention the word “s*x” in front of children, Because God hates it when people have s*x… S*x has been twisted into the most psychologically damaging concept that man has ever created. It is nothing! Every single creature on the face of the earth does it, and does not think anything after it. It is natural. Nobody should ever want to commit suicide after s@x, unless it is with their republican father. And lets face it, that is exactly where pervs come from, people who have twisted ideologies about procreation, who have told they are filthy by someone who does much much worse when they go home.

    As much as you try, the only thing that will happen to the world when you suppress science, and knowledge, is the world is going to get worse. And it will be a direct result of the republican party.

  • Steve

    Following either strain of logic then a liberal should either be in favor of publicly funded gun education or require a waiting period and registration for condoms…