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  • DannyE

    Liberals redefine words all the time to mean anything they choose, thus the confusion between giving and taking. Liberals live in a fairyland of intentions that have nothing to do with the real world. However when they translate their intentions into the real world through the wall the norm becomes stealing from everyone to benefit the political elite while calling it benefits for everyone.

    No liberal has a clue about critical thinking, policy analysis, are the damage they create through good intentions. Liberals need to be banned so we can work out all the damage they have created in our country in the last century and a half.

  • resonance

    Do you ever wonder why liberals claim to be in the majority and charitable why there isn’t enough charity to provide for all of the liberals?

  • Steve

    I find a lot of Liberals have trouble with the framing of the discussion. “We” can do better, you didn’t build that, we need to spread the wealth around. Individual merits and consequences do not seem to factor in.

    We failed someone, so that explains their criminality
    We need more revenue, so we must increase tax rates
    We have low graduation rates, so we must empower the teacher unions to have better pensions (?)
    We can’t let GM fail, we have to steal it

    We, we, we. Group blame, group guilt, group politics, group benefits. The left relies entirely too much on the “authority figures” to lead them rather than recognizing the their elected representative are there to serve them as individuals. They don’t care, the government does that for them. They don’t teach, the government does that for them. They don’t DO things, they only repress individual freedoms through shoving them into boxes or suing anything and everything to impose their will on everyone for the good of the collective.

    How about dropping the pretense that this is a society of groups. We as individuals have rights and are represented via elections to defend those. You as the “leader” of a group were not elected by anyone so your concepts of what is best for the rest of us, even your group members can only serve to destroy someone else’s rights.