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  • Eddie Cheek

    Republican Def. -Compassion = forcefully taking everyone’s money to buy weapons of mass destruction to kill innocent people and take their resources. Expecting people to work for the same wages that are paid to Chinese workers, with the same lack of protection, and the ability to have people’s heads bashed in if they go on strike.

  • Shaun

    And this is different from Democrats how? Considering they have a chance to fix problems but elect to cause more? I don’t seem to hear any Democrats trying to end the free trade with China? Hmm?

  • Eddie Cheek

    Sadly you are right, Democrats vote almost exactly like Republicans, and they both vote to stab Americans in the back. Clinton signed NAFTA, and it has been down hill ever since. Well actually, Casino Jack really found all the ways to gut as many people as he could for the Republican party first. Forced prostitutes free to all the officials that enabled him, free labor for all of the manufacturers that were able to cheat the “Made in the USA” label.
    So tell me, do you think that you should be able to “Not pay taxes”? Do you think that you should be able to decide where your money goes? If so, where would you elect your money to be used for? Helping people of your own community, or murdering people and destroying homes of innocent people in other nations, and then using your money to build entire cities for the survivors? Republicans vote to put money in the pockets of the rich, and fight to take money from everyone else.