Things Liberals Hate…

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  • Zac Main

    Home schooling also retards social integration.
    And gun ownership is more likely to lead to people killing each other.

  • Cillendor

    Look out, folks, we have another gov’t-bred zombie over here! Contain! Contain!

  • Miki M. Gain

    I’ve known a LOT of homeschooled kids in my day and the vast majority of them were far better socialized than their public school peers. They were more mature, capable of independent thought and action and respectful of everyone around them than their age related PS corollaries.

    Where did you get your opinion? KNOWING many homeschoolers or letting Chris Matthews tell you what to think?

  • Steve

    Social integration can be attained via church, sports, clubs, scouting. There are numerous outlets outside of the home to explore and many home schooled kids get real social integration by volunteering to help the needy.

    If you don’t like constitutional freedoms, that’s fine. I’m gonna keep on not killing anyone with my guns, just like almost everyone else who owns one.

  • Jimbob Alany

    Did you know using your brain makes you more susceptible to brain aneurysms? Not by a significant amount but still… You should just…

  • Misty

    Zac, that has to be one of the most ignorant things I have ever heard! Its right up there with “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.”
    Look at statistics, homeschooled kids do go on to college in most cases and gun ownership leads to LESS DEATHS not more deaths you simple minded liberal zombie with no knowledge of real life.

  • johnnyD

    You obviously don’t know any of the above, sport. “A tree is known by its fruit.”

  • Katie

    I was home schooled, and I’m perfectly fine in a social environment.
    Just because you seem to believe that we have issues with being social
    doesn’t make it so – students being home schooled is just because our
    parents want better for us than what public schools provide. Besides,
    home schooled students are better committed to their education. We tend
    to be more independent and we don’t follow along with crowds. When we are in a social environment, we do sports, activities, church, and meet up with other home schooled students. And as
    far as guns killing people, guns may be the object which leads to the
    death of someone – but it’s a person who pulls the trigger. People kill

  • Kyle Kiernan

    Social integration eh?
    Anyone remember the first thing said to by the teacher on the very first day of school?
    Yeah, it was “sit down, be quiet, and stop talking to your neighbor!”
    Now if you had said Social Submission I would have agreed.

  • Mikus

    Wow Zac, you were obviously schooled by the government. It’s amazing the lunacy that come out of your pie hole. I could turn on MSLSD ….er….MSNBC and hear the same b.s.

  • Nic Basore

    Ha ha! Sorry ma’am, I was raised around guns, and through homeschool! I have yet to kill anybody, and as for social situtations, I’m more outgoing than most of my public school friends!

  • John Dougherty

    Trapping a child in a class with 30 other children the same age almost guarantees social retardation. Without interaction with other age groups, they fail to develop the ability to interact with people outside a narrow social focus. In fact, I’ve known too many who can barely see people in other age groups as persons.

  • Tom Elder

    Independence is what the libs hate with such venom. It leaves them OUT!

  • redheart

    There is never a shortage of Liberal Talking Points.

  • Sally Shively

    he thinks kids that like to party have better social skills i guess.

  • davidshockey

    I know and have met several dozens of home school kids. Except for two who were homeschooled after they were expelled from public school, all had the same quality: they could carry on a conversation with an adult at a level much higher than you would expect given their chronological age. That is socialization that matters.

    But if by socialization you mean that they have experienced bullying, become sexualized at an early age, can recite the latest rap, pepper every conversation with “like” and “ya know what I’m talking about” then yes, public school is the place for socialization.

  • John Graham

    Would be nice if you actually looked at facts and figures.
    Home schooling has grown and those that chose to partake in Home Schooling their children do it out of love and that they find things missing or not acceptable in PS or even Private Schools. They have a large support structure that gives their children the Social Skills that prepares them for life along with what they are learning at home during the school periods.
    With Gun Ownership you need to learn the facts again most Legal Gun Owners know they have a greater responsibility due to the ownership of guns and how they handle the guns around other people.
    Most will take a safety course during their life.
    I’m not a gun owner but I have taken a hunters safety course long ago in my life and I still remember the gun safety part of the course and if I have the opportunity to handle a gun I use those lessons I learned many many years ago as to most legal gun owners do in their daily life.
    Please go look at the facts, the true facts and then post things that are actual and not just your warped opinion.

  • Chuck O’Connor

    The only person I knew that was home schooled was my childhood friend’s daughter. She hAD MORE SOCIAL SKILLS THAN i DID! i WAS IMPRESSED! sHE WAS BRIGHT AND SHARP!!Not disrespectful or perverted. I have come across many gun owners including myself who want to be left alone. We aren’t out to kill anybody like some of the other crazies out there. We enjoy our freedoms until someone tries to trample them. We will stand our ground!

  • priest’s wife

    these are reasons why we homeschool (gunowership? not for us)

  • hollywoodron

    I homeschool my daughters… and we are heavily armed.

  • Behning Brad

    More people are killed each year with baseball bats than guns. Therefore, baseball leads to killing people?

  • Noboodi Busini

    Maybe, they’re just not intelligent enough to be able to homeschool thier children and are jealous?

  • merlin186

    head to the doctor your knee is jerking and your heart is bleeding

  • frank96740

    More than once I wish we had homeschooled our son when living in CA. He went to public school and at 12 had already tried POT and started stealing money from my wife’s purse. A LOT of $$ went in to trying to straighten him out over the next four years. He is now in his late 20’s still doing drugs, drinking and smoking his food stamp money..
    Yes, I own guns – glad I kept them in my safe when he was home..

  • Blake

    I went to public school and I’m still Socially Awkward sometimes 😉

  • Dylan

    The abundance of spoons and forks leads to more people becoming fat.

  • Dylan

    I’ve been to public school pretty much my whole life, and I’ve gotta say there was never really a lacking of social awkwardness lol. Homeschooling just involves a lot more socializing outside of school through sports, church groups, clubs, and many other things.

  • Lou O

    My lord, its a good thing that the kids in Chicago and Detroit all went to public school. Just think of how many more murders there would be had they been home schooled, got an education, got off the street, and learned to be productive members of society.

  • Andrew J. Corrales

    Social integration isn’t always good. It may lead to bullying, hazing, drunk driving, use of illegal drugs, and other things that both conservatives and liberals don’t support (well, liberals want to legalize marijuana, which is currently illegal, but then again, that’s not exactly supporting breaking the law).

    And how does having a gun make a person more likely to kill somebody? Hammers, knives, and cleaning chemicals are also used for violent purposes. Why aren’t those also ragged on by gun grabbers?

  • hora

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  • hora

    Sure NOT only liberals are smart for commit crimes and fraud.