How to spot a future mass shooter…

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  • Eddie Cheek

    That is why conservatives are fighting so hard to make sure that a person who has fired weapons multiple times at people in the last 30 days, or even hears voices in his head, can go pick up an assault rifle at any time, -so that we are all “safe”…

  • Tim

    They don’t blame video games? Tell that to Tipper Gore or the demonic Feinstein.

  • Steve

    Hyper reactive bureaucrats. Can’t take the time to do things case by case cause there’s always some a-hole lawyer waiting to sue for something. Lawyers must be reined in. I say penalties for malpractice and the ability to take a class action against the legal profession for making us put labels on toasters reminding us not to put them in the bathtub.

    Did your admonishments to stop making sandwich guns stop any crimes today Mr. Lib?

  • Christian William Dahl

    I love this post but it sounds really Hypocritical Video Games Shouldn’t be blamed… You should have put like “Angry, Detached, and Talking quietly to themselves all the time… nothing to worry about”