Liberal math…

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  • Dylan

    This is why disarming law-abiding citizens is a very bad idea(and is unconstitutional.) Criminal gunman don’t follow gun laws, and making more gun laws will not change that fact. The Aurora shooter specifically picked a theater in his area that was a “gun-free” zone, and likewise he wasn’t met with any resistance until the police arrived. He was the only armed person, everyone else was a defenseless victim. Same thing with the Sandy Hook shooting.

  • Laura Van Melle

    The reason why there aren’t so many problems in the gun shows is because the people there know everything there is about the gun, and most of are capable of controlling themselves around them. However, most children aren’t educated on guns, and let’s remind you that there are a lot of unstable children in our schools who are being bullied and may have death in their mind. A kid could get the gun pretty easily, even if it is locked away, and could then either shoot himself or the other students. And whether or not teachers or other workers were armed, they wouldn’t have been able to stop a madman. People that messed up will shoot everyone the moment they see their victims regardless.

  • Jonathan

    Do you remember the 15 minutes after Columbine when we were going to actually Punish the Bullies? You know, before people remembered that those were the venerable Jocks, and we wouldn’t want to upset Little Billy’s football scholarship.

  • Justin Hogan

    Laws are not meant to prevent crime but to identify and prosecute it.

  • Richard Parcher

    Here in spokane wa. (I hate this state!) campus police at Gonzaga university entered gun owning students apts on campus at 2am without notice and in many cases where no one was home and confiiscated all the firearms in those residences. They said they were justified because of the no gun policy on campus. Sounds like a load of crap to me! As of today these students have not been handed back their weapons!

  • DannyE

    More guns make all safer…even the gun control nuts…

  • DannyE

    Where is the aclu to sue for these kid’s rights?

  • FC White

    Oh yeah…I forgot. I guess no one was armed on that ARMY BASE in 2012 or the NAVY BASE in 2013.

    How foolish of me to have assumed otherwise!

    What’s that…? They were? Hey, uh,…duh…uh…hey, gun lovers! Tell me what to say now. I feel as stupid as the rest of you on this site. (Gulp!)

  • FC White

    Good. I’m glad to hear this. I hope they do more of this. I want ALL guns taken away anywhere NEAR any sort of school. Period.

  • FC White

    I don’t think it should just be on campus property. No one within one hundred miles of a school should have a firearm. Any kind of school, from preschool to graduate school. No guns.

    (Now which one of you men with a little tiny cocktail weenie is going to spring up first and tell me I’m advocating mass murder? LOL. Such predictable little morons.)

  • FC White

    Oh, and you know what, “Richard”, we who live in this good state hate YOU and your kind.

    So get the fuck out of our state and stay away for good. Asshole.

  • FC White

    I heard that there’s a “white supremacist” town somewhere in the adjacent state, Idaho. Go cornhole up there, son, and leave us alone. Jerk.