Freedom of Expression…

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  • Dylan

    Almost all Americans find it very abhorrent to burn our flag, but yet I recognize both images as protected free speech. Where does the idea come from that something cannot be allowed because someone calls it “hateful?” That’s just dictating to people the kinds of feelings and opinions that are and are not acceptable. This is something you see in fascism.

  • Relacks N. Joy

    again you are portraying your favorite position: Divisiveness. divide to conquer. get people feuding among the ‘little people’ & create wars based on lies and make money for haliburton and all the oil company owners.
    as GWBush’s scribble sheets said: Don’t let the turkeys get you down. DON’T buy into this hate rhetoric. be BIGGER – think BIGGER – think BEYOND the details of DIFFERENCE and who We are Together as People and Americans – Especially on Veteran’s Day! class it up, kids!

  • TheJgriff72 .

    Depends on what context the Confederate Battle Flag is displayed. If someone is doing something historical that relates to the Civil War, it is not a symbol of hate. If someone like the KKK uses it, then yes it is hateful. It is all about context.

  • TeaPartyMustDie

    How appropriate that the flag of failed traitors who wanted to own black people is on the right.

  • CB

    You mean the Democrats, right?