To every problem, there is a brain-dead Liberal making it worse…

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  • Steve

    If you decide to restrict guns from your property (schools, etc) then I believe you have just assumed the duty of protecting me from outside threats. If I can’t have a gun then you damn well better have one. Armed people would and have stopped EVERY mass shooting on record.

  • William Carr

    That’s delusional.

    Columbine School had an armed guard.

    He fired on the shooter, but failed to stop him.

    Deputy Paul Smoker was also nearby, writing a speeding ticket. He fired on the shooter also, and also failed to stop him.

    The Virginia Tech shooting? They have their own POLICE FORCE.

    Didn’t help.

    Time to wake up and start thinking for a change.

    Guns aren’t magic.

    They don’t repel bullets from the bad guy, they don’t automatically aim for the bad guy in a crowd of innocent bystanders, and they don’t work to stop mass shootings.

    The only solution is to make owning a gun like owning a car.

    If you’re under age, you don’t get to drive without supervision.

    You have to have insurance to drive the car off your property, or you go to jail.

    If you have a bad record, and you’re unreliable, either your insurance goes through the roof or you have your license suspended as a public hazard.

    And if you’re a convicted criminal, and you get caught with a gun, you go back to jail, with no appeal.

  • William Carr

    It’s fun to drop by, from time to time, and see what stupidity and flaky reasoning the Right Wing is using.

    It never gets better, sadly.

    The vast majority of Americans support mandatory background checks to buy a gun ANYWHERE, especially at gun shows.

    And the mentally ill simply can’t be allowed to own deadly weapons.

    But that’s what we have Judges and Courts for. To enforce the Law on a person by person basis.

  • Steve

    How do you propose to do a background check in a) my backyard and gain access to b) my medical records. OK poof background checks are required. How do you do it?

    Law enforcement is NOT the job of the judiciary. It is the job of the executive.

    As an executive of whatever institution bans guns, you then have a duty to protect me from people who would hurt me. You have left me defenseless to a portion of the criminal population, in return you have told me its for my “safety” . Well are the people who couldn’t shoot back safer?

    All those things you cite are true about driving are neat. Funny thing, with ALL those laws people who are not allowed to drive still do. Then when they hurt someone you take them to jail. Just like with gun laws. Enforcement is great, what happened to deterrence as a viable option?

    If you pull a gun and start shooting, I’d prefer it if it wasn’t illegal for me to match force and have a chance. Not like criminals are bulletproof. Sometimes you miss, more often they die or put the gun down.

  • Steve

    Your solution is NOT analogous to car ownership. In order to make your solution work, you would have car ownership be restricted. However even if people don’t OWN a car they can still get in one and drive. Instead of trying to run everyone, why don’t you just settle back and let us care for ourselves a bit there tex?

  • Laura Van Melle

    Agreed. No one can stop a madman from shooting people unless you disarm him before he gets the chance to shoot, which rarely happens when you have a nutjob holding a loaded assault rifle in his hands right in front of you.

  • reaper

    Do you know what a assault rifle is? It by definition is a select fire rifled weapon using intermediate ammunition. Definition of select fire a weapon capable of either full auto or burst fire in addition to one other setting other than safe. A assault rifle is legal to purchase but you better have 20k on hand as that is the amount they go for for the most basic.