Freedom of “Choice”…

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  • WolfenStorm

    Yes, they are that stupid.

  • Emma Duncan

    Im sorry, last I heard all those things were completely legal…

  • Nick

    They’re all things that liberals hate and in some cases want banned.

  • BettyBoop

    You brainless Liberal shitestains, why are you SO fucking STOOOOPID?? Kill yourselves already.

  • Webby901

    Last time I checked we weren’t the ones being anti-progressive. And also its spelled stupid, brainless sheep.

  • Webby901

    Last time I checked, republicans are the only ones trying to ban things in this country, it’s called being anti-progressive, aka ignorant.

  • MM

    Nazis were progressive, Stalin was progressive. it’s another word for COMMUNIST.

  • MM

    Pro zionism is what it is.

  • Karl William Raymond Stack

    “Progressive” is nothing more than a buzzword. It has no inherent meaning, as the definition of “progress” is left entirely to the speaker of the word.

  • Brock Johnson

    Really? Libtards want to ban guns prayer in school soldiers carrying crosses etc all because they might “offend” someone the only thing that they are “progressive” at is taking the country over a fiscal cliff by handing out money to the scum that keeps them in office.

  • MIchael

    I think Webby901 is getting progressively stupider…

  • Stir_ the_ pot

    OK, Webby. How is using the same arguments for 50 years progressive? How is expecting the same idiots that broke DC to fix DC progressive?

    If believing that the Constitution actually means something is anti-progressive, then yes, I am anti-progressive. If expecting people to actually take responsibility for themselves is anti- progressive, again I am guilty. If believing that America should be stronger as a people, and should be better represented by the people chosen to administer the government, then my hand is raised.

    How is believing that unborn are not human and deserving of the protection those that have been born enjoy while blocking the execution of the monsters of our society progressive? How is suicidal policies that weaken our country and our security progressive?

    I am not a republican, nor am I a democrat. Both major parties are corrupt beyond repair, and not worthy of my loyalty. But I am sick and tired of listening to a bunch of pseudo intellectual “progressives” claim that their idiotic ideas are somehow superior when they have failed time after time in actual practice because they are never sustainable.

    If all you do is repackage broken merchandise and give it a new name, how is that progression?

  • Noah McDaniel

    Webby, do you have a brain? If you’re going to argue politics, atleast have a clue.

    And by the way, at what point is too much progression enough? Progression, realistically is changing the constitution, taking away our rights. That’s progression. Because right now, and even more so in the recent past. We had rights. As you progressive libtards continue to take over, we’re watching our rights get taken from us left to right. Commie.

  • RKae

    “Ban things.” Really specific.

  • Blacktiger

    It is so sad to see people thinking their Constitution is the same today as it was when it came into affect. Sorry folks “that” Constitution was obliterated by the secret one that your country is still bound in servitude to England.

  • Jamie Pittman

    LOL the last 4 lines are Lorem Ipsum text (starting at the end of the 5th-to-last line – look for it).

  • Hans Switzer

    Obviously you are one of the sheep. For being such a ‘progressive’ who thinks they are just so superior, it seems sarcasm is lost on you. Of course you are one of the numb idiots that vote the ‘progressives’ in and keep ruining our country.

  • Webby901

    If I’m a sheep why are “conservatives” trying to oppress the rights of others using religion as their motive? Last time I checked our forefathers declared America a secular nation (check the treaty of tripoli). Progressive is a word meaning to favoring or implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas to replace outdated, frankly oppressive ones.

  • Ross N

    Sorry creep, but not all liberals want to just ban guns and prayers. You’re generalizing liberals as much as Webby is so why not remember what Bush did to destroy this country before you just blame all the liberals.

  • Ross N

    You’re an arrogant jerk just to blame liberals like this when the consevaturds of the Bush administration did the same thing. Get a life.

  • Ross N

    You can shoot yourself first. The world would be better off without you.

  • Ross N

    Nazis were actually of the far right.