Those laws are for the peasants…

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  • Steve

    *GASP* How did he get that illegal thing without a background check or a license or waiting period??????? Oh no, David Gregory appears to be a criminal with an illegal amount of ammo in DC. Help we need more laws to stop the madness! What if he’s crazy? Did anyone get an illegal look into his private medical records?

    Wait, I bet he borrowed that. SO no background check right…

  • DannyE

    Too bad more of us serfs don’t live in DC.

  • aye7

    I’m pretty sure that’s a military magazine. I bet it has on it somewhere, “For military/Police use only. Illegal to possess otherwise”

  • Nathaniel

    I think the point here is that the laws on the books don’t matter because they aren’t enforced. Before we try to make new laws, maybe the ones already in existence need to be enforced.

  • Steve

    Yes, that too. If David or Piers thinks another law will stop what happens, they were just proven wrong.