Fah, let the peasants die!

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  • Ron Gilbert

    Tis the way of Liberals.

    “I will impose my misguided ideology upon you but am free to believe that I am not included in that ideology nor do I have to follow the rules that I set up for others.”

    “I know best how to run the country even though everything I touch turns into a decaying mass yet I will try the same tactics over and over and over again believing that by my perseverance the outcome will be positive because I believe it will.”

    “I will hate those that oppose my false logic and scream racism should those that oppose my insanity make any sort of sense.”

    “I will believe myself to be tolerant while displaying anything but tolerance to those that disagree with me.”

    “When those that I hate make a mistake, I will make sure that they never forget that mistake even though they have done everything humanly possible to correct that mistake and will do everything I can to use that mistake against them whenever possible. When those that I support make a mistake and never make amends for it nor even acknowledge that mistake I will excuse it by acknowledging the fact that people make mistakes.”

    “When a Conservative makes a statement that could be misconstrued as racist, I will seek to get that person fired and run through the mud but when a Liberal makes a blatant racial statement, I will defend their 1st Amendment rights to the death.”

    “When a Conservative gets caught doing something immoral, I will scream hypocrite at them but when a Liberal gets caught doing something immoral I will defend it by telling people that they are not to judge.”

    “When I disagree with a Republican president, it is my 1st Amendment right to yell for impeachment, tell people that this president deserves death, place effigies in my yard with pictures of that president hanging by a rope at the neck, or outright say that I want this president dead. When someone disagrees with a Liberal president, I will scream racism, intolerance, accuse them of being both unpatriotic and traitors to this nation, tell them how disgusting they are for opposing the office of the president, or outright call for laws making it illegal to disagree with their president.”

    I think this pretty much sums up the way that I see pretty much all Liberals. Now, let the trolling begin Libturds.

  • DannyE

    Do as I say, not as I do…for me but not for thee!

  • Tony Ol

    The only reason there are 11 armed guards there, people, is because the President’s children attend there, and they are provided Secret Service protection.

    But, NEVER let facts get in the way, okay?

  • Guy Post

    “According to a scan of the school’s online faculty-staff directory, Sidwell has a security department made up of at least 11 people. Many of those are police officers, who are presumably armed.

    Moreover, with the Obama kids in attendance, there is a secret service presence at the institution, as well.”

    So, Tony OI…how about IF YOU GET your facts straight. There IS armed security ABOVE and beyond the secret service personnel provided for the “great one’s” children.

  • sclars

    11 to protect 2 ?

  • Landsnark

    Are there armed guards at the school? The answer is yes. They may come and go with the children, but they are on campus when the children are there, they have guns. But don’t let the facts get in the way.

  • Mms

    Just another idiot zionist America hater isrealeech. That’s our media, full of nazis.

  • Mms


  • Shawn Fifield

    While I appreciate the need for protecting the presidents children, they need it. This so-called “journalist” is a hypocrite for saying everyone else does not deserve the same protection his kids get. If he wants to practice what he preaches, send his kids to a public school, otherwise he should STFU!

  • Dill Pixel

    Excellent! May I use this with you as author?

  • Ron Gilbert

    If you want to. These are all my personal thoughts that have been my experiences through out the last several years when I finally started paying attention to things in politics and social interaction (dating back to 1993 when Clinton won his first term). I try not to stereo type but have immense difficulty not doing that with Liberals due to their utter hypocrisy.

  • Dill Pixel

    Thank you! You have them down to a tee. One of the biggest things I have noticed when I talk to one is that when I dare to question their philosophy they ALWAYS resort to name calling. Don’t be afraid to hand this out to “political” Conservatives. I am sure they would enjoy it. :)