“It’s for the children”

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  • Liz

    I was a camp counselor for a few years in high school and I was always paired with a group of campers in the 1st-3rd grade range. They always wanted to hold my hand on field trips, or get piggy back rides, or give us hugs before they left with their parents until my boss came up to me and said someone “might look at that as inappropriate behavior” and the kids “could go home and say that you touched them”. We weren’t even allowed to put sunscreen on the kids before we took them to the pool every afternoon without written permission from the parents. I love kids and it is insane that I would have to tell them “no” when they would ask for a hug before they left because it would mean I was a pedophile. So wrong.

  • Whitney Lackey

    they go from one extreme to the other. It’s ridiculous how no one knows how to use common sense anymore.

  • Dustin Bennett

    I am very conservative, but have we all forgotten TSA is Bush’s creation???

  • Andrew Harper

    Since when was Bush a Conservative?

  • Evan Minton

    The TSA didn’t start doing their molestation thing until the Obama administration. And they’re doing this as a knee jerk reaction to the Underwear Bomber incident.

  • Ron Gilbert

    Actually Evan, the TSA started their abuse just after being commissioned. Story after story came out about elderly people being abused by them, handicapped people being abused by them, and children. Several stories of women being groped were also in the news soon after the came to being as well. It just seems like now it is even worse (which it is).

  • Rob

    Right after being discharged from the Navy, I worked for the TSA as a screener when it was first formed in 2001. It was a little over 1 year after we took over passenger screening that they made us stop using hand held metal detectors, and began making us grope people. This was right around the time DHS took over. When that happened I began screening in the baggage area because it made me sick to see the direction things were going. All of this happened under Bush, but their methods have steadily declined yearly from acting as security screeners, to behaving like Brownshirts today under Obama. Many of the people employed by the TSA currently, are barely fit to serve french fries at the local choke and puke.

  • Pat Ryan

    Agreed, but poor timing.

  • Michael Kennedy

    Didn’t the regressives set up the TSA?

  • http://devilgustas.deviantart.com/ Sean Yisong Ling

    Where are all the liberals criticizing NSA and security programs now that Obama is president?
    That’s what I thought.