Leading by example…

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  • johnnyD

    Yeah. THAT’S gonna happen.

  • idic5

    Regular citizen not= President of the US, so there is no comparison on this subject of guns.

  • William Carr

    Oh, hello, everybody !

    I just stopped by to point out how hopelessly stupid this is.

    President Obama doesn’t want to ban guns. He OWNS guns. Many, many Democrats own guns.

    What we want is sensible background checks to make sure the mentally ill and convicted criminals can’t buy guns.

    If you even thought for ONE moment, you’d realize no elected Democratic official has ever talked about gun confiscation.

    But somehow, you keep believing this lie.

    Happy Halloween !

  • BillyC

    Oh william. Good intentions dont get your far in this world. If you know anything, then you should know there are ALREADY backround checks to purchase guns. But you obviously dont realize that criminals DO NOT BUY GUNS FROM GUN SHOPS. They buy STOLEN guns off the street. Which backround checks do NOTHING for. I grew up in DC, and not the side of DC you see on TV. I know first hand where criminals get there guns. I was one. All the gun laws you can think of will NOT stop them from acquiring weapons. All it does it make it harder for the Law abiding citizens to arm themselves for protection. And you are right, I know several democrats who own guns. But if you think for one second that this president doesnt WANT to take our guns, you are sadly mistaking.

  • Dylan

    He says he doesn’t wanna make all guns illegal, so maybe for now he should set an example by having all of his personal protection hold no more than 10-round ammunition magazines and only use handguns and hunting rifles. Maybe he should even take his VP’s advice and fire a shotgun up in the air to scare away and would-be wrongdoers.

  • Chad William Manning

    “If I could have banned them all – ‘Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns’ – I would have!”

    – Diane Feinstein

    Argument invalidated.

  • Steve

    So, William. Thanks for stopping in. Can you enlighten us on how exactly private sales or even “regulated” sales would be subject to background checks that access someone’s private health information? In what fashion do you propose to determine that your fellow citizen is not crazy? Or is this another example where one has to prove oneself fit for rights guaranteed by the constitution? Do you have a massive “crazy guy” database?

    Truly interested in the points BillyC raises as well. How DO you keep known lawbreakers from breaking the law by purchasing a gun. What about knives? What about purchasing outlawed firearms? I am sure all the drug dealers that sell guns are gonna rush out to register for your watch list.

    If you even thought about it for ONE moment, you’d realize no convicted criminal or crazy person has stepped forward and handed over a gun.

    Some how you keep believing that if you wish real hard bad people will go away.