The Face of Abject Stupidity…

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  • idic5

    The main problem with objecting to protesting a lack of rational gun regs due to the politics of it is that gun problems occur ALL THE TIME. Perhaps not as garish as Lanza, but there is eassily sufficient unnecessary gun violence to innocents every day, and so if you wait til there is no gun violence to protest toothless gun regs, you will NEVER enact rational gun regs.

    The guy is not a moron , but protesting an obvious problem.

  • AshnWrfre

    The problem is that lanza broke so many damn laws!

  • Joe Girolamo

    Genius, The point is that people who kill with guns are not deterred by gun laws. You could make 1,000 gun laws. It won’t stop gun violence.

  • timmycrw91

    No law would have prevented this, and only someone armed on the scene could’ve stopped this. Either way, this incident is no reflection on the Second Amendment, gun owners, or the gun industry. Nor am I or any American to have their RIGHTS infringed on (example: Andrew Cuomo) due to the actions of criminals or lunatics.

  • Joe Vigliatura

    Agreed with the not a moron part, but more laws? I disagree…the man broke 41 laws already on the books.

  • Spryte

    Guns are not the problem. Godless people, Democrats, and children of Democrats are the problem.

  • Draco Morrison

    We could save just one child that way!

  • TomR

    Bottom line, repeated studies show overwhelmingly that more gun control does not equal less violent gun crimes….period!! It’s time people discard statements like Mr. Smiley’s and other far left libs as avoiding reality.

  • Joe Zeek

    So someone that’s willing to break 41 laws is not going to find a way to break this so called “rational gun reg” that you think is out there but yet to be enacted?

    You are a special kind of stupid aren’t you?

  • Philip Beck

    Get a screw driver, quick! Tavis has some screws loose.

  • MaryTormey

    What about the way Peter Lanza, who has ties to the mainstream was ignored as a suspect. They released evidence to him without time to examine in fully. Do dead people deserve the presumption of innocents? How do we know what really happened? A lot of weird stuff is going on around the Autism Tissue Project, what about the 25 normal kids who where passed over targeting two 15 student special needs classes? Then the program which lost brains in an odd freezer malfunction manages to get a huge grant…

  • Cutenu2

    He finally drank the kool-aid.

  • jarisman

    As a liberal and a democrat and apparently an oddity among them, I agree with the image. More laws won’t solve the problem. However, if people like you are gun owners then I may have to second guess my position. Autism Tissue Project and lost brains? Are you for real? 9/11 was an inside job, huh? FEMA camps? Anything I’m missing?

  • bigMike

    NOTHING will make you safe, PERIOD! You can reduce the odds by, 1 – ARMING yourself!, it may give you a fighting chance. 2 – keeping an awareness of your surroundings at ALL times. this will keep the bad guys far enough away to give you time to get your gun, or to run away. 3 – ALWAYS keep your wits about you, this means a calm head is a THINKING one. rationalize what’s going on, and ACT ACCORDINGLY

  • Retired Navy

    He’s not the brightest lightbulb in the package.

  • John McMillan

    Prejudiced much?

  • Dylan

    Far from it.

  • Frank Marshall Davis Jr.

    That makes him a good Democrat.

  • John Fah-q Smith

    Here is an idea that WILL work…
    Don’t let firearm-ignorant politicians make laws regarding firearms. Problem solved.

    This would rule-out even the one-time, shotgun-wielding Pres.

  • I Troll Libtards

    Right because a person who is willing to kill others will definitely follow the law amirite?

  • TheElfHerself

    Wow. Or maybe they should instead figure out better ways of enforcing those laws…but in the meantime, they should allow other people to protect themselves…with GUNS!

  • crowdog

    who cares though, right– the free market will decide. since laws obviously are of no help whatsoever, then we should never bother trying to make laws about guns or anything else. so some school-kids got blown away. that’s your fault for not agreeing with me that selfishness is the only motivation.

  • happylada

    The latest slaughter was with knives. Could you run your kitchen without them?

  • happylada

    Simple statement of fact. Do your homework – the last 3 mass gun murders in the US AND the Boston bombing all done by Obama fans and/or party workers. All from democratic families. None ever attended Sunday School.

    Draw your own conclusions . . .

  • happylada

    America is about #3 in the world for gun violence. IF you take out three Democratic controlled cities, it then drops to third best. Its NOT the guns, its the liberal mindset and education system, and how they raise children

  • rev0lver

    It probably would in this case. Think about it.

    All of those 41 laws wouldn’t have been able to be broken if Adam Lanza didn’t have access to guns in the first place. You people think that a skinny anti-social white boy who plays DDR in his room is going to have the black market connections and money to purchase illegal guns? Please. I’m not saying I agree with gun bans overall, but illegal guns is only truly a problem with organized crime. Spree killers, who typically have no connection to this, would not have the ability to acquire them.

  • rev0lver

    Good use of only 3 events to try and generalize something. Despite the worst mass shooting in the last 10 years being from a right-winger.

    These shootings were not politically motivated. Aaron Alexis and James Holmes were both liberal, though I’m not sure who the third is. These two were also literally psychologically ill. And before you make any joke about that, real mental illness doesn’t discriminate politically.

  • rev0lver

    If guns were illegal, where would Adam be illegally getting his gun from? Is this skinny anti-social unemployed kid supposed to use his gang contacts or something?

  • happylada

    I’m not sure who you are referring to as the worst in 10 years.

    IF you are referring to the Swedish shooter, he may heve been a right winger alright, but had NO values in common with conservatives OR Republicans i n America. He was, by his own statements, doing the work of evolution, and restoring the gene pool. He being an ardent Darwinist.

    While mental illness has no party, its amazing that in America the most virulent hate , the most degrading attacks , the greatest racial slurs, and the most murders are caused by Democrats or Obama supporters. THAT is just a fact. No point in bringing in the Europeans. We have enough of our own problems.

  • happylada

    I guess you aren’t aware of the ability of a 8000 dollar printer to make a gun? And that gangs have already made the necessary purchases, and there are 100,000 copies of the plans floating around the webosphere?

    Your problem is NOT with the armed thugs, but the unarmed victims.,

    Guns save lives every day.

    There have been 8 killings in Israeli schools in 10 years – in the US 250 or so.

    Israel has an organized and dedicated foe. The US killers are cowardly wimps taking the path of least resistance.

    The difference? there are guns everywhere in Israel, including the classrooms.

    Fact: as gun ownership has gone up, crime has gone down.

    You are simply arguing from policy and emotion (as I would expect from a Liberal), not facts or reason.

  • rev0lver

    Anti-muslim, anti-immigration, support for the free market, hatred of leftists, obviously no values the American right-wing has. The motive for his attack came from immigration policies, the same reason groups like the SPLC are wary of extreme right-wing groups in the US.

    The most hate coming from the left? Doubtful. Where are your statistics on that? As we constantly see horrible anti-gay/black/latino/etc statements from people and homophobic attacks that I’ve seen personally. Possibly murders on a whole, but that’s an obvious result of lower-SES people who typically vote democrat.

  • rev0lver

    First of all, the Israeli comparison isn’t fair at all. Their population is 8 million, our population is 315 million. When you take that into account, the statistics are about the same (actually lower in the US, 1 per 1 mil in Israel, less than 1 per mil in the US)

    He’s going to use the 3d printer? The one that has yet to make viable guns and costs a ton of money? Think logically about this.

    Gun crime has also gone down where gun ownership goes down. In real statistics about that fact, not the ones manipulated to look like it goes up. You also need to take location into account, for example, rural areas vs urban areas, where gun bans are more effective in some places.

    You also mistake me for being anti-gun. I’m not. I have many friends who live in bad neighborhoods and are responsible gun owners, who may need it for protection one day. I simply want people to stop using their biases and look at the issue objectively.

  • happylada

    So no booze . . .

  • happylada

    ” I simply want people to stop using their biases and look at the issue objectively.” as do I.

    Considering that the Israelis live with 40% of the nations population committed to destroying them and 100% of their neighboring countries the same, I think there should be 100 times more killings in Israel per capital, everything else being equal. The difference is that they are NOT foolish enough to have gun free zones and then stupid enough to tell everyone where they are.

    Several generations of 3D guns have been successfully built – Google it. Some have fired 30 shots and re still functional.

    “Gun crime has also gone down where gun ownership goes down. In real
    statistics about that fact, not the ones manipulated to look like it
    goes up.” Simply false!

  • rev0lver

    No, you don’t, you’re spouting talking points that don’t make sense. It’s fine if you think guns should be legal, but it’s not a black and white issue where one side is completely in the right.

    Where are you getting 40% from? And the situation in Israel is completely different from that of America. Gun crime in Israel comes from trained terrorists, not like what we see here. And their reduction in this statistic comes from anti-terror operations, and is not related to any gun laws they passed. This is stated by the Israeli government themselves.

    As far as the 3D guns go, from my understanding (you can correct me if I’m wrong), the only available working model is a one-shot pistol, which would be very unviable for a spree killing. I’m not sure what the future of this will hold and if semi-auto/automatic guns are a possibility, but I don’t see it as a problem right now. So the attack still would’ve been prevented, from a logical standpoint.

    And yes, many of the statistics cited from the right on this issue are extremely misleading. For example, the violent crime rate in the UK is often cited as a failure for gun control. In actuality, gun crime has gone down, as have total homicides. The problem comes from a less strict legal definition of “violent crime” than we have in America.

  • Joe Girolamo

    Think about what you are saying. 41 laws wasn’t enough. How many is enough? I don’t like these stories anymore than you do. But, we need to draw the line between freedom and restriction someplace. Restricting access to anything for the public safety is great until they decide that YOU are a potential threat that needs to be controlled. Should Lanza’s mom been restricted from owning guns? I don’t know. Should you be restricted? I don’t know. Should I be allowed to drive a car? You don’t know until something bad happens then we all know and the Monday morning quarterbacks are everywhere. You cannot legislate against people that don’t obey the rules. Killing people with guns is against the rules, owning them is not.

  • rev0lver

    I’m saying, in the common examples of spree killers, it’s a very poor example in support of gun rights because Adam would be very unlikely to have access to a gun if they were illegal. This scrawny mentally ill kid isn’t going to be walking around the back alleys of Boston asking where to buy this gun he doesn’t have money for.

  • Sean Yisong Ling

    This “scrawny mentally ill kid” would have just purchased guns illegally from arms dealer. It wouldn’t necessarily be in back alleys: there’s this thing called the Internet now, smart one. Criminals may be evil, but they aren’t stupid or lazy enough to not commit crimes; they use what little ingenuity they have to commit those same crimes. Criminals don’t give up just because you pass new laws, and enforcing these new laws requires police, who you liberals believe are racist, to enforce these same laws at gunpoint. How do you think that’s going to play out in minority communities if your theory of racist cops is correct?