Disarming the victims…

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  • Tenacious221

    That doesn’t save just one life though…it saves 315

    We only want to save one.

  • Jimbob Alany

    But you didn’t…

  • Martin Lewis

    I am guessing that those 8 were Jihadist Muslims shooting them !

  • Hhhghhg

    Israeli here, can’t remember any case of school shooting in Israel. However, most teachers do not carry a firearm, security guards are the ones who do (I was one of them).

  • edrox

    of Israel = 7.9M, deaths approx 1/million. Population of US = 319M,
    deaths approx 1/million. If you are going to look at statistics, you
    have to look at the entire picture. If you beat the numbers long
    enough, they will say anything you want them to

  • Jared Mark

    Israel: Surrounded by Muslims that are hell-bent on their destruction.

    Thank you for telling us the USA is like a war zone. Glad you agree we need armed teachers.

  • edrox

    So your take-away was that armed teachers are better, Not that, armed or not, the death rate is the same per capita. Perfect example of making the numbers say what you want them to.

  • Jared Mark

    Well yeah, of course armed teachers are better… I mean, with missiles being fired from all over, and over 1 Billion muslims surrounding you wanting you to be wiped off the face of the earth… and the violence and constant threat that is non-stop in that place… for them to ONLY have 1/million deaths is astounding…

    And yet, ours is the same… and we have none of those other pressures going on… so we should have far FEWER deaths per million, you would think…

    Logic, sir.

  • Currahee101st

    But little juice are important little Goyim,not so much.

  • Steven Overturf

    If you look at numbers that are more valid, you will find there is a higher ratio of children per population in Israel than in the United States (age 0-14 = 28% in Israel; 20.2% in the United States). Though somewhat inaccurate because many deaths will be 15-17 year olds as well, it does paint a more accurate picture. Israel 0-14s = 2,240,000, so if death rate restricted to that age range, then 1 death per 280,000. US 0-14s = 64,034,800, so if death rates restricted to that age range, then 1 death per 198,000. Though some intrinsic inaccuracy, it’s still a much more accurate reflection than what edrox is trying to spout off. Add the warzone factor and it makes the differences even that much more drastic…Israel schools are notably more safe. Damn facts, they always mess up a liberal’s argument.

  • Steven Overturf

    too bad the numbers are horridly skewed when you do per population total. Higher per capita number of children in Israel than in the United States. Your argument is invalid…

  • Nic Basore

    2 were children unfortunate enough to be in the hallway when Ollie Ockbar showed up.

  • edrox

    I see now. A teacher with a rifle prevents missile attacks. Got it. Thanks for clearing me up

  • ThomasER916

    Juice in America like Chuck Schumer, Rahm Emanuel, and Al Franken love to use the State Dept to import Somali Muslims to white, Christian states then disarm us. They all have a different plan for Israel.

  • Sam Murad

    A valid point sir, though I agree with Mr. Mark’s position, I think it is very important to frame these statistics appropriately.

    I think more weapons in the hands of people registered and trained to use them is always a good thing.

  • Sam Murad

    Sir, I take offense. Not with your contrived conspiracy theory about Jewish politicians in the United States. Jew hating is an international disease that cannot be cured.

    I take offense because you seem to believe the state of Israel is somehow a puppet of the United States.

    I am an American Army Officer, I love my country and I have pledged to stake my life in its defense. I am also a Jew, and I think it has taken several millennium for the Jewish people to grow teeth and independently guarantee their own safety. To insinuate that Israel is an American pawn belittles this achievement.

  • DraynTn

    This one does.

  • edrox

    Heres the thing. I am actually conservative, 2nd amendment supporting, Republican. But I hate how people love to take two facts and force a correlation. Correlation does not prove causation folks. How about the fact that Israel has more doctors per capita than any other country in the world? Could it be that their physical andd mental health care providers are more adept, and more able to spot potential sociopaths or psychopaths, and get them appropriate treatment before they rampage? The corollary between armed teacher and school shootings in Israel simply is not supported. I can open photoshop, and in about 10 minutes produce a graph showing a dramatic increase in school shootings since the release of U2’s first single. But that doesnt mean the Bono is responsible.

  • Sam Murad

    Sir, the word “teacher” with an arrow pointing towards her doesn’t necessarily make her a teacher.
    My experience in Israel leads me to suspect that she is a guard that was misidentified.
    However the point of the picture is still valid.

  • Shan

    So glad the security guards in Israel are armed. Here, they are nothing more than scarecrows with limited power and a huge amount of ego and chest thumping. God bless you for protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

  • Frik Groenewald

    Just how many dead children would you say is acceptable, since that is what I take away from your per capita reasoning. Shouldn’t children be safe at school? Just how many law abiding criminals are in jail? Oh that is right… none… criminals don’t follow the law, which (if you didn’t know it), makes them criminals, so please explain to me exactly how another 1000 laws will make them change their minds if the 10’s of thousands on the book now fail to do so…

  • Frik Groenewald

    Like someone mentioned earlier, the “teacher” might be an armed guard thus the picture was mislabelled. Speaking of Bono though he came to South Africa and sung “Kill the farmer, Kill the Boer” and I know you don’t know it, but a farmer is 2-4 time more likely to get murdered here than a police officer. His participation in singing the song here does actually give him some responsibility in the deaths of innocent people. (Boer = White people in South Africa)

  • BayushiZero

    Don’t try arguing with facts, when you encounter the anti-semite trolls like Thomas here.

    It’s like presenting facts to a liberal. You get nowhere.

  • Bethel M

    Bear in mind Israel is constantly on high alert of possible terrorist attacks or even full scale war.

  • Joshua Moncrieff

    you have 40 times the population of israel and some pretty dodgy fucking places in your country, you shouldnt have far fewer deaths per million “just because” there are alot of negative afflictions the U.S has that Israel doesnt.

    Logic, Sir.

  • ThomasER916

    Thanks for telling me you’re an indoctrinated Useful Idiot for Cultural Marxism.

  • BayushiZero

    Flagging your comments for ‘review’.

    Take your stupidity elsewhere, douchebag. I’m not the one condemning an entire religion over misplaced bigotry.

  • Lazy_I

    Steven Overturf for the win.

  • ThomasER916

    You just posted a litany of talking points that have no relationship to anything I’ve said.

    #1 – Your offense is meaningless.
    #2 – I never said the US is a puppet of Israel, that’s called a Straw Man.
    #3 – Where is this so-called “Jew Hate” you’re blathering about? If I pointed out that Muslims are imposing double-standards you’d cheer.
    #4 – Your rank in the US Military is meaningless. The fact that Major Karl Plagge deviated from protocol tells us nothing of doctrine or beliefs. If a Muslim says “Islam means Peace” that tells us nothing of Muhammad or all of history.
    #5 – Again, you’re ending with a Straw Man.

    What I find interesting is when you point out the truth, people behave like Muslims and Liberals…
    Straw Man Fallacies
    We’re Not All Like That
    We’re Independent

    I’ve noticed you’ve said nothing about Schumer, Franken or Rahm. Why? They’re part of the Tribe. Never criticize your own. Just let them continue destroying America because you’re “offended.” That’s the real problem. You’re never wrong. Someone points out a double standard and you start ranting about everything under the sun EXCEPT your Tribe’s behavior.

  • ThomasER916

    Shut down anyone and everyone who dares to disagree with your Cult.


    Is this “Liberal Logic 101”? Sound like Liberalism 101

  • BayushiZero

    Conservatives & Libertarians are not bigots. Leftists like you, however, ARE.

    Shove off already. No one gives two f**ks about your stupidity.

  • ThomasER916

    So now, magically, I’m a Leftist? Isn’t that amazing? I’m magically transformed into a Leftist because I disagree with your Cult.

    Sorry but you’re the one using Liberal Watchwords and slogans. You’re the one screaming “bigot” and “hater.” Those are your words, not mine. That’s what you said, not me.

    You need to look in a mirror some time son. You’re completely indoctrinated like Pavlov’s Dog. You’re shutting down Free Speech like a typical Libtard.

  • ThomasER916

    Why don’t you look at Minnesota and the Somali Muslims that were imported to Minnesota by the US State Department?

    Everything I said was 100% true. You’re just so indoctrinated your brain is flooded with Libtard Slogans like screaming “bigot” and ending the 1st Amendment.

  • ThomasER916

    Schumer, Franken, Rahm Emanuel, Cass Sunstein, George Soros, Noel Ignatiev, Francis Fox Piven, Bill Ayers, Herbert Marcuse, Gloria Steinem, Tim Wise, SPLC…

    Should I keep going? I looks like the indoctrinated Useful Idiots will shut down Free Speech. Can’t disagree with the Cult.

  • ThomasER916

    I’ll be diamonds to donuts posts will get deleted and people will be banned for pointing out Double Standards.

    No problems can be solved if they can’t be addressed.

  • BayushiZero

    I’m sorry, dopey, but you don’t have a first amendment here on this website.

    I can’t look at Minnesota as I don’t live in Minnesota. Indoctrinated? Wat?

    Somehow *I* am the liberal because I disagree with hating an entire religious group based on… what? The actions of a few POLITICIANS?

    If that were the case, then I’d have to hate every Christian, Agnostic, Muslim & Atheist as well.

    Sorry, moron. I have higher standards than to hate.

  • ThomasER916

    “I can’t look at Minnesota as I don’t live in Minnesota. Indoctrinated? Wat?”

    Let me get this straight. You’re able to look at Israel but you don’t live there but now, magically, you can’t look at Minnesota. It’s as if you’ve never heard of the internet. And you called me “dopey.” LOL!

    “I have higher standards than to hate.”
    ^^You hate anyone and everyone who dares to question your indoctrination. You’ve been screaming and ranting nonsense for an hour now. You can’t even be correct on accident.

    This is about Double Standards.

    Now go back to screaming “bigot” then pretending you’re not a hate-filled lunatic.

  • Sam Murad

    I do not disagree with you. You’re making a fair point. The numbers can be twisted into all sorts of shapes.

  • Jonathan Oberg

    Israel is a lot smaller than the United States, so by the numbers it would obviously have fewer shootings. Not really taking a side on this one, but you would need to take that into consideration before making any declarative statements here.