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  • Dylan

    Yea, and we need the taxpayers to fund the “free” condoms and birth control because clearly making the conscience and optional decision to engage in intercourse out of wedlock should be paid for by other people. It doesn’t matter if you object to funding this based on your values or standards, just give up a percentage of your paycheck or else.

  • Shaun Harris

    They are mature enough to stick a gun in their hands and ship them overseas but not mature enough to buy ciggs or beer.

  • Jimbob Alany

    they can buy ciggs, but not drink… they can vote…(at 18 of course I speak of

  • Richard Nixon

    The more I was exposed to the bible, the less I believed it.

  • Richard Nixon

    You think teens should smoke and drink? Their brains are still developing, you git. That is why the legal age for drinking is 21. And you can smoke at 18, but if you smoke you already show how many braincells you lack: A LOT!

  • Shaun Harris

    Richard….. Where in this did you read me saying that I think they should be able to buy ciggs and beer? So at 18 they can get shipped to Afghanistan and get blown into pieces by the same aholes our Gov’t is supporting but they can’t go into the store and buy a beer if they wanted it until they are 21. So you would rather have them all screwed up mentally and physically from war then to drink beer at 18?

    @JimBob …you are correct, my mistake about the cigarettes.

  • Derek Shepherd

    AND allowed to get abortions without parental notification/consent!

  • TheElfHerself

    The more you study the Bible in depth the more you will believe it. If you need help, check out the books “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” (McDowell I think is the author) and “When Skeptics Ask” (Geisler).

  • William Carr

    Except there are no “free condoms and birth control”.

    The ACA requires that Insurance companies cover that as part of Health Insurance, and they’re happy to do so; it’s WAY more expensive for them to cover a woman having a baby.

  • William Carr

    If they can get pregnant, it’s their business from that point on.

  • Dylan

    My comment was not referring to Obamacare in any specific way, and yet you’re trying to make this about Obamacare. Liberals want us taxpayers to pay for their “free” birth control, condoms, and even abortion. Completely beside that point, I’m sure insurance companies are happy to be supplying that as it makes them more money. It’s another thing the consumer is forced to purchase under Obamacare, and it’s another reason why costs are going up. You can still get pregnant even with birth control and condoms.