Civil Rights…

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  • Sean P Hamilton

    Christians dont have civil rights? I am Christian ,i say and do what i please. No one tells me what I can or cant do!

    The only problem for many so called Christians is they live in fear. They really have no faith in Christ. If they did there wouldnt be a problem.

    Need to wake up and renew your minds.

    Who comes up with this nonsense?

    By the way, Conservatives and Christians have nothing in common.

  • Sam Brown

    I disagree. Don’t people know what goes on in Guantanamo Bay? They’re not playing Candyland with them, that’s for sure….

  • Arthur Sager

    You Sir are so right most Christians just sit around waiting for the rapture. So they believe that this is not their problem. But as Christians it is our problem, and if we do not stand up for ourselves and fix it,then we are also just part of the problem.

  • Dylan

    Yeah, well these sweethearts at GITMO certainly weren’t playing candyland before they were detained either.

  • Joey Jeffcoat

    Most Conservatives are Christians actually…

  • Dylan

    Conservatives are for traditional values and upholding natural rights, and so are Christians.

  • David Wolk

    There you go, blame the victim. By the way, conservatives and Christian’s have a lot in common.

  • Dn. Alfred

    You’re in the wrong place to speak the truth Sean, people here won’t understand it. Jesus said that true religion was taking care of widows and orphans, whereas conservatives these days say that widows and orphans should have made better choices, and that if we give them a handout then they’ll just learn how to take handouts. Jesus told a rich man that in order to receive eternal life he should sell his possessions, give the proceeds to the poor, and follow him. Most conservatives oppose any influence to do just that. Jesus said that the widows two pennies were as valuable as the rich man’s dollar, but most conservatives reject a progressive tax system. I could go on…

  • Cynthiac

    I can guarantee you that they are being treated alot better than those animals would treat any American. They are terrorist that they should just take out and shoot them to get rid of them instead of wasting money to keep them there.

  • Cynthiac

    It is sad but that is what is happening in this great country,We have an illegal Muslim as president that is doing everything possible to destroy this country and the ignorant Liberals are helping him do it.

  • brunodarkhorse

    Yeah, you do what you please, till you get arrested. These kids never thought they’d be arrested and strip searched, like street thugs, who hide weapons and drugs. Your condescending arrogant remark smacks of a coward. These people were doing exactly what you’re accusing most christians of not doing, while you just sit in front of the computer. I don’t know if the word Christian really applies to you or not, but hypocrite sure does.

  • Jack Toki Gerson

    I have to disagree with part of your statement. I also say and do as I please and speak freely of my faith but here is where we disagree. You sound like you are “informed” so are you just missing the fact that when some do “speak out” they are treated with contempt. I watch closely the attack on our belief system from every angle and maybe you and I still speak “loudly” of our faith some are abused. Speak the truth in Love.

  • Sam Brown

    I don’t know, I think waterboarding, torture with irons, intentional laceration, starvation, solitary confinement, and binding is about the worst anyone can do. Yeah, that happens in Guantanamo. I can guarantee that we’re just as horrible to our prisoners as the terrorists are to ours. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending them. I’m just saying that American wardens aren’t exactly saints, especially where our country’s interests are involved.

  • Nina Briley

    you are making a lot of presumptions about people you have never met. We as people are not labels…
    You could substitute the word liberal in the place of conservative and it would have the same value to someone else… each person in their own right has their own beliefs which they hold are true in their own reality… Each person’s reality is different from the next… it all has to do with perspective. We need to stop judging others… I think that is reserved for someone much more important than all of us…By the way… Have you sold all your possessions? and given all that you have to the poor? I agree we must take care of those in need… but when we create a system when we keep people impoverished and promote an environment where some choose not to help themselves when they could, I take issue with the system that created learned helplessness and created attitudes that promote taking advantage of the system. What are we doing as a nation to truly make sure people can be self sufficient if they are able? … what will we do if the banks fold and the power grids go down?… will it matter who is a “conservative” or who is a “liberal”?

  • Dn. Alfred

    Then don’t call it a judgement, call it a comparison to Jesus against which we all fall short. Other than a compact car I’m not sure I possess anything of much value, but I left a government job with King County (in Seattle) and moved to Greeley, CO in order to serve God in the office of a deacon. Since then I’ve done what I can to help the poor in this community by coordinating with agencies to get the resources to allow us to distribute bus tokens, food, clothing, toiletries, and in a matter of weeks showers, to those who are in need. Oh, and this isn’t a paying gig. Other than allowing me and my family to stay in the rectory, the church pays us nothing. I like to think I’m not a hypocrite, although I’m far from perfect.

    I think that every year it takes fewer people to produce what we consume, making today’s employment levels unsustainable in the long run, and creating a system of poverty.

  • Brad Mayeux

    actually %80 of the ones still there have been found as innocent.
    How would you like to be there having done nothing ?
    Many have gone on hunger strikes and contemplated suicide.
    This is on YOUR shoulders, and every one who hasnt done something to try and have them released.

  • BillyC

    What are YOU doing to try and release terrorists Brad?

  • BillyC

    and those torture tactics are what lead us to Bin Laden (if u really believe he was killed) So if torturing terrorists who have or had planned to kill americans is what we need to do, im all for it

  • Chuck O’Connor

    So, liberals and Christians do?

  • Sean P Hamilton

    My comments were based on what I know about what i read. How do you draw your conclusion about me from that?

    My remarks are no condescending and definitely not arrogant.

    You have no basis to say i am coward and have no idea what i do everyday.

  • Sean P Hamilton

    whether i measure up to your standard of christian, means nothing to me.

  • Sam Brown

    It’s not our place to bring on suffering with intent. We are Americans, so we should stand as a shining example to the rest of the world. We should even treat our enemies with respect. And you know what? If they’re found innocent and shipped back to their homeland, they’ll tell people how wrong everyone is about the U.S.

    They’ll stop letting Hollywood dictate their view of Americans and listen instead to those who had first hand experience with the infidels. We should be famed for our justice, but we should also be famed for mercy and grace. If they are indeed guilty, then they shall be sentenced with the proper retribution. But if they are innocent, they should be released with an apology, not tortured until they say what we want to hear.

    As to Bin Laden, I can’t be sure. I was not there, so he may or may not be dead. Besides, it was advanced surveillance and an inside tip that led us to him, not torture.

  • brunodarkhorse

    Then quit judging others, hypocrite.

  • Guest

    liberals have nothing to do with how Conservatives conduct themselvs.

    The poster and article at hand, is about terrorists having rights that Christians do not.

    the arrests of the Christians are isolated incidents. I have never been arrested for doing what they are were arrested for doing.

    But to answer your irrelevant question, no. Liberals and conservatives are the same. Neither od anyone any good at all.

    both like to pretend they are something when they are nothing.Both like wasting time and funds, both are only concerned with themselves

  • philwynk

    You know nothing, and you are engaging in moral grandstanding, making yourself feel superior by playing a manipulation game with words.

    I have not been keeping up with reports since Obama took office, so I cannot speak with authority regarding practices at Guantanamo since then. But before that evil man took office, the regimen of interrogation being carried out by the US military was carefully controlled and supervised, and did not constitute torture. It was carried out with standards of humanity unheard of around the globe, but painstakingly and intelligently. It produced useful information with a minimum of pain, all of it well within international standards of justice.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for using real, hard-working interrogators as your toy for inflating your ego. However, guys like you seldom feel any remorse for your psychological games. I hope you grow up and knock it off someday. I hope, also, that your little control game doesn’t get anybody killed.

  • Sean P Hamilton


  • Sean P Hamilton

    what is that in reference to? you arent even making sense.

    I didnt judge anyone and how am i hypocrite? your justa waste of time but keep going

  • Sean P Hamilton

    a judgement is hitting someone in the head with a stone.

    Conservatives are not being judged, they are being played.

    We are voicing what we see is wrong with America today.

    if the banks were to go down, everything would get better. They work to keep industries in slave wage nations and funding the middle class who blindly accpet the status quo.

    Welfare recipients are not near as harmful to the US economy as borrowers. People who borrow for cars and homes that they cannot afford are much more trouble than someone who gets a monthly subsistence.

    Untill Clinton, Americans could not get loans for cars and homes with no money down and proof they could pay the loan in 15 years.

    the 17 trillion debt, is from feeding the middle class not the poor.

  • Sean P Hamilton

    Bin Laden? Can anyone prove Bin Laden was alive after 1998? NO!

    The US has no business in the middle east and it serve no American purpose. How you cant see that is beyond me.

    The US drills and sells more oil than it imports. WHy are we protecting foreign suppliers and their markets?

    China is buying US resources at cut rates thanks to Congress regulations and restrictiosn, while the US protects everyone except the USA

  • The Lord’s Warrior

    As a Christian I have no problem giving to the poor or helping out in what ever I can be of service to. Obedience is better than sacrifice I will do both as God asks. It is being forced to do by a secular government and guilt ridden Greek minded do gooders that I object to. My giving should be of free will NOT compulsive.

  • Dn. Alfred

    That’s a conservative idea, not a Christian one. see Matthew 22:17-22

  • Mark

    Jesus never advocated for the gov’t doing it through taxation. Nor did he teach that we should redistribute hard earned money to a welfare class that won’t work. The Bible says if you don’t work you don’t eat. Also, here’s a dirty little secret for you: it’s been proven over and over that conservatives give more to charity by far than liberals. People like Al Gore and Joe Biden give next to nothing, look it up. Liberals pretend they care about the poor, but they are hypocrites. All they care about is votes, taxation and power. Do you really believe the ACA is about health care? It’s a money and power grab, they could care less about our health. Conservatives in no way “oppose” helping widows, orphans and the truly poor. You are swallowing what the Dems and lame stream media are feeding you hook, line and sinker.

  • Kenneth Crabtree

    everyone talkin about religion and politics and trying to compare them, ur idiots, one politics in the U.S. is like goin to ur neighbors and stabbing them in the back and taking all they own, religion ( as some pepl take way too seriously) is suppose to be a spiritual belief that seperates us from animals, when in todays time it turns pepl into beasts. that is the one and only comparison that needs to be pointed out

  • Dn. Alfred

    When you look at the old testament, and the practice of the time the new testament was written, you’ll see that farmers were required to leave the corners of their fields unharvested so that unfortunate people could glean from them. So there was indeed a biblical requirement that people give the fruits of their labors to those who did not work to produce them.

    Of course those who can work to provide for themselves should, as St. Paul tells the Thessalonians, but while encouraging people to work St. Paul did not tell people to withhold charity to people who do not.

    Your argument that “Jesus never advocated…” is unimpressive. My claim is not that liberal values are more christian, only that prominent conservative values are not. However the liberals are not trying to use their faith (or lack thereof) to justify their political ideology to the degree that social conservatives do.

  • The Lord’s Warrior

    I render unto Caeser, but that does not mean I have to agree with him. Giving to the poor through compulsive laws steals my seed which otherwise would be used for the furtherance of Gods kingdom.Giving in the name of Christ and not Caeser.

  • Dn. Alfred

    I’m sure Christ would be overjoyed to see Ceasar concerned with the welfare and wellbeing of the poor. Apparently you would not be.