Blame and Credit…

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  • Lee Buschman

    Conservative logic, we lost the election, we didn’t get our way so we’re going to close down the government, whimper, whine. When are YOU going to GROW UP?

  • HappyFriday

    The GOP may have ‘lost’ the presidential election, but by less than 2%; however, they ‘won’ the House with a majority of representatives. So your position is that because there’s a democratic president, the republicans should heartily support everything the democrats want, ignoring the majority of people that elected them? Be careful what you wish for, the Republicans may be in the oval office again someday. The GROWN UP thing to do is to work together and negotiate a mutually acceptable solution? Instead the democrats are acting like the whimpering, whining, babies by refusing to negotiate on anything – my way or the highway. Let’s see how that works out…. oh, that’s right, we have the ACA which was rammed down everyone’s throat, and is now the most hated, divisive, piece of legislation ever written and is now splitting the country as harshly as the civil war. By the way, the democrats supported slavery and almost prevented passing of the Emancipation Proclamation.

  • peter

    Dear God, it’s like watching two little kids bicker.

    Listen, Lee, if you are going to get angry about something don’t go to a website where that something is present in bucket loads and if you do don’t complain about it.second, if you are going to start an argument actually make an argument, don’t whine and cry and insult people you’ve never even met and if you do at least make it funny. you look childish at best which is ironic considering you are telling conservatives to grow up. also, don’t pick a fight just to get the last word on something or just to hear yourself type, it makes you look sorta stupid.

    HappyFriday, you look like you at least tried to do your homework on this and make a reasonable argument, but you also seem to be letting your anger and your “get the last word” reflex get the better of you. just take a few deep breaths before posting a comment on anything. also, while you clearly did homework for your side of the argument you should also do the homework the other side of the argument should do (ahem) so that you are best equipped to argue. you bring in some information that is irrelevant as well (just look, you’l find it), try to be the bigger man and keep the argument centered around what it is centered on (which I believe is the government shutdown and the Republican reaction to Obama’s presidency).