Why Obama was re-elected…

There are basically two types of people in the world: Those who search for truth, and those who accept perception as truth.

There are two types of voters: Those who study to find which candidate actually represents them (we’ll call them the Political Humans) , and those that passively accept the deluge of campaign rhetoric to pool before them so they can base their decision on what perception emerges from that pool, which also includes their own preconceived ideas from previous campaigns, never any real sense of logic and analysis, just perceptions (we’ll call them Political Zombies).

While many Liberals actually do pay attention to which candidate stands for which ideas, principles and positions, they also have no moral compass to tell them achieving those goals should be done ethically. Thus they have to problem with swaying Political Zombies to their candidate with lies and distortions.

Most Conservatives however have arrived at their political opinion through truth and logic and find the idea of swaying people with lies and distortion distasteful, and counter-intuitive to the formation of a valid form of government.

This when Conservative Humans may outnumber Liberal Humans, the Liberals can almost always count on the votes from Political Zombies. And not just their votes, but sometimes their participation in election rigging, voter fraud and spreading even more lies and distortions.

You may find the use of the term Liberal Human to be odd, but in reality these are people who understand that the underlying goal of socialism is not to share the wealth, but to hoard the wealth through the might of goernment for the a select few. Their goals are entirely self serving. They are the slave master screaming to their chained slaves to work harder or the “enemy” will put them in chains.

The problem for Conservatives comes from the attempt to reason with the unreasonable. A giant crowd on mind-numbed Zombies created by a socialist education system (A system based on the ideas of the socialist John Dewey, specifically to make the masses compliant and easily manipulated). How to win without lowering themselves to the level of the Liberals and ignoring the idea of a intelligent vote. How do you convince the Zombies that freedom is more important that handouts, who’ve been conditioned to demand handouts?  How do you convince the Zombies that their own children should be protected and provided for and not consumed and discarded in their quest for more toys?

It’s a losing battle as more and more Americans cease being humans and succumb to the zombie virus.


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