Jul 27 2015

Margaret Sanger’s Vision for America…


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Jul 24 2015

Real power…


Jul 22 2015

Pro-Life Leaders Say Planned Parenthood Openly ‘Targets’ Black Community

black-woman-pregnant 500x200
Following allegations that Planned Parenthood is selling aborted fetal body parts for profit, black pro-life leaders are calling to defund the organization and address what they call “targeting” of their community.

“It’s an open secret that they are targeting the black community, that they have located their facilities within a two-mile walking radius of a black or Latino neighborhood…and they are coming after black women,” Catherine Davis of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition told The Daily Signal while gathering with other pro-life leaders in Alexandria, Va.

To hear that this organization is allowed by our government to do that kind of targeting is very disturbing to me. I call it today’s 21st Century Jim Crow.

Davis, a longtime critic of Planned Parenthood, said the only difference between Planned Parenthood and Jim Crow is that “we can’t see” the targeting because it occurs inside abortion clinics. Continue reading

Jul 22 2015

Obama & Chattanooga…


Jul 21 2015

Racial healing or just more racism?


Jul 21 2015

Black Mississippi Confederate flag supporter killed by car full of jeering African-American men

Anthony Hervey 500x200
A black Mississippi man who often dressed in Confederate regalia to support the state flag has died in a one-car accident. The Highway Patrol says 49-year-old Anthony Hervey was killed Sunday when the 2005 Ford Explorer he was driving left the roadway and overturned on Mississippi Highway 6 in Lafayette County. A passenger in Harvey’s car, Arlene Barnum, tells The Associated Press that Hervey swerved and crashed after another vehicle carrying four or five young black men pulled up alongside them, yelling and looking angry.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol did not immediately respond to an Associated Press query asking if officials are investigating Barnum’s account. Mississippi Highway Patrol spokesman Johnny Poulos said Monday in a written statement that no other details of the accident will be available until accident reconstruction experts have had a chance to take a look at the evidence.

Barnum said she and Hervey had been returning home Sunday from Birmingham, Alabama, where they attended a Saturday rally to save the Linn Park Confederate Monument. City leaders there recently voted to remove the memorial from the park. Barnum said they were in her SUV, which was not displaying any Confederate flags or stickers.

Hervey, of Oxford, has drawn attention over the years for opposing efforts to change the flag. He said he dressed in Rebel soldier garb to honor blacks who served with the Confederacy during the Civil War. He was often seen often wearing the Confederate uniform and waving a Rebel flag on the Oxford square.

Read more at the London Daily Mail

Jul 20 2015

Will the real racists please stand up…


Jul 14 2015

But you’re racist if you disagree with any Black Liberal…


Jul 13 2015

Obama’s Racism…


Jul 11 2015

White Privilege causes Global Warming™…


Jul 8 2015

The problems Democrats create; Democrats cannot (and will not) solve


Jul 8 2015

Collectivism creates a false moral buffer than then makes collectivists assume anything for the collective is ethical


Jul 8 2015

The Color of Murder…


Jul 8 2015

Liberal Blacks Blame Middle-Class White People For Gun Violence Committed by Other Black People

Black Liberals Chicago 500x200
Two mothers from predominantly Black Chicago neighborhoods, who lost sons to gun violence joined two Liberal ministers and an anti-gun activist Tuesday in a lawsuit against three predominantly white, middle-class, Chicago suburbs, alleging that weak oversight of gun shops has allowed criminals to easily obtain weapons flowing into a city besieged by gun violence.

The lawsuit accuses Lyons, Riverdale and Lincolnwood communities of violating the civil rights of residents in Chicago’s largely African American neighborhoods by failing to take concrete steps to make sure gun stores are not selling weapons to people who shouldn’t be allowed to carry them.

“Those illegal firearms are flowing into a pocket of communities violating the civil rights of the individuals who reside there, who are afraid to go near their windows or let their children play in the park, much less their own yards,” said Kathleen Sances, a member of the Coalition for Safe Chicago Communities, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

Five individuals – including two ministers and two mothers whose children were victims of gun violence – joined the lawsuit that demands the communities to improve the oversight of the businesses and implement security measures the stores must implement.

Read more at FoxNews.com

Jul 7 2015

Police Deny Brutal Beating of White Man by Black Mob Was Racially Motivated

cincinatti beating report 500x200
New video out of Cincinnati shows a black mob viciously beating and choking a white man, but police have distanced themselves from an initial explanation that the incident was an “anti-white” attack.

The altercation began in Fountain Square on Saturday night at around 11pm shortly after a music concert and 4th of July fireworks.

The video shows several black teens punching and choking 27-year-old Christopher McKnight, while another individual wearing a red t-shirt appears to be attempting to deter the attackers.

McKnight suffered serious internal injuries and was taken to hospital. Riot police later arrived on the scene and arrested seven young men. Two officers and a bystander were injured during the unrest.

A police report initially stated that the incident was being treated as an “anti-white” racial attack, but Capt. Mike Neville subsequently backed off that explanation, asserting that the beating was not a racial attack.

Another video of the incident appears to show bystanders laughing at and taunting the victim as he lay on the ground unconscious and bleeding.

Read more at InfoWars.com

Jul 7 2015

Racist college professor dumped by one school, immediately hired by another

A Memphis professor who left her job under a cloud after a series of racist tweets and Facebook posts has resurfaced at a school across town, where some of her new faculty peers are not happy to have her as a colleague.

Zandria Robinson, who taught sociology at University of Memphis until resigning on June 11, had previously posted on Facebook and Twitter that she did not want her daughter attending school with “snotty privileged whites,” apparently ramped up her social media rhetoric after leaving the job. In a series of tweets that began June 26, nine days after white racist Dylann Roof gunned down nine African Americans in a Charleston, S.C., church, Robinson wrote that “whiteness is most certainly and inevitably terror” and said she expected to see “thinkpieces about how more mental health services could prevent white people from acting how they are conditioned to act.”

Officials at Rhodes College announced Robinson’s hiring last week, and praised her for her “provocative” comments, some of which were first reported by the website SoCawlege.

“As a leading scholar and author in the areas of race, class, gender, culture, and the South, Dr. Zandria Robinson’s comments are sometimes provocative, controversial, and debatable,” the school said in a statement.

However, not all professors are in full support of the controversial hiring. Rhodes College Economics Professor John Murray told National Review that the school is trying to counter bad publicity from a year ago, when people posting from on or just off campus wrote racist comments on the anonymous social media app Yik Yak. But he said hiring someone who made racists statements from a different perspective made little sense.

Read more at FoxNews.com

Jul 3 2015

Yeah, thanks a lot, Obama…


Jul 1 2015

Way Back Archives: Liberal Logic in History—1964


Jun 29 2015

Police Hunting for ______ Girl Who Brutally Assaulted ______ Girl and Baby (Race omitted by PC zealots to protect the guilty and hamstring the police)

baby assaulted 500x200
A 14-year old girl was babysitting her 3-year old niece on June 19, and took her to the playground at her middle school, Herfurth Elementary School, in Rowlett, TX, along with a friend. When she sat down at some tables, she was immediately set upon by a group of Black students (2 female, 2 male) who told them they “didn’t belong there.”

One source revealed to TRN that a racial slur was uttered against one or both the White girls, although police have said there is “no evidence of a hate crime” involved with the attack.

The Dallas Morning News reported that the family does not want to issue public statements for fear of further retribution.

There is also a report that one or both of the 14-year old Black girls are involved in a local gang and were enforcing a “Blacks-only territory” in the schoolyard, although he have been unable to confirm this, as no arrests have yet been made.

The toddler, whose head hit the pavement below when her aunt was grabbed by the assailant, suffered a serious injury that required numerous stitches

Read more at TopRightNews.com


Jun 27 2015

Wonder where Dylann Roof got the idea that a race war would be a good thing?…


Jun 26 2015

Way Back Archives: Affirmative Racism…


Jun 26 2015

Abortion Has Killed More Black Americans Than Crime, Accidents, Cancer or AIDS

black-baby-girl 500
This week Right to Life of Michigan launched a new website that exposes the massive amount of abortions taking place on African American babies in their state. The pro-life group reports that Black women had 13,065 (49.6 %) of the 26,321 abortions performed on Michigan residents in 2014.

Their website explains, “In the United States, the abortion rate for black women is almost 4 times that of white women. On average, 870 black babies are aborted every day in the United States. This tragedy continues to impact the population levels of African-Americans in the United States. The abortion racial disparity holds true when the focus is on Michigan statistics as well.”

In announcing the new web page, Right to Life of Michigan said, “More than crime. More than accidents. More than cancer, heart disease and AIDS. Abortion has taken more black American lives than any other cause of death since 1973.”

“Did you know that? Abortion is the leading cause of death in the United States, but for black Americans abortion causes more deaths every year than every other cause of death combined. Now is the time for this fact to be addressed in the media and in the classroom,” it added.

It concluded: “This week Right to Life of Michigan has launched a new webpage to provide information and statistics on abortions in the black community to help encourage dialogue. The webpage also features a beautiful new full-color brochure that can be downloaded and printed for free, as well as links to our Compassion Project ads and contact information for Right to Life of Michigan’s Multicultural Outreach Office.”

Read more at LifeNews.com

Jun 26 2015

That’s how it works…