Aug 16 2014

Two Players Dead at World Competition…Chess?

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Hundreds of spectators attending the 41st Chess Olympiad in Tromsø, Norway, and countless others watching live TV coverage on Norway’s state broadcaster, reacted with shock after Kurt Meier, 67, a Swiss-born member of the Seychelles team, collapsed on Thursday afternoon, during his final match of the marathon two-week contest. Despite immediate medical attention at the scene he died later in hospital.

Hours later, a player from Uzbekistan who has not yet been named was found dead in his hotel room in central Tromsø. Norwegian police and the event’s organisers said on Friday they were not treating the deaths as suspicious.

“We regard these as tragic but natural deaths,” said Jarle Heitmann, a spokesman for the Chess Olympiad. “When so many people are gathered for such a long time, these things can happen.”

The Olympiad involved 1,800 competitors from 174 countries, accompanied by more than 1,000 coaches, delegates and fans.

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Okay, it has nothing to do with politics, Liberals or the usual stuff, but we just couldn’t resist.

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Aug 11 2014

Communication Problem.


Aug 4 2014

Blacks in America Completely Free of All Problems…Except One: The Confederate Flag

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A Southern Cross measuring 30 feet by 22 feet is flying high above Mile Marker 134 on busy Interstate 95 in Virginia on private property. The group Virginia Flaggers says on its website that it raised the flag on an 82-foot flag pole on May 31 in a small, private ceremony that included a Confederate Color Guard and rifle salute.

The Flaggers group was formed a few years ago after the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond removed Confederate flags from the Confederate memorial chapel on its grounds, and the city of Lexington banned the standards from city light poles. Group members are frustrated by what they see as political correctness run amok, and they frequently bring their banners to protest at sites where flags have been removed.

The group says that spot was chosen to honor the 246,000 Confederate soldiers who fought in separate battles in the Fredericksburg vicinity during the Civil War. It believes the flag represents pride, not racism.

Barry Isenhour, who is active in the group, said he doesn’t think of the flag as a symbol of a fight to preserve the institution of slavery, in part because he believes the war was a defense against Northern aggression. The historical meaning of the flag, he said, should not be distorted by the message of the hate groups that have carried it — groups that have been repeatedly denounced by the Flaggers organization.

But Aston Haughton, president of the NAACP chapter in Virginia’s Stafford County, told the Post he saw it differently. He said the flag “symbolizes racism, oppression. It reminds people of the days of slavery.”

“We have to see if we can work it from another angle,” he said. “Our mission now is to make sure they don’t keep going county to county and keep putting these flags up.”

Stafford County spokeswoman Cathy Vollbrecht said the county government “received inquiries and complaints from citizens” after the flag was raised in late May.

“After careful review, we determined that no laws have been violated,” Vollbrecht said in a statement.

SOURCES:, Washington Post.

Aug 2 2014

#Hashtag activism.


Jul 31 2014

National Football League Outraged That Men Act Like….Well, Men

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It’s been said that men bond by insulting each other, but they don’t really mean it, while women bond by complimenting each other; but they really don’t mean it.

That men, who like and respect each other, insult each other has been a practice for as long as recorded history. Even the Bible has several conversation between men who are friends who insult each other. In Job 12:2 Job responds to his friend who was criticizing him with, “No doubt but ye are the people, and wisdom shall die with you.” Even Jesus used sarcasm when greeting a potential disciple who was a bit of a smart aleck.

“Philip findeth Nathanael, and saith unto him, We have found him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph. And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and see. Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!”—John 1:45-47

And is there any event more guyish than football? So why in the world is the NFL getting all girly about NFL players insulting each other. Are they worried that their precious snowflakes may get their feelings hurt?

From Breitbart

The NFL is outlining a new “zero tolerance” policy for badmouthing, verbal abuse, and racial and homophobic slurs from players and coaches on the field, in the locker room, and in other NFL facilities.

In a new video, Dean Blandino, the league’s VP of officiating, affirmed the plans, saying that “there will be zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct, particularly verbal abuse directed at an opponent.”

The video is being shown to players as they begin to attend summer training camps.

“The use of abusive, threatening or insulting language directed at opponents, teammates, game officials or representatives of the league is covered under unsportsmanlike conduct in the playing rules,” a narrator says during the video. “This includes racial slurs, comments regarding sexual orientation or other verbal abuse. Actions such as these will result in 15-yard penalties and potential discipline. Coaches, game officials and other league personnel will be held to the same high standard.”

Seriously, these NFL honchos need to grow a pair.

Jul 30 2014

Domestic Terrorists?!?


UCSB Student: Campus Prolife Protestors ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Jul 19 2014

John Wayne…


Jun 23 2014

Anti-Hate Groups…


Jun 19 2014

Liberals ignore the law and strip Redskins of their trademark protection

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The U.S. Patent Office ruled that the Washington Redskins name is “disparaging of Native Americans” and federal trademarks for the name have to be canceled.

The 2-1 ruling came Wednesday after a campaign to change the name gained momentum over the past year. The team doesn’t immediately lose trademark protection and is allowed to retain it during an appeal.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder has refused to change the team’s name, citing tradition, but there has been growing pressure including statements in recent months from President Barack Obama, lawmakers of both parties and civil rights groups.

Bob Raskopf, trademark attorney for the team, said he expects the ruling to be overturned on appeal.

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In case their legal battle proves fruitless, alternative names have been proposed…

Jun 19 2014

Connecticut High School Censors Conservative/Christian Web Sites

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18-year-old Andrew Lampart, a senior at Nonnewaug High School, said he made the discovery when he was doing research for a classroom debate on gun control in May. Lampart said he first noticed that he could not get on the web site for the National Rifle Association.

“So, I went over to the other side. And I went over on sites such as Moms Demand Action or Newtown Action Alliance and I could get on these Web sites but not the others,” Lampart said.

Lampart investigated further, by broadening his search terms to Connecticut’s political parties.

“I immediately found out that the State Democrat web site was unblocked but the State GOP web site was blocked.”

Lampart even looked at Web sites focusing on abortion issues and religion. He found that “right-to-life” groups were blocked by the public school firewall but that Planned Parenthood and Pro-Choice America were not. He also tried to get on web sites such as and the Vatican’s web site but both were blocked. he found, was not.

In a letter to the Woodbury Board of Education, Lampart said that he approached local superintendent Jody Goegler, who told him that some political sites needed to be blocked to prevent “hate speech” from seeping into the school. Lampart approached the school board, he said, after no action appeared to have been taken to allow more sites.

The hate speech justification has left some incensed. Bill Donohue, who heads the Catholic League, a national anti-defamation group, sent a letter of protest to the school on Wednesday.

“It is alleged that you support censoring students at Nonnewaug High School from accessing the Vatican’s website on the grounds that it promotes ‘hate speech.’ Would you please identify examples of ‘hate speech’ found on the Vatican’s website?” Donohue asked.

Sources: Fox CT, The Daily Caller.

Jun 16 2014

Tech Industry Still Haunted by Mozilla’s Witch Hunt

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The controversy over the firing of Mozilla CEO Brandon Eich over his views on traditional marriage is still reverberating, with a long article at claiming Eich’s ideas on gay marriage were already well known before he became CEO and that LGBT activists used his past as a platform for activism.

In a June 13 column, columnist Stephen Shankland prophesied that it will take “some time” for the Mozilla community to recover from Eich’s firing. Especially hard hit was Mozilla’s claim to be a place where the First Amendment actually meant something.

Shankland points out that the attitude in Silicon Valley has shifted from one of profit and success to a blanket of politically correct oppression:

“In the old days it was, ‘Can you generate a return for shareholders?’” said Scott McNealy, who during more than two decades as CEO of Sun Microsystems espoused fiscally conservative politics and sharply libertarian views. “Now we have, ‘How do you feel about gun control, immigration, gay marriage, abortion, and big government?’”

The columnist also said that because things have become so toxic in the high-tech corridor, “few high-ranking figures in the Bay Area’s tech scene were willing to go on the record” about Eich’s firing.

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Jun 16 2014

Anti-American, Southbridge-Townhomes Association bans Betsy Ross Flag

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Flag Day represents more than the official adoption of the American flag for a Littleton man. For David Renner, his passion for flags means a battle with his homeowner’s association. Southbridge Townhomes Association has a problem with the flags he hangs outside his home. But Renner has a problem with the HOA targeting what he says is part of our collective American history.

“I love flags,” Renner says. “I love flag history.” It’s why he owns 13 flags and flies them with pride outside his townhome in the 300 block of W. Jamison Circle in Littleton. That was, until April.

“This is the first flag I got warned on, the Gadsden,” Renner said about the yellow, pre-revolutionary flag reading “Don’t Tread On Me.” So, he took it down and hung his Colorado flag. “But in May, I received a $100 fine for flying my Colorado flag,” he said. Then, on June7, came another $200 fine, for flying his Betsy Ross flag — it has 13 stars and 13 stripes. He flew it again, knowing the risk. “I may be fined again,” he said.

He received a violation letter stating his flags do not meet HOA rules. The only acceptable flag is a current United State flag with 50 stars and 13 stripes. But Renner said he’s protected by the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005. “That act uses a loose definition of the term American flag, any number of stars, any number of stripes, any size, any material, any flag that purports to be an American flag,” he said. But the HOA disagreed, and said historical U.S. flags do not make the cut.

“Do they really think I’m bringing down property values? It’s not like I’m flying an Oakland Raiders flag,” he said.

Sources:, KDVR-Denver.

Jun 10 2014

Pro-Hillary super-PAC tries to bully t-shirt maker

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A pro-Hillary Clinton super-PAC is facing a legal fight after trying to prevent shirts, mugs and bumper stickers that play on the group’s name.

Instead of “I’m Ready for Hillary,” a Minnesota activist made a line of shirts declaring “I’m Ready for Oligarchy,” in the same style and with the same font as the super-PAC’s images. Ready for Hillary responded by ordered two online sales sites, and, to take those down.

The Minnesota designer, Dan McCall, was previously locked in a fight with the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security for selling shirts and mugs that used the agencies seals and said things such as “Department of Homeland Stupidity.”

The consumer interest group Public Citizen fought back against both agencies and eventually got them to drop their complaints and pay McCall’s legal fees.

Public Citizen is coming to the design creator’s defense, and accusing the super-PAC of trying to clamp down on his constitutional right to political protest.

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Jun 2 2014

Harry Reid’s Crusade Against the Koch Brothers Threatens Your Free Speech

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has promised the Senate will take up a proposed constitutional amendment this year that would radically alter the First Amendment.

The Senate resolution would allow Congress to limit fundraising and spending on election campaigns and independent political speech. Reid and others insist restricting the amount of money that may be raised and spent on political speech is not the same as limiting speech. That’s like saying that limiting the amount of newsprint a newspaper can buy does not limit its speech.

Having lost the battle at the Supreme Court, Reid and his cohorts are now pushing this constitutional amendment to reverse decisions—including Citizens United v. FEC and McCutcheon v. FEC—that protect the rights of Americans to speak their minds about elected officials and candidates and to engage in the political process.

Shutting down conservative speech certainly appears to be a motivating factor behind this push to amend the First Amendment. Reid has given many interviews and speeches on the Senate floor demonizing the Charles and David Koch for “dumping unseemly amounts of money” into politics, “rigg[ing] the system” and “trying to buy the country.” Of course, he never mentions efforts by big Democratic contributors, such as George Soros and the SEIU. Imagine the audacity of those “un-American” and “shrewd businessmen” (Reid’s words) who would back candidates and causes they believe will make America better.

Read the full article at The Foundry.

May 27 2014

Pinterest Users, Beware: Giving Cooking Advice Could Be a Crime

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According to the Carolina Journal, in May of 2009, Steven Cooksey started a blog on which he described his ordeal with diabetes and told readers how a new diet helped him through his illness. His website explicitly informed viewers that he wasn’t a doctor or a nutritionist.

That was enough to alarm the North Carolina Board of Dietetics and Nutrition. In January of 2012, the board warned Steve that he could not give readers personal advice on diet, whether for free or for compensation, because doing so constituted the unlicensed practice of “dietetics.” And unlicensed dietetics is a misdemeanor in North Carolina.

According to a recent issue brief from the Manhattan Institute, entire sections of North Carolina’s regulatory code, even those dealing with public health, “make the violation of any of their provisions criminal.”

Cooksey, the nutrition blogger, sued the state board in federal court in May of 2012, arguing that the First Amendment protected his advice. While the suit was ultimately dismissed on the grounds that Cooksey did not suffer an injury, his case is a textbook example of overcriminalization: the use of the criminal law to target conduct that isn’t inherently wrong and that most reasonable people wouldn’t expect to be illegal in the first place.

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