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Jan 22 2015

A tree falls…

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“If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it—does it make any sound?”

How many times have you heard that question? More importantly, though, how many time have you actually heard an answer? Probably never, because it’s a question asked in order to pretend there is no answer as if it’s some universal quandary that defies logic. Oh and there is an answer, and it’s very simple. The next time anyone asks, simply reply…

“What! Are you stupid? Of course it does!”

The Moral Relativist would want us to believe that there are no absolutes, no universal rules, therefore unless there’s evidence the tree made a sound, then there’s no way to know that different from what every other observable pattern would tell us that for some reason the tree fell, crashed to the ground, quietly, with no sound. This is the basis of what has been taught in government-funded schools for decades. In fact more than any other place it was government schools that I heard that question, and the many others that are also part of the “Gospel” of situation ethics.

It seems harmless, that question. But it lays a foundation the results of which we see clearly every day.

Let’s change the question a bit…

“If you do something right, and nobody will ever know about it— was it still right?”


“If you do something wrong, and nobody will ever know about it— was it still wrong?”

Puts a more important face on what was a simple concept. You want to say yes, but if you think about it in the context of reality, how many people treat that question as a yes question? If someone loses a wallet with $50 in it, you find it, and no one knows you have it, and there’s no way you’d get caught…

We know how most people would respond to that situation, which is their real answer, they’d keep the money, and keep quiet. They’ve been taught that no one hears the tree fall.

Decades of indoctrination into moral relativism via tax-payer funded government schools have left most Americans ethical cripples. Why else would we shrug off Bill Clinton’s perjury as excusable, because “it was only about sex”?

They think no one hears the tree fall.

Why else would we pretend illegal immigrants really want to be our new slave class so rich people can find cheaper domestic help?

They think no one hears the tree fall.

Why else would we pretend a draft dodger is better qualified to serve as president than a wounded war veteran, then four years later pretend someone who became a propaganda tool of America’s enemies was actually war hero because he stumbled through a few month in Vietnam?

They think no one hears the tree fall.

There’s a large segment of the population now unreachable with common sense because they actually believe right and wrong are determined by the individual. What is convenient, must be right.

If you ever visit McLean, Virginia, there’s a building there that has a large monument not far inside the main doors. On that monument are stars carved into the stone. I’m told some of those stars have names, but some don’t. The building is the CIA headquarters and the monument is to memorialize those who’ve lost their lives in the service of the US while working for the CIA. The anonymous stars go back quite a long time, so long that even if the names were released today, few would be alive who even remembered them. These are people who felt so strongly about the second and third questions above, that they were willing to give their lives to do the right thing, even though hardly anyone would ever know what they’d done.

Can you comprehend the level of self-sacrifice and patriotism someone would have to have to be willing to risk their lives for a cause, knowing no one would ever know about it? How many Americans do we have that would do something like that? Not many.

Here’s an even harder question…

“If you do something right, and nobody else thinks it right— is it still right?

I doubt many people today could actually get to that level, because they still struggle with thinking a tree can fall without making any sound.

Originally posted April 4th, 2008 at JackLewis.net.

Jan 21 2015

George and Ted…


Dec 23 2014

Daughter of Eric Garner pays tribute to murdered NYPD officers

Emerald Garner, daughter of Eric Garner, center, stands with National Action Network members near a makeshift memorial at the site where New York Police Department officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were murdered in the Brooklyn borough of New York.

Emerald Garner, daughter of Eric Garner, center, stands with National Action Network members near a makeshift memorial at the site where New York Police Department officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were murdered in the Brooklyn borough of New York.

The youngest daughter of Eric Garner paid her respects Monday to two police officers who were murdered execution style in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn over the weekend.

The New York Post reported that Emerald Snipes-Garner, 22, lit a blue candle at a makeshift memorial at the site where officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were shot Saturday afternoon. Snipes-Garner told a crowd of around 300 onlookers that she had visited the Ramos family after reading son Jaden’s tribute to his fallen father on Facebook.

“It hit my heart because I know what it feels like with this upcoming season and you don’t have your father around,” Snipes-Garner said. “I know firsthand what you’re feeling.”

Eric Garner died this past July after a confrontation with police offices over his sale of untaxed cigarettes. An amateur video appeared to show a white officer putting Garner in a chokehold and wrestling him to the ground. Garner could be heard on the tape saying “I can’t breathe.” The slogan became a rallying cry for protesters after a grand jury declined to indict the officer involved earlier this month.

Read the full article at FoxNews.com.

Dec 19 2014

Why some men rape


Dec 1 2014

Bill Hennessy, St. Louis Tea Party Coalition: 8 Ideas to Save Christmas in Ferguson

Natalie DuBose, owner of Natalie’s Cake’s & More in Ferguson, Mo. which was destroyed by rioters, gets a hug from a compassionate customer

Natalie DuBose, owner of Natalie’s Cake’s & More in Ferguson, Mo. which was destroyed by rioters, gets a hug from a compassionate customer

Nixon buck-passed while Ferguson burned. With the city’s main business district laid to rubble, buycotts won’t have much effect. And Christmas is around the corner.

Who got hurt last night?

  1. People who own businesses
  2. People who work at businesses
  3. People who rely on businesses

Time is short. The people affected by last night’s riots need help rebuilding and jobs right now. While I don’t have complete plans, I can throw out eight ideas. Please make one of these come to life.

  1. 100 St. Louis companies hire 1 affected person for 1 year. Longer if they wish, but guarantee a job for 12 months starting December 1.
  2. 100 companies (St. Louis or elsewhere) adopt one damaged business each to rebuild. And it’s not just the businesses with physical damage. Most Ferguson and Dellwood business need out of business funding.
  3. 100 St. Louisans can sponsor Christmas this year for one affected family in Ferguson. Start with a list of employees who are out of work because of the violence last night.
  4. Companies and charities can establish a fund for rebuilding destroyed property. Let the private companies’ CFOs manage the money, not government or NGOs who have a way of making a billion dollars disappear.
  5. What if our well-endowed universities donated from their endowments to a redevelopment fund? Maybe give students credit for helping rebuild.
  6. I’ve been asking for this since August, but how about a state sales tax holiday for Ferguson, Dellwood, Florissant, Hazelwood, and other affected cities? If I were governor, I’d call a special session next week to pass that law in time for the holidays.
  7. Add an option to the 2014 Missouri Income Tax forms allowing business and individuals across the state to donate from their tax refunds to offset the cost of the state sales tax holiday.
  8. Hold Saturday morning resilience classes for business owners and their employees, followed by a two-hour workday to help in recovery.

These ideas need your help.

If you know someone who can make one or more of these ideas come to life, please email a link to this story. Ask them to get it started.

If you have better ideas, please include them in the comments. (Yes, people read the comments almost as much as they read my nonsense.)

Thanks. Let’s not let St. Louis go the way of Gary, Indiana. We cannot rely on government—government is the problem, not the solution. We have to rely on ourselves.

SOURCE: Hennessy’s View.

Nov 3 2014

Ex-gay man: ‘Homosexuality is just another human brokenness’

Dean_Bailey 500x200

Dean Bailey, 50, is not afraid to tell anyone he is living proof that ‘sexual orientation’ can in fact be changed. But he prefers to use the word ‘restored’ rather than ‘changed.’

Bailey remembers how from an early age he felt different from other boys. He felt he did not fit in and thought of himself as awkward, out of place. He remembers never feeling treasured or affirmed by his dad who was an alcoholic and who consumed pornography. Bailey believes this began a pattern of turning to other males to find the affirmation he never received from his dad.

A downwards spiral ensued as Bailey attempted to satisfy his desires, but only saw them grow in intensity the more he indulged them. Looking back, Bailey now realizes how homosexual acts had become an addiction for him.

Bailey credits God for acting powerfully in his life to save him from himself, change his life for the good, and ultimately bring about his deliverance from homosexual attractions. God led him on a journey of trust that ultimately led to the heart of Jesus Christ. Here Bailey experienced the love, acceptance, and affirmation he had always craved.

Read the full story at LifeSiteNews.com.

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