Mar 26 2015

Frightening how many totally-insane people want your guns.


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Mar 25 2015

The question of guns…


Mar 24 2015

And which will actually faces charges if they shoot an innocent person?


Mar 20 2015

The Honest Truth About Guns…


Mar 20 2015

Who’s really on which side in the War on Women?


Mar 19 2015

μολὼν λαβέ: “Come and Take Them!”


Mar 17 2015

Obama & ISIS agree…


Mar 17 2015

Why Liberals hate the Second Amendment…


Mar 14 2015

Obama’s Arms Policy…


Mar 14 2015

Yes, they actually believe this…


Mar 10 2015

Moron or Liar…


Mar 9 2015

Brain-free zones…


Mar 4 2015

Tulsans enjoying their Second Amendment rights in 2015 by shooting bad guys


Tulsa has had 11 homicides in 2015, nearly half of them by regular people acting legally in self defense. For comparison’s sake, only eight such homicides occurred in all of 2014, and six of those involved Tulsa police officers. Tulsa police have not been involved in a shooting yet this year.

“It’s been an odd year,” Tulsa police homicide Sgt. Dave Walker said. “I’m sure it will even out over the next 12 months, but, yeah, … it’s been odd.”

Enacted in 2006,  Oklahoma’s “Stand Your Ground” law extends broad protection to Oklahomans who think someone entering their “dwelling” might use physical force against them. The law even specifies that the victim need not be in fear of his or her life — use of deadly force is protected as long as the victim has “reasonable belief” the intruder might use “any” physical force, “no matter how slight.”

While many are aware of Oklahoma’s “Stand Your Ground” law, not everyone knows its details, Tulsa County First Assistant District Attorney John David Luton said.

Sources: The Daily Caller, Tulsa World.

Mar 3 2015

Irony or just plain stupidity?…


Mar 2 2015

Here’s how Liberals would end drunk driving…