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Calvin Coolidge: Taxes…


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Taxes are collected at gunpoint…


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100 Years of Income Tax…


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Never blame the taxes


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The Tax Cut/Entitlement Cycle.


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“Temporary” Taxes…


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Death and Taxes…


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May 23 2014

318,000 Federal Employees Owe $3.3 Billion in Back Taxes


From workers in Congress and at the White House to active duty troops, more than 318,000 federal employees and retirees owe just over $3.3 billion in back taxes, the Internal Revenue Service said Thursday.

Those behind in their tax payments include 714 of the roughly 17,000 people working for the House and Senate, the agency said. IRS officials said the data used to compile the report did not indicate whether any of those delinquent taxpayers were members of Congress.

In addition, 36 of the nearly 1,800 people who work at the White House and its various agencies owe taxes, according to the IRS. The IRS provided no further breakdown of exactly where those delinquent taxpayers worked.

The giant Department of Veterans Affairs, facing investigations about patients dying while awaiting medical care, has almost 15,000 workers who owe nearly $146 million in back taxes. Those numbers exceeded comparable figures for any other civilian agency.

Read the full story at the Associated Press.

May 21 2014

Overtly Racist Group Gets $250,000 DOJ Grant.

ProgressivesToday 500

Translation: Eric Holder is taking money from white people at gun point to reward groups that teach hatred toward white people.

Beyond Diversity Resource Center, based in New Jersey, is listed as a partner organization for the White Privilege Conference which was held in Madison, Wisc. in March.

One of the “pitfalls” listed on the Center’s pamphlet, published by the website Progressives Today, is that white people “ask stupid questions”.

The diversity group, which claims that it “works to build a society that honors individuals because of their cultural differences”, wrote on the pamphlet that whites “benefit financially off the backs of people of color.”

White people “are arrogant”, they “say something stupid” and “get too friendly too fast,” the diversity center’s pamphlet claims.

In fiscal year 2011, the center received a $250,000 grant from the Office on Violence Against Women, which falls under the DOJ.

Read the full article at The Daily Caller.


May 13 2014

Only in America…