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Obama Holding the Weight of Golf…


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Every gun store should have one of these…


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Tulsa, Yes!!


Aug 13 2014

Idiot Liberals Trying to Prove “Sketchy” Categorization About Race, Not Crime, Get Robbed

WUSA_08 500x200

A Washington D.C. news crew was robbed Friday while investigating an app that warns users of sketchy neighborhoods.

“Tonight was a heck of a night,” WUSA9 reporter Mola Lenghi said in an interview with the station.

The crew was conducting interviews about the app “SketchFactor” in the Petworth neighborhood in Northwest, D.C. when their van was broken into and burglarized. A purse, several backpacks, photography gear, laptop and other electronics were stolen.

“It led us to the Petworth neighborhood of Northwest,” Lenghi explained. “Not gonna call it a sketchy neighborhood, but as folks were telling us that, you know, it was a good neighborhood and not much activity happens around there, as that was being told to us, our van was robbed.”

The app recently made headlines across the internet for offering a user-supported rating system that would combine scores to rate a neighborhood’s “sketchiness” – something that was defined by the app’s white creators as “an event that’s uncomfortable and out of the ordinary.”

The app quickly came under fire from various corners as critics accused white people of unfairly labeling minority neighborhoods as dangerous places to avoid.

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Aug 12 2014

It’s a Win/Win Situation…


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Aug 11 2014

Obama-backed, Democrat Incumbent Loses to Lowly State Senator by a 35 Point Margin…Ouch!

Hawaii State Sen. David Ige, left, defeated Gov. Neil Abercrombie, right, in a Democratic primary.

Hawaii State Sen. David Ige, left, defeated Gov. Neil Abercrombie, right, in a Democratic primary.

In a historic moment in Hawaii’s political history, Senate Ways and Means Chair David Ige beat incumbent Gov. Neil Abercrombie in the Democratic Primary election, Saturday, Aug. 8, with 66 percent of the vote to Abercrombie’s 30.9 percent. In total, Ige received 143,835 votes to Abercrombie’s 67,368 votes.

Ige’s victory is remarkable on a number of levels. He spent just $500,000 to Abercrombie’s $5 million. Ige, who is from Pearl City on Oahu, was relatively unknown on a statewide level, while Abercrombie is one of Hawaii’s most well known politicians.

Standing before 400 supporters Saturday night, Ige said: “Together, we have made history. People told me I was crazy for giving up my seat in the state Senate, but I knew we needed change. They reminded me that no incumbent governor had ever lost a primary election. That changed tonight.”

With his wife Dawn, and their three children, Lauren, Amy and Matthew, by his side, Ige said, “The voters of Hawaii have said loud and clear that it’s not money that wins elections. It’s about grassroots campaigning, meeting voters face-to-face, and above all, listening to what they have to say.”

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Aug 11 2014

The Certainty Of…