Oct 28 2014

Two groups, same brain.


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Oct 25 2014

“Women loving” Liberal calls female political opponent a “whore”

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During a campaign stump speech last night in Florence, South Carolina, Democrat gubernatorial candidate and State Senator Vincent Sheheen described his opponent, Republican opponent Governor Nikki Haley, in one of the worst ways imaginable.

“We are going to escort whore out the door,” Sheheen told the crowd as they roared in thunderous applause.

Perhaps realizing that he had just used a derogatory slur toward Governor Haley, Sheheen amended his initial comment by switching the word “whore” with “her.” Sheheen smiled, nodded, and winked as the crowd laughed.

Shaheen lost to Haley in 2010. In their current rematch, polls have Haley ahead by more than 15 points.

Democrats have largely based their 2014 hopes on the party’s support and respect for women.

SOURCES: Breitbart.com, DailySurge.com.

Oct 24 2014

Feminism is Ugly


Oct 23 2014

The War on the War on Women…


Oct 4 2014

The “New” Feminists…


Sep 25 2014

Rape Tips


Sep 20 2014

Obama Uses “Rape Prevention” to Cull Contacts for Leftist Groups


President Obama and Vice President Biden announced a new administration initiative to combat rape and sexual assault on college campuses Friday. While the campaign urges public participation, those who decide to sign on will forward their information to a liberal think tank.

The campaign, dubbed “It’s On Us,” is being conducted in collaboration with over 200 universities around the country, as well as groups such as the NCAA and even the video game company Electronic Arts. Celebrities are getting in on the act as well, joining Obama and Biden in a video to push the initiative.

A website for the endeavor, promoted by President Obama in the video, asks visitors to take a pledge to intervene against possible assaults, to “not to be a bystander to the problem but to be a part of the solution.” Pledgetakers are asked to change their profile pictures on social media outlets to the campaign’s logo and to supply their emails and zip codes to the campaign.

Those who participate will have their information forwarded to the Center for American Progress, a left-wing think tank with significant ties to the Obama administration. This is because the “It’s On Us” campaign, despite its presidential endorsement, is actually being undertaken by Generation Progress, a student activism arm of CAP.

Read the full story at The Daily Caller.

I’m surprised they didn’t call the program “You should put some ice on that,” and have Bill Clinton head it up.

Sep 4 2014

Women in Combat


Sep 2 2014

Women’s Equality Day…


Aug 13 2014

When Liberals attack a Black, Female Democrat…you know something is fishy.

Katrina R. Jackson is a Democratic member of the Louisiana House of Representatives, representing District 16. She was first elected to the chamber in 2011.

Katrina R. Jackson is a Democratic member of the Louisiana House of Representatives, representing District 16. She was first elected to the chamber in 2011.

Louisiana’s HB 388 requires abortionists to attain admitting privileges within 30 miles of their facility, clarifies that the “Women’s Right to Know” law applies to chemical, as well as surgical abortions, and requires doctors who perform more than five abortions a year to maintain proper licensing.

The author of the bill, Rep. Katrina Jackson, was heavily criticized for her leadership and determination to get the legislation passed. This is because she is a Democratic, African American woman who is proudly pro-life.

One of the first to criticize Rep. Jackson’s bill was none other than Cecile Richards, the President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. In a May 28th article, Richards claimed that women disapproved of HB 388. She said that politicians are attacking women’s health by restricting access to abortion and women won’t stand for this. However, Richards overlooked the fact that HB 388 is for women and by women. The legislation was drafted with the legal expertise of a Bioethics Defense Fund attorney who happens to be a woman. The bill was supported by the committee testimony of Kathy Kleibert, the woman who serves as Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. A woman representative, Sharon Weston Broome (D-Baton Rouge), carried HB 388 on the Senate side and two-thirds of the women members in the legislative body voted in support of this bill.

Another criticism of HB 388 was that it would negatively affect the African-American community. This came to light during the Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee meeting on March 19th. According to the Christian Post, pro-abortion advocates and abortion clinic employees testified that, among all women, abortion benefits black women the most.

However, Rep. Jackson disagreed and said the following about the committee meeting:

“The No. 1 genocide in the African-American community, and why we’re   becoming a minority of minorities, is because most of our babies are dying in the womb from abortions.

The comments regarding African-American women were that abortion helped them make a choice when they couldn’t take care of their child. And I told them that wasn’t a cure. If you want to really cure the situation that’s going on socioeconomically with everyone, you do that by supporting measures that give people a hand up, and not a handout.”

She continued by saying, “I’m very passionate, especially when you’re looking at the African-American community, because those in the pro-choice community have been attempting to sell us on abortion being a way out for women who can’t afford to have their baby.”

Aug 9 2014

The Democrat War on Women…


Aug 9 2014

Liberal Logic at its most poignant.


Aug 2 2014

Liberal Compassion…


Aug 1 2014

Making Women Equal.


Jul 31 2014

Women against guns are like…