Sep 16 2014

The ObamaCare Nightmare is far from over

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Health economist John Goodman noted that “three Federal Reserve Banks in Philadelphia, New York and Atlanta have surveyed the folks in their area and roughly one fifth of the employers are saying they cut back on employment.

“Roughly one fifth are saying they’re moving from full time to part time,” Goodman added. “More than one in ten are saying they’re doing more outsourcing – all this because of the new health care reform.”

Doug Holtz-Eakin, former Director of the Congressional Budget Office, said “for the smaller employers — those that have between 20 and 49 employees — you get a negative impact on jobs, you get a negative impact on wages in those jobs. What this means for small business as a whole is over $22 billion of earnings gone for their workers and 350,000 jobs.”

Small business is responsible for the vast majority of job creation in the U.S.

This means an ever decreasing tax base.

The cost of the Obamacare subsidy that the U.S. Treasury will pay on behalf of people who earn under 400 percent of the federal poverty level and who buy a government-approved health-care plan on a government-run health-insurance exchange will increase by approximately 8-fold in its first ten years of operation, according to the latest budget estimate from the Congressional Budget Office.

Medicaid spending will double in the first ten years of full implementation of Obamacare, according to the CBO estimates.

Under the ACA, the exchanges began enrolling people in federally subsidized health-insurance plans and in Medicaid this year.

In fiscal 2013, the year before the health insurance exchanges opened, the federal government spent $265 billion on Medicaid, according to CBO. This year, fiscal 2014, the first year that the exchanges will be in operation, the federal government will spend $305 billion on Medicaid. By 2023, the tenth year that the Obamacare exchanges will be in operation, Medicaid will cost the federal government $539 billion—more than double the $265 billion it cost in 2013.

By 2024, the last year in the CBO estimates, Medicaid spending will climb to $570 billion.

An increasing tax burden on a shrinking tax base. Why what could go wrong?



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Sep 5 2014 hacked. Don’t you feel safe now?

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A hacker broke into part of the insurance enrollment website in July and uploaded malicious software, according to federal officials.

Investigators found no evidence that consumers’ personal data was taken in the breach, federal officials said. The hacker appears only to have accessed a server used to test code for The Department of Health and Human Services discovered the attack last week.

An HHS official said the attack appears to mark the first successful intrusion into the website, where millions of Americans bought insurance starting last year under the Affordable Care Act. It raised concerns among federal officials because of how easily the intruder gained access and how much damage could have occurred.

Taken with recent data thefts from J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Home Depot Inc., and celebrities’ iPhones, the hack further underscores that large organizations haven’t yet mastered how to secure the troves of data they collect from consumers.

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Aug 26 2014

Straight from the horse’s a…er…mouth…


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Aug 21 2014

ObamaCare is not shinola…


Aug 21 2014

The Victims of ObamaCare


Aug 20 2014

Businesses Decide to Selectively Pay Taxes Mandated by Selectively Enforced ObamaCare


To help pay for President Barack Obama’s health law, Congress enacted a 2.3 percent tax on the sale of medical devices used chiefly by doctors and hospitals, such as pacemakers and CT scan machines. Consumer items are exempted, including eyeglasses, contact lenses and hearing aids.

The tax took effect in January 2013. For the first six months of that year, the IRS estimated it would collect $1.2 billion from the tax. The audit said the IRS collected only $913 million — 24 percent less than the estimate.

The IRS estimated it would receive between 9,000 and 15,600 returns for the first two quarters of 2013, the audit said. But the IRS received only 5,107 returns, suggesting that thousands of companies either don’t know about the requirements or are simply ignoring them.

“Everything from this ill-conceived tax’s structure to its implementation has been a disaster,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee. “It is no surprise that 79 senators went on the record to repeal this job-killing tax.”

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Aug 19 2014

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ObamaCare Truthers…


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Aug 14 2014

Once Again Liberals’ Effort to “Stick It To” Big Business Winds Up “Sticking It To” the Middle Class.

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A national business group representing the nation’s large employers reported Wednesday that companies desperate to avoid a 40 percent ObamaCare “Cadillac tax” are finding ways to shift the costs to workers.

The so-called “Cadillac tax,” now four years away, will affect health plans that spend more than $10,200 per worker.

“The excise tax, when it hits in 2018, will affect both employers and employees,”said Brian Marcotte, president of the National Business Group on Health.

Employees will get incentives to reduce costs through such arrangements as wellness programs, including losing weight or stopping smoking.

Meanwhile, employers are shifting workers into plans with higher deductibles, just as ObamaCare does in the health care exchanges, and using health savings accounts to help defray the costs.

Another cost saver, Marcotte added, is to increase premiums for spouses who have access to other plans.

Rosemary Gibson of the Hastings Center said, “Employees are going to be paying more and more of their income for health care. And the same with people even on these exchanges if they don’t get subsidies.”

The “Cadillac tax” was originally intended to take effect sooner, but unions and other groups convinced officials to delay it until 2018, reducing the anticipated income from $137 billion to $80 billion over ten years. But many analysts predict it will be far less than that.

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Aug 14 2014

The billion dollar web site you paid for


ZDNET — Perhaps no news about, the Federal healthcare exchange website and supporting systems, is shocking anymore. We all know that it was an utter disaster at launch on October 1, 2013 and was completely unusable for some time thereafter. But eventually they got it to the point of being usable, so no harm no foul, right?

You may not think so after reading the recent GAO (Government Accountability Office) report HEALTHCARE.GOV — Ineffective Planning and Oversight Practices Underscore the Need for Improved Contract Management. The report is embedded at the bottom of this story.

Not only was the project a technical disaster — development was originally supposed to be complete October 1, 2013, but the schedule is now for the end of 2014 — but it has cost far, far beyond what was budgeted and far further than what could be called reasonable for such a system.

The report says (page 9) that, through March 2014, the total cost of the project was $946 million. $840 million of this was spent by the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), with the rest by the IRS and Department of Veterans Affairs. But the development costs continue to rise and are likely already over $1 billion.

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Aug 13 2014

No ID to Vote, But No Healthcare Without ID?

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Don’t get me wrong, while government run healthcare is one of the worst ideas since blood-letting–just handing it out to anyone without proper documentation is even worse. But the puzzling part is that Liberals have already set the standard that if something is really, super important (like voting multiple times for Democrat candidates) then an ID should not only not be required, but somehow racist or [insert pejorative, ad hominem adjective or adverb here] if it is.

So it’s understandable, that based on that idea, the Liberals in charge of ObamaCare have already been dishing out taxpayer funds to any Tom, Dick or Hernando that asks for it. So why demand ID now? It’s not like the Obama Administration cares about following the law. They burned that bridge long, long ago.

According to the ObamaBots, “Healthcare” [insert trumpet fanfare] is so important that the nation’s economy should be screwed up and the healthcare of millions of people put in jeopardy to insure that the 4 people who didn’t have healthcare, but wanted it, can now get it.

“We want as many consumers as possible to remain enrolled in marketplace coverage, so we are giving these individuals a last chance to submit their documents before their coverage through the marketplace will end,” Marilyn Tavenner, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services administrator, said in the statement. (as an aside: Isn’t it just so cute when Socialists use Capitalist terms like “consumer” and “marketplace” to describe socialist  programs?)

So are the people running ObamaCare racists? I mean that’s what people who require IDs are, aren’t they?