Jul 24 2014

The results are in: So exactly how many people have actually been helped by ObamaCare?…are you sitting down?

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Eighteen percent of Americans, or fewer than one in five, say they or someone in their family is better off because of the Affordable Care Act, according to a new poll by CNN. Nearly twice that number, 35 percent, say they or someone in their family is worse off. A larger group, 46 percent, say they are about the same after Obamacare as before.

In nearly all demographic categories — age, income, education, etc. — more people say they are worse off because of Obamacare than say they are better off.

For example, one might expect respondents with incomes below $50,000 to be somewhat likely to say Obamacare has helped them. And that is the case: 21 percent say they are better off because of the Affordable Care Act. But 35 percent say they are worse off. (Forty-four percent are the same.)

The CNN numbers are basically consistent with other surveys. The most recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll, for example, found that 18 percent said that they or their family were better off because of Obamacare, while 26 percent said they were worse off and 53 percent reported no difference.

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Jul 23 2014

While honest citizens find Obamacare signup virtually impossible…fake applicants can sign up with no problem


According to testimony to be delivered before a House Ways and Means subcommittee, undercover GAO investigators tried to obtain health plans for a dozen fictitious applicants online or by phone, using invalid or missing Social Security numbers or inaccurate citizenship information.

All but one of the fake applicants ended up getting subsidized coverage — and have kept it. In one instance, an application was denied but then approved on a second try. In six other attempts to sign up fake applicants via in-person assisters, just one assister accurately told an investigator that the applicant’s income was too high for a subsidy.

House Republicans were eager for early information because the findings reinforce their contention that the Obama administration set up the health insurance marketplace in ways that leave it vulnerable to fraud and waste of taxpayer money. The allegation that HealthCare.gov does not properly verify the identity and eligibility of consumers has been one of several lines of attack that congressional Republicans have used in trying to discredit the 2010 Affordable Care Act and the way administration officials set it in motion.

The GAO’s account of fictitious applicants obtaining subsidized coverage goes beyond a related problem that surfaced this spring and that the investigators also cited: The government may be paying incorrect insurance subsidies to a significant share of the 5.4 million Americans who signed up for health plans for this year through the federal marketplace.

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Jul 18 2014

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Jul 18 2014

While Americans struggle to pay skyrocketing health insurance premiums, major insurance companies making even more profit.

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UnitedHealth Group, one of the country’s largest insurance companies, announced better-than-expected profits as a result of the health-care law Thursday.

Overall, the company took a two percent hit in net earnings in the second quarter due to increased taxes from Obamacare and various growing expenses, but still beat expectations. The insurer’s first-quarter profits decreased by eight percent this year, which it attributed to the health-care law. UnitedHealth’s shares rose more than two percent Thursday morning, according to the AP.

Large insurance companies stand to benefit the most from the health-care law and UnitedHealth’s growing profits come as no surprise. The simple mandate that all Americans must carry health insurance widens the customer base of large insurance companies drastically — as do federal subsidies that prevent customers from feeling the brunt of premium costs.

UnitedHealth expanded coverage significantly through Obamacare exchanges and Medicaid programs. Another 270,000 members gained private insurance in addition to a 19 percent bump, or 730,000 new patients, in Medicaid coverage.

Sens. Chuck Grassley and Orrin Hatch sent a letter to Obamacare chief Marilyn Tavenner requesting an explanation and documents related to potential conflicts of interest between Optum and the Obama administration.

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Jul 14 2014

Is the Hobby Lobby decision causing the ObamaCare house-of-cards to fall?


On June 30, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 in favor of the retail craft store, stating that religious freedom also applied to businesses that disapproved of funding certain contraceptives under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

In doing so, the high court’s majority addressed the attenuation argument in a footnote, noting that “the connection between what these religious employers would be required to do if not exempted…and the ultimate event that they find morally wrong…is exactly the same.”

The “attenuation argument” refers to the administration’s position, as stated in Justice Samuel Alito’s opinion, that “the connection between what the objecting parties must do (provide health-insurance coverage for four methods of contraception that may operate after the fertilization of an egg) and the end that they find to be morally wrong (destruction of an embryo) is simply too attenuated.”

Wheaton College, one of the religious non-profits challenging the contraceptive mandate, got a preliminary injunction on July 3 that prevents the federal government from enforcing the mandate until the Christian college’s case is heard in court.

Other religious non-profits that are also challenging the contraceptive mandate include the Eternal Word Television Network, Colorado Christian University, and Union University. The Supreme Court is expected to consider these cases in the fall.

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Jul 14 2014

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Jul 10 2014

Why is it so hard to find the real numbers of who’s gained or lost health coverage due to ObamaCare?

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A new report from the Commonwealth Fund claims 20 million Americans “gained coverage under the Affordable Care Act as of May 1.” But a closer look at that number reveals it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

First, the authors, Dr. David Blumenthal, president of Commonwealth, and Vice President Sara Collins, get to the 20 million by adding together 1 million young adults who gained coverage under a parent’s policy, 8 million consumers who selected a marketplace plan, 5 million who purchased directly from an insurer, and 6 million who enrolled in Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Also, the authors admit the 20 million figure does not distinguish between those who were previously insured and those who were not – even though the previously insured would not be “gaining” coverage but merely replacing one form of coverage with another.

And what about those 5 million who purchased coverage outside the exchanges? Is it fair to say they “gained” coverage because of the ACA? The authors site a Congressional Budget Office April 2014 report. Indeed, the CBO said, “[R]oughly 5 million people will enroll in ACA-compliant plans outside of the exchanges each year from 2014-2024.” (Page 9)

However, in the following paragraph, the CBO writes, “In the absence of the ACA, 9 million to 10 million people would have enrolled in nongroup coverage each year from 2014 through 2024, CBO and [the Joint Committee on Taxation] estimate. With roughly 5 million people expected to enroll in nongroup plans in years after 2015 under the ACA (excluding those people who purchase policies in the exchanges), that number will be 4 million to 5 million lower under the ACA than the number projected in the absence of the law.” (Emphasis added)

Read the full article at The Daily Signal.

However an estimated 16 million people were booted from their current plan due to ObamaCare and either have no health coverage or were forced to purchase more expensive coverage that provided much less. And in all honesty, those estimates are more than likely low, as well.

Jul 9 2014

Study: Even The Highly Educated Can’t Get HealthCare.gov To Work

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The most highly-prized Obamacare target, young and healthy adults, were often stumped by the federal website, which the Obama administration had promised would be easy and accessible for everyone — like popular comparison websites such as Kayak or Amazon.

Young, Internet-literate, highly-educated professionals struggled with poor access to information on HealthCare.gov — details on the plans, comparisons, subsidies and even basic health insurance terms were too hard to come by.

University of Pennsylvania researchers followers 33 subjects for three months as they struggled to get coverage from the federal website. The young professionals were both the best-prepared demographic to get coverage online — highly educated and familiar with the Internet — and the most desirable group as well — young, healthy and inexpensive for insurers.

But many were confused by the website layout and were unable to access correct information to pick out a plan. Respondents were confused by the application for premium subsidies and cost-sharing reductions in particular, which made it difficult to determine how much a specific health care plan cost.

Read the full article at The Daily Caller.

Jul 8 2014

Thousands still reportedly face coverage delays months after ObamaCare enrollment deadline

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Months after the deadline to enroll in a health insurance plan through ObamaCare has come and gone, thousands of Americans have found themselves without coverage due to backlogs or glitches in various enrollment systems, according to a published report.

The Wall Street Journal reports that people in states like Massachusetts, California, and Nevada selected and paid for a private health insurance plan through state-run exchanges, only to find that they were not insured. Others have waited futilely for changes to their coverage brought about by marriage, childbirth or other “life events” to take effect.

As a result, some say they have put off seeking medical treatment or have paid out of pocket for certain expenses.

In Nevada, approximately 150 people have turned to litigation, filing a class-action suit against the state-run exchange and Xerox Corp., which helped set it up.

One of those plaintiffs, Robert Rolain, tells the Journal that he signed up his wife, Linda, this past October for a health plan through the state exchange that was due to take effect March 1. In the interim period, doctors found a tumor on his wife’s brain and planned surgery. When Rolain brought his wife to an oncologist to have the procedure done, he was told she wasn’t covered, and the surgery was pushed back two months, to May 14. A little more than a month later, Linda Rolain was dead.

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Jul 5 2014

Thanks Obama…


Jul 2 2014

Obama Kills 64-year-old Las Vegas Woman

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Her family says Linda Rolain’s tumor was treatable last fall when diagnosed, but became fatal by this spring as she waited for the Obamacare exchange to communicate her coverage to the insurance company. Both Rolain and her husband’s health insurance took effect in March, according to the exchange, but the couple alleged that they were told the coverage wouldn’t be in effect until May, according to the Review Journal.

Attorney Matthew Callister filed the class action lawsuit in April after a Las Vegas man, Larry Basich, was charged $407,00 for care after suffering a heart attack, although he had purchased coverage and paid several monthly premiums. The Obamacare marketplace and its contractor Xerox had failed to properly communicate Basich’s coverage to the insurer.

Callister alleged in April that when faced with website flaws and a daunting queue of corrupted applications, state Obamacare officials and Xerox discussed dumping all the applications for coverage they had received and starting over, including those like Basich who had already paid their premiums.

“This poor lady was told in January that she needed immediate attention,” local insurance broker Pat Casale, who began in May to help the Rolains with their enrollment issues, said. “Her doctor said if she had begun treatment in March, he might been able to give her quality of care, and she might have lived longer. She had no chance because of the delay.

“Ms. Rolain should have had coverage in January. (The Rolains) did everything they could to facilitate the acquisition of a health plan,” Casale added. “She suffered and she died all because of the negligence of a vendor who should not even be in the industry.”

The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange signed a $72 million contract with Xerox in 2012 to build Nevada Health Link. But software glitches kept legions of consumers from enrolling in plans when the health link opened on Oct. 1. The exchange enrolled just a third of the 118,000 sign-ups it targeted in its first year.

Ultimately, however, her death lies at the feet of Barack Obama who is responsible for the horrendous mistake known as ObamaCare, which has caused the suffering of millions of people.

Sources: The Daily Caller, Las Vegas Review Journal.

Jun 27 2014

Family Physician Facing ObamaCare Fines Despite Following the Law

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Dr. Francis Brescia, Jr., a Dauphin Co., PA family care physician has been hit by bureaucracy under the Affordable Care Act law. According to a report from Harrisburg, PA FOX affiliate WPMT, the law is requiring doctors to switch to electronic health records and doctors will be penalized if they don’t go electronic.

Brescia attempted to comply immediately in 2012 by he hiring a software company called ISuite to make the switch. However, that company went bankrupt and result in Brescia losing four years of records that he’s still trying to recover.

Brescia was hit with an audit for 2011 and because he since he has missing records, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services says he must pay a penalty of $18,000.

“I think did everything right,” he said. “I followed the rules. Why am I being punished, because I’m a solo practice?”

Read the full article at Breitbart.com.

Jun 25 2014

Because Liberals Care…


Jun 24 2014

Obamacare Looking Even Better For Big Insurers, While Most Customers To See Rate Hikes

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Moody’s is optimistic about insurers’ credit ratings, noting that more insurers are expected to join Obamacare exchanges or offer more plans — and fewer enrollees for each insurer is likely to be beneficial, given early reports that Obamacare customers’ are sicker and costlier to insure than other insurance pools.

“Since the policy-buying population has an unknown medical status and potentially unfavorable risk characteristics, less membership, and therefore less risk, is credit positive,” Moody’s concluded.

And insurers aren’t prioritizing actually expanding health coverage to many more people, according to the report. Large insurers are boosting their premiums after generally losing money or breaking even with their first year of customers, according to the report.

“The premium increases show that insurers have chosen to protect earnings margins rather than push membership growth,” Moody’s wrote.

The continued premium hikes aren’t surprising, according to the memo, as medical costs are still rising post-Obamacare, despite the Obama administration’s promise that it would lower costs. With new Obamacare taxes going into effect every year, many of which will be passed onto consumers, it’s unlikely premiums will be lowered anytime soon.

Read the full article at The Daily Caller.

Translation: Less Membership: fewer people have health insurance, Premium Increase: the few who do are paying more for it.

So the very problem Obama and his Liberal cronies claimed ObamaCare would solve, have actually been made much, much worse.

Jun 24 2014

How ObamaCare works…