Jul 30 2015

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Jul 29 2015

CAUTION: Graphic stupidity. Not appropriate for mixed audiences…


Jul 28 2015

Zombie-Free Zones…


Jul 27 2015

Well, I’m certainly reassured…


Jul 27 2015

So-called “educators”…


Jul 25 2015

Well, that explains it…


Jul 25 2015

Oh, then I’m convinced…


Jul 25 2015

And he actually believe it…


Jul 24 2015

Because, apparently, death isn’t “serious” enough…


Jul 23 2015

Yep, pretty much like that…


Jul 22 2015

Education, Prosperity & Ideas…


Jul 22 2015

But that would make sense, and Liberals just can’t have that…


Jul 22 2015

Divorced from Reality…


Jul 21 2015

Way Back Archives: Rule Number 1: The rules don’t apply…


Jul 21 2015

One day in the not so distant future…


Jul 21 2015

[VIDEO] Liberals Sign Petition to Support “White Privilege Tax”

Mark Dice White Privilege Tax 500x200

Mark Dice’s latest ‘man on the street’ stunt is perhaps his most outrageous yet, proving that leftists will advocate unbridled insanity so long as they are told it’s in the name of fighting racism.

Asked to sign the petition to support a 1% income tax on all white Americans in order to “even out the playing field” and redistribute the wealth amongst minority communities, the first man in the clip is incredulous that such a policy would pass but signs his name to it anyway.

“We’re gonna take the silver spoon out of the white people’s mouths and put it back into yours,” Dice tells an African American man who enthusiastically signs the petition before stating, “appreciate it, man!”

A man wearing sunglasses then seems even more keen to support the white privilege tax, telling Dice, “You’re the kind of white dude I like, thank you…white dudes that promote this kind of stuff are aware of the white privilege.”

“Honestly, that’s awesome!” the man enthuses after signing the petition.

Read more at InfoWars.com


Jul 20 2015

Way Back Archives: Taking chances…


Jul 20 2015

Seeing a lot more Confederate Flags than we were a few weeks ago…


Jul 20 2015

“Gun nuts”…


Jul 20 2015

Liberal apologizes for saying all lives matter…

Martin O'Malley Bernie Sanders heckled 500x200
Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, both candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, spoke today in Phoenix at Netroots Nation, a political convention for progressive activists organized by the leftie website DailyKos.com.

They were the only two candidates to appear at the conference’s “presidential forum,” and both were heckled by protesters from the “Black Lives Matter” movement. O’Malley spoke, and was heckled, first. He tried to respond to protesters, as The Guardian reports:

“Let me say a couple of things,” O’Malley began in response. “All of us as Americans have a responsibility to recognise the pain and the grief throughout our country for all of the lives that have been lost to violence, whether at the hands of police or civilians.”

His words were greeted by heckling.

O’Malley tried to respond, saying: “This is … let me … sure. I’ll just share with you … I’m trying to respond as best I can. No … hey. Look … I know, I know.”

Vargas said: “What just happened there? I’m so lost.”

O’Malley switched to an inclusive tack. He said: “Every life matters and that is why this issue is important. Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.”

He was greeted, repeatedly, by booing.

Anti-police violence protesters also appeared at O’Malley’s announcement of his candidacy in Baltimore back in May. O’Malley, as mayor of Baltimore, pushed just the kind of aggressive, unconstitutional policing that, while remaining popular enough among urban residents not to cost O’Malley or any other big city Democrats supporting such policies their jobs, has led now to a “national conversation” about police violence.

Later that day, O’Malley apologized for using the phrase in that context if it was perceived that he was minimizing the importance of blacks killed by police.

“I meant no disrespect,” O’Malley said in an interview on This Week in Blackness, a digital show. “That was a mistake on my part and I meant no disrespect. I did not mean to be insensitive in any way or communicate that I did not understand the tremendous passion, commitment and feeling and depth of feeling that all of us should be attaching to this issue.”

Sources: Reason.com, WZVN-TV

Jul 18 2015

Yes, they do exist, a lot of them…


Jul 18 2015

So many firsts…


Jul 18 2015

Idiot of the year…