Jul 4 2015

Obama: Always behind the 8-ball…


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Jul 4 2015

Obama’s Magic Wand…


Jul 4 2015

Eventually they’ll want to ban this, too…


Jul 4 2015

And other idiots pay her over $1,000 a minute to speak…


Jul 3 2015

They must think we’re really stupid…


Jul 3 2015

Are you as outraged over this as I am?

You can contact Sports Illustrated using this link: http://bit.ly/1GTwcYQ

Jul 3 2015

Mr. Sulu’s New Uniform.


Jul 2 2015

California Governor Signs New Law Mandating Questionable Medical Treatment for Schoolchildren

vaccines 500x200
California Governor Jerry Brown (D) has signed into law a new bill eliminating religious and personal belief exemptions for childhood vaccinations. California is now the third state to not permit parents to submit a religious exemption from vaccinations and the 33rd state to prohibit “personal belief” exemptions. A child can now only be medically exempt from vaccinations due to reasons like allergy to a vaccine component or immune deficiency.

Children who are not vaccinated in California will have to be homeschooled due to this new law. Many doctors are refusing to take on patients who are not vaccinated due to the considerable risk of illness transmission to medically fragile patients in their waiting rooms.

All vaccines have inherent health risks. The spectrum of harm varies widely, from small skin rashes to full-blown neurological damage and lifelong debilitation. Some children have even been killed by vaccines, and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out nearly $3 billion to families of children who were provably injured by vaccines in America.

Because vaccines have the potential to cause harm — and do indeed cause severe harm, injury and even death for some children — when they are forced upon people against their wishes and consent, they represent a form of medical violence against women and children.

Read more at Townhall.com and Natural News


Jul 2 2015

Don’t you feel safe?…


Jul 2 2015

Warning: Liberals are often too stupid to understand satire, and will take it serious, and run with it!


Jul 1 2015

Alabama store making their own Confederate flags after supplier caves to race baiters

confederate-flags-huntsville-alabama 500x200
After the manufacturer decided to no longer supply Confederate flags to her business, Alabama Flag and Banner owner Belinda Kennedy decided to take matters into her own hands.

Starting early Friday morning, Belinda and the employees at Alabama Flag and Banner began producing Confederate flags in-store using their own materials and equipment.

And just as soon as they hit the machines, the orders came pouring in.

“I feel like my responsibility to my customers is to fulfill their needs when they want it, and I had customers wanting it and I wasn’t going to turn them away as I felt like I had been turned away,” Kennedy said.

“It’s simply a historic flag,” Kennedy commented. “It’s not hate, it’s history…and the people that are making it a racial issue are pushing an agenda.”

Read more at AL.com


Jun 30 2015

Undocumented sex offenders left in Seattle-area neighborhoods without tracking

sexual assault 500
(KIRO 7, Seattle) — After digging through hundreds of ZIP codes, KIRO 7 found 11 convicted sex offenders in the country illegally living across western Washington neighborhoods.

The government has tried to deport most of these people, but a Supreme Court ruling requires they be released after six months in jail, if their home country won’t take them back.

KIRO 7 obtained sources through the Senate Judiciary Committee: a list of every ZIP code in the country that some offender called home at the time of release.

In the Seattle area, sex offenders who are undocumented were dropped off from Tacoma to Bellingham.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say they can’t and don’t track where the offenders are after they’re released into neighborhoods, documents show.

Read more at KIRO 7, Seattle

Jun 30 2015

Yeah, that’ll work…


Jun 30 2015

Oh, and while you’re at it…


Jun 26 2015

Way Back Archives: Affirmative Racism…


Jun 26 2015

The key word here: Irrational Nitwits…


Jun 26 2015

Next they’ll be telling us that the Confederate Flag causes Global Warming™…


Jun 26 2015

Amazon Reps Claim They Pulled Confederate Merchandise After Federal Government FORCED Them to

Amazon Confederate 500x200
Countless Americans have been outraged over the left’s reaction to the Confederate flag that has flown on or near the South Carolina since 1962. In the aftermath of the tragedy in Charleston, the left has chosen to focus their rage not on the actions of a deranged psychopath, but on the Confederate flag which seems to have nothing to do with the senseless slaughter of nine innocent people.

Adding to this bonfire of controversy, Amazon, the humongous online retailer, announced that they would be pulling all confederate flag merchandise from their site- a tremendous victory for liberals who have learned that fomenting faux-outrage and yelling over one another will yield the desired, politically correct results.

However, it seems we may have been too hasty in our judgement as new evidence has emerged indicating that Amazon pulled the merchandise after the federal government demanded that they do so.

Audio from a phone conversation between a customer and an Amazon representative indicates that the government has forced the company to remove the products.

“Is this a political statement by Amazon.com or is this a directive that you’re following, that the government said you know we want you guys not to sell these anymore?” the caller asked.

“The government is not allowing us to sell this Confederate flag,” the representative responded.

“So the government is not allowing you….to sell it?” the caller pressed.

“Yes,” the representative responded.

“So Amazon is not making a political statement, this is something the government told you to do?” the caller questioned one more time to clarify.


Read more at PolitiStick.com

Jun 25 2015

Michelle Obama’s Draconian School Lunch Menus Create New Black Market for Children Selling Contraband Salt and Sugar

kids lunch
Children are creating their own black markets to trade and sell salt due to First Lady Michelle Obama’s school lunch rules.

During a hearing before the House Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education, chaired by Rep. Todd Rokita (R., Ind.), a school administrator told Congress of the “unintended consequences” of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.

“Perhaps the most colorful example in my district is that students have been caught bringing–and even selling–salt, pepper, and sugar in school to add taste to perceived bland and tasteless cafeteria food,” said John S. Payne, the president of Blackford County School Board of Trustees in Hartford City, Indiana.

“This ‘contraband’ economy is just one example of many that reinforce the call for flexibility [with the rules],” he said.

Payne noted other problems with the “one-size-fits-all” approach to providing healthier meals to students, including fewer kids participating in the program and higher food waste. The trend started in 2012, when the school lunch law, which was championed by Mrs. Obama, went into effect.

Read more at the Free Beacon

Jun 25 2015

Today’s entry in “Idiot of the Week”…


Jun 25 2015

Because racists don’t see people; they only see race…


Jun 25 2015

Debate over rebel flag widens to include all symbols of Confederacy

winn-dixie 500x200
The debate over the rebel flag that began anew after last week’s church shootings in Charleston, S.C., has morphed into a full-blown Confederate controversy.

While Stars and Bars have long been associated by many with slavery, the latest campaign to remove Confederate emblems has extended beyond the flag to statues, memorials, parks and even school mascots. Never has the debate over what symbolizes heritage and what stands for hate covered so much ground, as efforts to strip icons that have been part of the visual and cultural landscape of the South for decades are afoot at national, state and local levels.

In one Arkansas town, the school board voted unanimously Tuesday to ban the song “Dixie” for the next school year and phase out “Rebel,” the school’s mascot.

“It came to our attention that the public has been pretty upset about the Confederate flag, which has already been removed, the rebel mascot [and] the playing of the ‘Dixie,’” Fort Smith, Ark., school board member Susan McFerran told reporters after the board voted for the changes.

Read more at FoxNews.com


Jun 25 2015

Texas firefighter loses job for complimenting Charleston donation effort.

Kurtis-Cook-Mabank 500x200
The East Texas firefighter who lost his position after a Facebook comment on the Charleston shooting says the post was taken out of context.

The former Mabank Volunteer Firefighter wrote, “He needs to be praised for the good deed he has done,” on a South Carolina newspaper’s Facebook page about a story on the shooting. Kurtis Cook, in an exclusive interview, spoke about the comment that cost him his position and reputation.

Cook is a veteran firefighter of 23 years and was eager to sit down with us to explain that controversial comment.

“When I was looking at the threads and, you know, I was just reading down and there was a person there that posted, was donating a large sum of money to the victims, so I just said ‘This person ought to be praised for his good deed,’” Cook explains.

He said headlines across the country portrayed the comment as a reference to the Charleston shooter, Dylann Roof, but Cook said that was not the case at all.

“Making me look like I’m standing with this comment, like I’m supporting this Dylann guy, and I would never do that. I’m not racist, never been racist.” Cook said.

A screenshot that went viral doesn’t show any of the comments above Cook’s comment and we were unable to find the original thread on that news outlet’s Facebook page. We called the newspaper and they were unable to find it either. Cook has since deleted his Facebook, too, and has no way of showing us the comment about donations he said he was referring to.

With remarks and threats against the family, the Cooks are preparing to move away.

“And now I’ll never be a fireman again. I’m going to lose my full time job and I’m going to have to relocate,” he said through tears. “I’m not trying to just ‘do damage control.’ I’m just telling you the side of the story where I came from on this.”

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