Sep 20 2014

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Sep 20 2014

After 6 years of Obama, nearly a fourth of the nation ready to pack up and leave

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The failed Scottish vote to pull out from the United Kingdom stirred secessionist hopes for some in the United States, where almost a quarter of people are open to their states leaving the union, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll found.

Some 23.9 percent of Americans polled from Aug. 23 through Sept. 16 said they strongly supported or tended to support the idea of their state breaking away, while 53.3 percent of the 8,952 respondents strongly opposed or tended to oppose the notion.

The urge to sever ties with Washington cuts across party lines and regions, though Republicans and residents of rural Western states are generally warmer to the idea than Democrats and Northeasterners, according to the poll.

Anger with President Barack Obama’s handling of issues ranging from healthcare reform to the rise of Islamic State militants drives some of the feeling, with Republican respondents citing dissatisfaction with his administration as coloring their thinking.

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Sep 19 2014

TSA: The Maginot Line in the War on Terror


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Securing the Borders…


Sep 18 2014

The Plague of Feminism


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The Liberal Utopia…


Sep 17 2014

School forces girl to take off offensive shirt…so what offended them so much?

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13-year-old Chloe Rubiano is in the eighth grade. She is also a good church-going girl. So you can imagine her mom’s surprise when she got in trouble at school for wearing a T-shirt that reads: “Virginity Rocks.”

“It’s a positive message,” said Bambi Crozier, Chloe’s mom.

But school officials disagreed. They said the shirt could cause a classroom disruption and contained sexual content. Apparently some folks at Ramay Junior High don’t understand the concept of virginity.

virginityrocksThe 13-year-old, who bought the shirt at a Christian music festival, was told she had to change shirts.

“It was so bizarre,” Mrs. Crozier told me. “She had the shirt for several years at wore it a number of times to school.”

The mother is a bit of a scatterbrain, however, telling Fayetteville’s Channel 5, “If you have the right to say (‘Virginity Rocks’), you also have the right to say, ‘Sex Rocks.’” However that would also mean that if they allow a t-shirt that says, “Say no to drugs,” then they’d also have to allow a t-shirt that says, “Say yes to drugs.”

Banning appropriate message on the idiotic reason that then inappropriate message would have to be allowed is insane. Also, most high school students are convinced that all their peers are having sex, and they feel pressured to do it to. So why in the world would you want to censor the message that not all of their peers are having sex?

SOURCES: Fox News, EAG News, KFSM Channel 5-Fayetteville.


Sep 16 2014

Not Islamic?!?…


Sep 16 2014

Obama: clueless from the start…


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Absolute Profundity…


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Sep 12 2014

Facebook Forced to Apologize After Banning Ad…Seriously They Banned This…

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Social media giant Facebook was forced to apologize to a couple who is using a Facebook page as a means of generating awareness and funding for their little boy who desperately needs a heart transplant.

Hudson's Heart

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Father Kevin Bond posted a photo of two-month-old Hudson, who has the heart disease cardiomyopathy. When Bond attempted to advertise the page, Facebook banned the ad, claiming the picture of his son was too “gory” to qualify under its advertising standards. After contacting Facebook, the social media company offered Bond an apology and a $10,000 advertising credit to help his family promote the page.

Hudson desperately needs a heart transplant to survive and Bond created the page Hudson’s Heart to bring more attention to his plight.

Bond said he doesn’t need that much so he’s asking Facebook to give $5,000 of the ad credit to another child in need.

I met Eliza O’Neill before Hudson was born. She’s a remarkable four year old girl racing the clock against Sanfilppo Syndrome. A clinical trial that may very well save her life is nearly funded. We’ve asked Facebook to give $5,000.00 of those add dollars to her.

As it says on Eliza’s page, “You’ve come this far maybe you’re willing to come a little further.” Please watch, and share little Eliza’s video. Her family has been very supportive of ours throughout Hudson’s ordeal.

We’re so lucky Hudson has all of you pulling for him.

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Sep 12 2014

On the Brink of International War Obama’s “New” Military Worried If They’re Color-Coordinated Well Enough

Army Blacks 500x200

First of all a little common sense. Blacks comprise just over 13% of the US population. Let’s start with that. By ignoring that number, Liberals can distort the stats anyway they like. The USA Today article (which I’m not using for obvious reasons) claimed, “Command of the Army’s main combat units — its pipeline to top leadership — is virtually devoid of black officers”, then in the second paragraph mentioned that only 10% of officers are Black. So according to brain-dead Liberals, 3% below the national level is “virtually devoid”.

The Washington Times, while referencing USA Today’s moronic OpEd (posing as an article), attempted to pull some meaningful data out…

U.S. Army sociologists are worried that a lack of black officers leading its combat troops will have detrimental effect on minorities and lead to fewer black officers in top leadership posts.

“The issue exists. The leadership is aware of it,” Brig. Gen. Ronald Lewis told USA Today on Thursday. “The leadership does have an action plan in place. And it’s complicated.”

The Army reports that only 10 percent of its active-duty officers are black, which has contributed to its dearth of black officers leading soldiers with occupational specialties in infantry, armor and artillery.

They are still being whiney about the 10% number while ignoring the reality that it’s not that far below the national average. More importantly, the military, at least for the past several decades, has a well deserved reputation for not allowing race to interfere with their job. That apparently will now come to an end as Obama seeks to stir up racial strife by demanding quotas, rather than actual competency in military advancement.

That rumbling sound would be Martin Luther King jr, spinning in his grave.

Sep 11 2014

Is the LA Times Really This Stupid?

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Los Angeles Times, September 2nd…

AM radio, the scratchy medium that long ago aired Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s fireside chats, soap operas and the day’s most popular music, is trying to avoid becoming static.

Across the country, stations are vying to hold on to listeners as AM radio’s audience slowly dwindles. The persistent technology, long dwarfed by FM, has weathered more recent threats including satellite and Internet radio. It is also contending with a new assault from smartphones.

How long before AM radio disappears, if ever, is anybody’s guess…

The tide began to turn against AM radio in 1978, when the stations accounted for more than half of the radio listening hours in the U.S. Last year its share of the national radio audience was 11.5%.

As recently as 1990, AM radio accounted for about 45% of stations licensed with the Federal Communications Commission. Now FM counts roughly 10,700 outlets, more than doubling AM’s 4,700.

Anyone notice what’s missing in there? Yes, the truth. Two very important facts have been omitted.

Redstate sums it up perfectly

AM Radio used to be the home of static and Saturday morning recipe shows. It was the place you could hear (faintly) Elanor Rigby for the three-millionth time. You could catch your hometown high school football team if you weren’t more than five hundred yards from the transmitter.

They tried to fix AM radio with some contrivance called “AM Stereo”, as if hearing a fade from one speaker in your car to the other would fix Elanor Rigby, or the static, or the football game.  It didn’t work. The only people listening to AM Radio were the ones without FM Radio.

Then, in the late 1980′s, the “Fairness Doctrine” (an oxymoron if there ever was one– how, after all, can fairness be “doctrinaire”?) was thrown on the bonfire, and Rush Limbaugh was suddenly on 600 radio stations, and AM Radio was never the same. Now the only people that listen to FM Radio are the ones that can’t get AM Radio. A single fellow, with a creative approach, salvaged an entire industry.

As Rush is fond of saying, what saved AM Radio was “content, content, content”. It wasn’t that Rush was some genius, it is rather that he was allowed to say on the radio what a huge segment of the population was already thinking. And people listened. And people continue to listen to this day, to the tune of 28 million each week.

When FM came in AM began to slowly fade out, but it was slow. I remember in the late 70s and early 80s one of the top pop stations in Tulsa was an AM station, KELI. It wasn’t until more and more people got better radios that FM actually even sounded better. By the late 80s AM’s demise was all but certain. It was the removal of the falsely-named “Fairness Doctrine” followed by the rise of Rush Limbaugh and his copiers, that revived AM.

Yes, satellite radio is now eating into AM’s profitability, but not by much. And the stats about FM are misleading. A good third of FM stations are “educational” stations, which is either the local NPR outlet or college stations, not real stations. Discounting educational, AM accounts for 43% of radio stations. (Notice how the LA Times compares number of stations in 1990 to percent of listeners last year. An oft used gimmick to cheat the stats.)

Basically the LA Times article was whining about a talk radio station going all sports, something that’s happened numerous times all over the US for the past 20 years, about as many times as sports stations going to all talk. In other words, it’s a non-story that they want to pretend is a big deal, so they can sell papers, and bad mouth their advertising competitors.

Sep 11 2014

Do Senate Dems Really Want to Outlaw Saturday Night Live?

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A new proposal for campaign finance reform would make Saturday Night Live’s political skits illegal, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has warned.  The Senate is debating a proposal to add a constitutional amendment allowing Congress reverse a 2010 Supreme Court decision and restore limits on corporate campaign spending. Republicans say the proposal, put forward by Dems, is an attack on free speech. Cruz, however, went one step further and connected the dots to NBC’s late-night sketch comedy show, and its exec producer Lorne Michaels.

“Lorne Michaels could be put in jail under this amendment for making fun of any politician. That is extremely dangerous,” Cruz argued yesterday afternoon — tossing in a Dana Carvey impression to drive home his point. That’s because, Cruz insisted, the amendment would give congress the “constitutional authority to prohibit” corporations “from engaging in political speech” and, “NBC, which airs Saturday Night Live, is a corporation.”

“Who can forget, in 2008, Saturday Night Live’s wickedly funny characterization of the Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin?” Cruz reminisced. “Wickedly funny — and also had a profound effect of people’s assessment of Sarah Palin — who is a friend of mine.”

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